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  1. Exactly Sherri, it's hard to change when you're...

    Exactly Sherri, it's hard to change when you're used to a certain experience. For me, it's way more then a place to lay my head. I look forward to the Poly as much, if not more than the parks. ...
  2. Yes. Considered them for sure. Not available...

    Yes. Considered them for sure. Not available for our dates. Neither is CBR, CS , so the only "reasonable" option is POR. I didn't even like the "real" NO, so I'm thinking nay on the resort!
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    renting points...

    When expressing my frustration over the cost of the resorts in the accommodations forum, multiple people have suggested renting points from a DVC owner. I understand Intercot doesn't do that, but I...
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    Oasis pool at the Poly...is it open?

    Does anyone know if/when the quiet pool reopens at the Poly?
  5. Old Key West...will I feel like I'm in Disney??

    With the spring offer, we can book Old Key West within our budget...wondering what that may be like...
    Some backround..we have always stayed Poly. 40+ visits, but I can no longer justify/accept the...
  6. Help me understand the difference....

    So, I'm leaning towards POR for our 5 day stay over spring break. We have very little resort options...it looks like the World will be packed during our stay! So...Garden, Pool, and Preferred room...
  7. Oh, no, I take that back. Standard room is...

    Oh, no, I take that back. Standard room is almost 700 dollars, and the theme park view 972 dollars. NOT club level for either of them. Simply outrageous. Bye bye Poly.
  8. So , no, there will be four of us, the catch is,...

    So , no, there will be four of us, the catch is, my two teens are a boy and a girl, I can't have them together in a bed...I suppose DH and myself could swap for the five days if we don't have a way...
  9. So....I've been under a rock...now I feel like I've been hit in the head by one!!

    So, Hi again! I haven't posted in a very long time....it's been a year since our last visit and we've decided to take a quick trip to the world for five days right after Easter. We have always...
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    Wow, that all sounds complicated. I look forward...

    Wow, that all sounds complicated. I look forward to checking her in, visiting her, etc....however the expense of that is something I do not look forward to...thanks for the info!!
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    My daughter had her phone interview yesterday, so...

    My daughter had her phone interview yesterday, so now the waiting begins...question...any perks for the families of the CP kids? Any breaks on tickets and such?
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    We have been at the Poly for Easter Sunday in the...

    We have been at the Poly for Easter Sunday in the past and they do hold events for the kids. Easter egg hunts, pool games, etc...
  13. Poly People Now it's time to say goodbye..

    Good morning Poly. We are set to leave today. We usually book an afternoon flight out, but instead we booked a 10:15 a.m. flight home. I was up early, getting myself ready before I woke the...
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    Poly People Day 5!

    Good Morning Poly. DH is at work again today, so it's just us three caballeros again today. We have breakfast in the lounge and head to MK for opening. Again, checking and rechecking paid off,...
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    Poly People Day 4!

    Good Morning Poly. DH left at 4 a.m. to go to work. This is why we are actually here. His job. We are just hitchhiking ghosts on his business trip!

    Ok, see ya later DH! I didn't even hear...
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    The construction is a little more distracting...

    The construction is a little more distracting then it was back in June. The noise starts before 7 a.m. I never used an alarm this trip. The noise from the construction woke me each day. I still...
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    Poly People Day 3!

    Morning Poly. Ok, this is weird, I wake up to kind of swollen lips. Not horribly so, they just look like I got collagen injections or something., and they look like I have lipstick on. What?? ...
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    Poly People Day 2!

    :mickey: Mornin' Poly! It is lovely out, and we begin our journey to Epcot after breakfast in the lounge. We drive over and get a close parking spot.

    I was dragging my heels to go on this...
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    I've lost some. I am just two days back from our...

    I've lost some. I am just two days back from our most recent WDW trip and I was dragging my heels to get there. Honestly, I did have fun, but I no longer feel the drive to see/do it all. I'm sort...
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    Poly People Arrival Day!

    So we're off! No need for an alarm, I, as usual, could not sleep the night before an early departure, so I had been up since 2:30 a.m. while my family blissfully slept. Grrr....why can't I just...
  21. Poly People Pre trip report-almost there!

    I've been dark for awhile, haven't really been posting or watching too much here. I used to be though!! Thought I'd do a pre trip report to help me drum up some enthusiasm. I'm not really...
  22. Well, logged on this a.m, and got Seven Dwarfs...

    Well, logged on this a.m, and got Seven Dwarfs mine train and TSM! Woot woot! Persistence paid off!
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    Afternoon tea

    I think I read somewhere you can no longer make this reservation online. Is this accurate?
  24. Spontaneous trip and Fastpass-it's not working out!

    So DH gets "last minute" invite to do a training close to WDW. We all decide to accompany him, so three weeks out, we are planning a WDW visit. I'm an old hat at this, but with this new system,...
  25. Weather help, I'm so cold here in the Northeast...

    Arriving in under two weeks.
    The problem is I'm a very all or nothing, black or white kind of gal. I have no idea how to pack for late Jan into early Feb Disney. I'm also so cold right now every...
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