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    Default Rudest AND/OR Nicest CM ever Encountered

    I'm sure many of us have had many encounters with the CMs at Disney. For the most part they are very pleasant and enjoyable, but for others, it can be an unpleasant experience.

    Tell us all about some of your nicest or rudest CM experiences...
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    Our best experience has been with the CM who is Chip at LTT. I have a special needs child who he spent extra time with. It takes her much longer to transition from one activity to another. Since the Characters are there for a few minutes, she usually doesn't realize that something different is going on. Chip took special care in dealing with my DD. It was apparent he was aware or had knowledge of special needs children. The time spent and care given to her is an experience that we will never forget.

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    Ok this may have have been one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that u only get at disney. One night we were doing laundry at our pool. It was really late and the pool was way past closing. These to ladies (i forget their names ) well anyway we started talking to them and they were so nice! Little did we know that they were CM. When we started talking about it they were! When we were leaving they gave us a huge stack of FP! The next day i was in MK and saw one of them working and just made me feel really special that CM really do go out of there way wit making sure everyone has a "magical" experience!

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    Before I was a roller coaster freak my DH was trying to get me to go on some of the "tamer" coasters and wanted to start with BTMRR. We got in line which was moving swiftly. As we got closer to the front I started to slow down and chicken out. As we got closer and closer I told my husband I didn't think I wanted to do this. Just then an older cast member gentleman caught my eye and asked me if I was scared. When I said yes, he told me that he really thought I would like this ride, it was really fun, smooth, and didn't turn upside down. He promised I would have fun and convinced me to hop on. The best part was that he waited untill we pulled back in the station to find me and make sure I did have a good time. He said "I told you so" with a wink. It was so nice of him to be concerned about a big chicken like me. At the time I wish I would have been a little more saavy about the whole guest services thing and mentioning him to someone. He really did make me feel special and I've never forgotten him.

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    We were there for our honeymoon in 2005, and we wore the ears just about everywhere we went, as well as the buttons.

    Every cast member we passed (as well as some guests) congratulated us, but a couple really stuck out.

    There was one CM who was escorting Hook and was surrounded by a crowd of people and children. I think they had just come out and were heading to the signing area. Well, our hats must have caught her attention as I noticed her turn and start waving her hand in the air shouting congratulations to us. I thought it was cool with everything else going on around her that she still caught it and congratulated us.

    There was also at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, which we got to about 5 minutes before the show. In fact, we were moving pretty quick to get there. We were looking for seats and one of the CM's comes and gets us and walks us down to the front row (which was roped off). He undoes the row and allows us to sit up there which was awesome.

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    Two times that really stick out as positive CM experiences (there were many more but these were big):
    1. Several years ago my daughter was petting a stuffed huge Simba which was in an outside bin at the big store in the AK. She was stung by a bee on a finger. I swear a CM appeared out of nowhere (seemed to come out of the bushes) and took her to get something on her finger and gave her stickers. She was very nice.
    2. My niece fell and skinned her knee at Typhoon Lagoon. Again a CM was there as if by magic and took her to first aid and got her a Popsicle on the way. A Popsicle to aid a "boo boo" is a big deal to a little girl.

    Both girls still remember the CM's who helped them to this day.

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    I had a mean CM at PT50'sC who yelled at me for not finishing my dinner. Oh wait, they're suppose to do that! Haha. I've never encounted a rude cast member and I've never been a rude cast member. I wouldnt' have wanted to ruin someone magic. I couldnt' live with that!
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    My DH and I got married the week after 9/11 and were supposed to go on a cruise. We were both too nervous at that point to fly across the country and get on a cruise ship so we cancelled and drove to WDW instead. We stayed at the GF, and when we checked in, the CM upgraded us to the Concierge level - we had a huge room with a view of the castle. I know it was because WDW was empty that week, but the CM commented on how we had to switch our honeymoon plans from our cruise (I had told the booking agent about it) and how they were going to do their best to make up for it! Like they had to try that hard, WDW was my first choice anyway!

    Then, sadly, we received news the next day that my DH's grandmother died and we had to leave our honeymoon. We told a few CMs at the GF about it since we had to check out early and they were so accomodating. They also refunded the remaining balance of our trip. We were floored by the generosity.

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    I posted a story a while ago about a special needs child that was at the MNSSHP last year.All of the kids were at this dance party area,and one of the CMs bent down to talk to this little girl ,and was really making her feel special,swinging her wheelchair around so she could dance with the other kids.The little girl and her family were so happy!I stood there and could not stop crying,it was such a beautiful moment !That's the magic of Disney !!!
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    1) in Dec. 03 we were @ the MVMCP and my son, who is a pirate fan, left his wallet at the counter after making a purchase. When we went to lost and found to report it missing there was a note from the CM saying Have a Very Merry Christmas. He was thankful for her honesty and thoughtfulness.
    2) Last Dec. my dd25 had a severe asthma attack on the last day of our trip (Dec. 22) The humidity was high and she was breathing so poorly a she had to sit in the middle of the sidewalk b/c she was too weak to walk. We were near the electric umbrella and after resting we went inside and I asked a manager for help w/ her and she was wonderful. She sent someone for a w/c to use to go back to the resort (my dd was so embarrassed) gave her water and a coke for her (caffeine is the best non-medicinal emergency pick me up to stimulate the lungs- if ever you have an emergency)offered to call the paramedics. She just needed to get back to the resort for A/C and her meds (her inhaler was empty). I wish I knew her name, she was very thoughtful....
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    i just encountered some not so nice people working in the ADR for the DLR, I am used to making about a zillion ADRS when we go to WDW and the CM's are so helpful, not true on the West Coast, they were less than helpful with my questions and as soon as I made one reservation they were less than happy to make the next ones. I was shocked by their attitudes, my DH said that they just are not use to people making more than one. Whatever, I will enjoy my trip once in the parks because I will not run into any more rudeness.
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    Two memories in particular really stick out for me:

    1) Four years ago, my family and I traveled to Disney World to celebrate my 16th birthday. We had a reservation for the character breakfast at Cape May Cafe the day of my birthday. Just as I sat down, shortly after we had grabbed some starters at the buffet, I heard our waitress (Dorothy) gasp. She had spotted the infamous birthday button on my shirt and went running off to the other side of the restaurant. Two minutes pass and she returned with Dale and Goofy at her sides, as well as balloons and a specially decorated birthday muffin. She got the attention of all of the tables surrounding us and started singing "Happy Birthday", while Goofy kept the beat with his hands on the table and Dale sat in my lap. It was a moment I will never forget! I am going back to Disney and celebrating my 20th birthday this Saturday-- having breakfast at Cape May Cafe.

    2) During the same sweet 16 trip, a few friends and I stayed after hours for (as it was then called) E-ride night. AKA: Extra Magic Hours. Just in front of the castle, many characters were out and about signing autographs and taking pictures. My friends and I had no intention of waiting on any of the lines, but were just walking around enjoying the atmosphere. We stopped near where Mickey was taking pictures just to watch all of the younger kids going up to meet him. As we stood there, the CM next to Mickey was like "Oh my gosh! It's your birthday?! Mickey... it's her...wait, what's your name? Ashley? Okay. Hey everybody, it's Ashley's birthday! You all wouldn't mind if she gets to meet Mickey really quick would ya? Of course not!" He proceeded to grab my hand and toss me into the welcoming arms of Mickey Mouse. My friends took a quick picture and we managed to slip back out smoothly without holding up the line.

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    On our first trip to WDW, at our first character meal in the Crystal Palace, the waiter tipped his tray and spilled our drinks all over my DD (3&1/2 at the time) and she cut her finger on some of the shattered glass on the table in front of her. She started crying. The waiter simply said "oh no" and suggested that maybe she tried to grab his tray, causing the accident. This was impossible since she was turned in her chair away from the table, talking to some children at the table next to us. The manager came over, not to apologize, but to give his opinion on her bleeding ("oh, she looks fine") and to also suggest it was our daughter's fault (despite the family at the next table vouching for us). We were credited for her meal, but that was all.

    No matter, we didn't let that spoil our vacation! We still had a marvelous time.

    I would like to go back on our next trip since the characters were great, I'm just worried about the poor management.

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    Last time my family and I went, about a year ago last February, we met a really nice CM!

    I was, to be honest, a bit miserable at the time. You see, a week before we left, I had broken my ankle (again). So, I had left for Disney with a big black cast and a promise of "you'll probably need surgery" waiting for me. Once you factor in that it was late at night, we were leaving in the morning, and it was 87 degrees (for a girl from CT, that's HOT), you can figure out why I was not a happy camper. Still, I desperately wanted to ride in the nose of the monorail, despite the five or six families in front of us, so we waited.. and waited.. and waited. But the wait wasn't so bad thanks to a CM named Alex. While waiting for the next monorail to arrive he came over and started talking to us. He would leave and get everyone on the monorail and then come back and pick up our conversation again. It was really cool. He told us about the college program, which he was in (and which I am now pursuing, thanks to his description) and told us all about what it was like to work behind the scenes at Disney. Apparently it was almost an hour wait before we got to ride out on the nose (the last monorail to the T&TC of the evening) but we didn't notice because we were having such a good time talking to him. He really cheered me up! It would be cool to see him again, but, unless he's made a career of it, he won't be there, which is a shame. My friend Kimi wanted to meet him!
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    Have to comment on Ivette at Polynesian Conceirge lounge. She is absolutely wonderful to everyone. Every trip she remembers us and rushes over to welcome us back. She usually sees us before we see here. We pick discussions that are as much as a year old as though they were yesterday. Last year she was off until the last morning of our trip and she went out of her way to make sure she saw us and wished us a safe trip home and hoped we'd have more time this year. That's special.
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    Default Best and Wrost of WDW

    Best - Counter service people at POP Century

    Worst - About 1/4 of the bus drivers (I know we are a challenge traveling with our wheelchair, but they could be nicer about it!)
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    One time Dh and I were sitting at the bar at the Adventurer's Club. The bartender made a drink with whipped cream and I made a comment to my husband how I loved whipped cream. The waiter, Mike, was standing there waiting for the drinks to be made. Without saying a word to us he filled a cup with whipped cream and handed it to me It was delicious and so nice of him
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    Well, for the rudest CM, there is a tie. We had dined at 1900 Park Fair last year and were called in too quickly to see Fairy Godmother before dinner. Well, by the time we left, Fairy Godmother was gone. Our DD(9) was very disappointed. The next day at MK, I thought about asking at the castle if Fairy Godmother was still in the entrance for photos and such. The man that was there, was extremely hateful, tried to shoo me away before I even got to ask and angrily told me Fairy Godmother no longer did a greet at the entrance. No other recommendations as to where to go other than to leave since we didn't have ressies there. This is the same sour man from Columbia Harbour House on previous trips. So if it was just a bad day, he has lots of them!

    Another time, before Night of Joy, a hateful CM would not let me back in the Emporium to get the rest of my family (I thought they were waiting outside but they were inside) because they were trying to clear the store of non Night of Joy people. I had this huge bag of stuff, I had obviously already purchased everything possible, and explained that my family was still in the store and wouldn't leave until I got them. The best she would do, was let my son inside to find them. I reported her hatefulness to customer service.

    On a good note, there are many awesome and wonderful CMs at Disney. The one that pops into mind is from 2005. It is actually a 2 in 1. First, my DD, 8 at the time, had a very sweet conversation with a CM at the EPCOT Art of Disney store. He just kept asking her questions and telling her fun things and showing her all the fun interactive lithographs. When it was time to leave, he gave her a Cast Member trading pin to remember him by. Well, the next day, the pin fell off her lanyard at some point at AK. We search the whole week to see if we could find another one. She was devistated. Finally, at Mousegears, on our last day at EPCOT, a CM asked what we were specifically looking for. We told the whole story and he said, "Be right back". He went to his supervisor and together they found the exact pin ! DD was so excited! We called them our heros and got a picture with them and DD holding her special pin! They are the perfect example of a Disney CM!!
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    Wow, I have several nice moments...luckily, not so many bad ones, and none with Cast Members, only rude guests! In 2004, my husband and I took our children, then twins age 5 and dd age 8. It was our first family trip to Disney World, my first trip back since high school. We were at Epcot, and didn't realize you had to stake out an Illuminations spot an hour early. We were by Canada and couldn't figure out where to stand! My husband asked a girl working in Canada for any suggestions she might have. She directed us to a spot, which still wasn't a good viewing spot, but told us to hold on and she'd be right back. Then she came back with a long sword, one of those swords that gets longer when you throw it out, I hope you know what I mean. She had all three kids hold onto the handle, and told them on the count of three, to throw out the sword. She needed their help to start the fireworks, because Mickey, who usually does it, was away visiting Minnie's parents. So she counted, One, Two, Three, the kids threw out the sword, and voila, Illuminations began right at that moment! Then she came back with certificates for each of them. So even though we couldn't really see much of Illuminations, it was a great experience.

    Another time, we were upgraded for our 9 day stay at the Poly to concierge. My husband had taken our baby to check in while I stayed with the other three kids at POR, and came back and suprised me with our location on a map. The Cast Members that checked him in were extremely nice, enough for him to thank their manager.

    Another time, this past September, my girl twin was very upset. She was too short for RnRc, but her twin brother was not, they were seven. So I took two kids to ride. When we were departing the coaster, how shocked was I to see my little dd, wearing a CM vest and directing people off the coaster! They made her a CM for the day and gave her a certificate for an ice cream!

    Also last September, we found an autographed pic under our door at the Poly for our anniversary...from Prince Charming and Cinderella, wishing us a happy anniversary!

    This past May, I had a couple of great moments. At WL, the CM checking us in asked me how my day was going. I gave him a big smile and said great! I'm traveling with my twins alone and we are really enjoying ourselves. He said well, how about I make your trip a little more great and upgrade you to concierge?

    Then, upon checking into AKL, I asked the CM if our requests had been granted. She said something about how they make an effort to fulfil requests but they aren't guaranteed. I said I know, you do your best! She looked surprised and thanked me for understanding that. She told me that the request I had made could be granted, but there would be noise...I told her I trusted her to put me where she thought I should be. She put me in a room that was ready at 10 AM. A few minutes after I got in the room, the phone rang...it was the Cast Member from the front desk, making sure I found the room okay!
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    My DH and I have never had a memorable rude CM, but we got terrible service at the Rose and Crown once by a waiter who basically ignored us in favor of his larger parties with parents and kids; we are/were in our 30's and do look younger than our actual ages, so we think he didn't think he'd get a big tip from us. He didn't bc of his poor service.

    All CM's have always been helpful to us whenver we needed something or had a problem, which has always been minor.

    My favorite memories of a particular CM (whose name I know) was of Lamont! He works in Epcot and has worked there the longest of anyone. He used to do the intro to Captain EO when you sat down in the theater and tell how many thousands of times he'd seen the movie; he was hilarious bc he would say this very seriously. Now he works with the segway groups, and we've met him a few times and told him how we remember him. I got my picture with him last year.
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