Known Issues - (5/2/08)

  1. New HP upgrades were implemented but not applied until a pirate levels up.
  2. Workaround: We are working on a patch to automatically update all pirates upon login including those at level 40.
  3. The compass colors representing friendlies have mistakenly been switched around - green for players and blue for in-game characters.
  4. Occasionally, on certain Mac computers, the game texture will seem to appear missing or distorted
  5. A recent AVG Internet Security update falsely detects Pirates Online's "Launcher1.exe" as a Trojan Horse.
    Workaround: Download the latest definition file from AVG released Sunday, April 27
  6. Occasionally, your pirate will remain as an undead pirate after a PVP match
  7. Occasionally, a Boss Battle crew will not remain intact after teleporting to the Boss Battle
  8. Flagships will occasionally sling shot left and right when grappled
  9. Flagships are disappearing intermittently when using a crew of 9-12 people
  10. Icon over avatar heads in PVP will toggle between 3 different images
  11. Members of the crew will sometimes get left behind when boarding a flagship, causing the player to be unable to move.
    Workaround: Hitting F1 will release the player.
  12. Once disabled, Flagships sometimes sink before you can successfully grapple them.
  13. Using Firebomb cannons on a Flagship will ultimately sink it before you can board the ship.
    Workaround: Don't use Firebomb cannons.
  14. The Whisper chat window closes the second time you click Whisper and try to send a message.
    Workaround: Close and re-open the Pirate's avatar panel each time you want to whisper to a fellow Pirate.
  15. The Lookout System seems like it is often not able to find matches for higher level Pirates looking to do PVP
    Workaround: Invite other high level Pirates to PVP before initiating the Lookout System.
  16. The chat panel sometimes switches to Local when you are chatting with your Guild or Crew.
    Workaround: Click either the Guild or Crew chat tab.
  17. On rare occasions, pressing the Enter button on the keyboard will not bring up the Chat window.
    Workaround: Click on the gold arrow next to the skull icon, which is found in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.
  18. Occasionally, on certain Mac computers, the game texture will seem to appear missing or distorted creating an almost snowy effect to the landscape.
  19. Game does not minimize when clicking Upgrade button on Mac.
    Workaround: Switch your game settings to Windowed Mode
  20. Grenades are not hitting the fort floors or ship floors.
    Workaround: You must hit an enemy directly to cause damage.
  21. Client memory usage goes up over time (i.e. memory leaks).
    Workaround: Shut the game down and restart if you see your performance degrading vastly over time.
  22. Vista and Mac game-related crashes occurring while boarding, sailing, and docking ships
    Workaround: For users with ATI video cards, try updating to the newest driver version which you can download from here
  23. Graphics issues (such as missing texture and weird display issues) on Macs, related to OS 10.5.1
  24. Player ships disappearing when a Server goes down and is then taken out of rotation
  25. Difficulty with finding the diamond on Queen's Nest, in the Recover Treasure Quest
Release Notes - (5/2/08)
  1. Put in a fix to prevent player on player damage that was occurring in parlor games and other non-PvP instances
  2. Put in fixes for a handful of crashes related to sailing, PvP, and the Lookout System
  3. Removed invalid crew invitation messages appearing when players switched servers
  4. Put in a fix for input controls freezing when using the pistol, grenades, or tonics