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I think Disney may be realizing that they are losing money (or at least not make as much as they hoped to.) In reading many of these DDP threads, it is obvious that the people (like me) who know it is not a value for them, are not buying it. Most of the people who are buying it are the people who use it to the full extent, and Disney loses money on that. I predict Disney will continue to tweek it (just like they do with the room discounts,) until they are making money off it, or enough people stop buying it and they discontinue it.
You know, I keep singing the praises of the DDP, but we eat a TS every day, and it's actually one of the things we look forward to. Of course, the other part of it is that the last four years (including this year), we've gone during the free DDP promotion. So, we haven't exactly been paying for it.

Next year we're planning to go in December, because my wife misses the Christmas decorations. I don't know that we'll buy the DDP then.