We will be doing alot of day trips this summer so I thought I would post our experiences with everyone. Since many of us are watching our $$$$ I will post prices as well as personal experiences so everyone can decide for themselves whether the cost is worth it for them to make the trip.

The Movies....Again this is not so much a day trip but a way to spend a summer day when either it is raining or just too hot outside (as it was in NJ last week).

We went to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice which was really good but I'm not reviewing the movie here. What I wanted to do was to remind everyone to take advantage of your local movie theaters club cards because they can save you money. Now, I know these cards are a pain to have. Everyone gives you a card to swipe and I think I have about 30 cards stuffed in my wallet from Shop Rite, Pet Smart, Rite Aid and so on.

I'm sure all major movie theaters have these cards but our local company is Regal so I can tell you how they work. Their program is called the Crown Club and you can present your card when you buy tickets and concessions. For each dollar you spend you earn a credit. When you reach 150 credits you earn a free movie ticket. Spending $150 at the movies doesn't take long if you have a couple people in your family or you go often and getting a free ticket is nice. With the card on Mondays you can get $1 "featured" candy and on Tuesdays you can get $1 popcorn! Every 50 credits you get a "special reward" like a free small soda or free popcorn. The free small soda we received with this movie would have been called a large soda back when I was a teen so this was a great reward to me. There are others rewards to having this card but I just hilited a few. So no matter where you go make sure you sign up for their club cards.

Also don't forget to go early when you can. By taking my son to the 3:00 movie we saved $2 on each ticket!