Greetings everyone. After getting a chance to experience the new attraction this week, I thought it would be fun to share with other guests your experiences.

Spoiler alert ---- If you haven't been on this attraction and wish to be surprised then I would recommend going to a different discussion now.

First of all, I am so NOT a Star Wars fan. You can ask my friends. This attraction may, just may get me to join the dark side though. Heehee.

Secondly, I love the work that Imagineers did on this attraction. The attention to detail, and the depth to the experiences will have me coming back to this attraction for years to come. Unlike it's predicessor which I would only ride if I was going with newbies.

Finally, let the comments begin. Please share what you would like. I admittedly don't know all of the characters names specifically the spelling so if anyone wishes to correct me that is fine.

My first trip was to Kayshkkk or whatever the Wookie planet is. I enjoyed it. It was sort of funny yet sad to hit a wookie. Wookie road kill. LOL. Then we got a distress signal from Princess Leia and it was her most desperate hour. We were her only hope so we had to rush off to the Death Star (The new one so that we were flying into it).

This first trip was fun. I truly enjoyed it, but ....

The second trip was to Hoth. That was amazing. Flyiing around the Emperial Walkers was way cool. The only gripe I have is we didn't encounter the snow beast. GRRRR! Then we got a signal from General Ackbockeez or something like that. (sp) And at that point we were off to Naboo. We went underwater to the territory of Jar Jar (UGH!). But honestly this part was so much fun. We got attacted by the large sea creatures. Then eventually found our way into battle with drone ships. When our trip came to a stop we had to slam on the brakes in reference to the orginal which I loved, but we didn't stop quickly enough. The glass shattered and a repair droid flew thru the window. LOL.

This second trip way rocked over the first one. One of the reasons I started this forum is to hear about other peoples adventures. I am not about to ride attraction hundreds of times (anytime soon) in order to see all of the variations.

That is all for now.