Ok, a little history.....this has been in the works for over 3 years now. I missed the reservation call in dates for 2011 bookings and couldn't get a room, so we did Disney again instead. Last May I was on the phone the minute the first day of bookings open and was able to get The Old Faithful Inn (geyser side) for 5 days this August. After much going back and forth we almost cancelled the whole trip again because the airfare is crazy! We were flying into Jackson Hole (only a two hour drive to the Inn) with a stop in Minnesota for $860 each !!!!!! We finally decide on flying into Salt Lake City non stop for $560 each. Then driving the 5 hours to Jackson Hole. We want to stay there for two days. Then we will drive the three hours to the Inn at Yellowstone for five days. From there we are driving back to the Salt Lake Airport.

So I have alot of questions for those of you in the area or have visited before. I'm sure these aren't everything, but at least a start.

1. We need to rent a car at the airport. Someone told me that in that area they don't offer unlimited mileage. I have never rented a car without unlimited mileage. How does that work?

2.How is the drive from Salt Lake to Jackson? We did Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon before and it was easy. Are there places to stop along the way? Is it hilly or flat? High altitude? Anything we should know? Is it really 5 hours?

3. What fun stuff in Jackson did you do? Did you do an organized tour? I saw some raft trips that looked fun, but we wouldn't want White Water Rafting. Just something calm that I could take a camera. Should we book in advance? Are there any Old West shot out shows that are good? Is a day trip to the Grand Teton's a good idea? How far is that park and what did you see there?

4. We need to book a hotel in Jackson for two nights. Any suggestions? How about places to eat? I'm a vegetarian, but my son and husband eat meat.

5. Once in Yellowstone what did you do? We have five days. We like to do alot of walking, but are not hikers. I believe we will be near the South enterance, but we have a car and can go anywhere. Did anyone do the morning safari? That looks cool. Any suggestions on other organized tours? No A/C in the rooms or hotel, this I'm a little worried about since it is August. Any trouble with getting too hot? I don't do humid well. How am I going to make out.

6. How about places to eat? I booked the Old Faithful Inn Dining Room all five nights just so we have a place to go, but the menu looks too fancy/weird for us. We had the same problem at the Grand Canyon. Where did you eat?

7. Any other tips for staying in Yellowstone. Anything special we should pack? What kind of clothing should we wear?

8. We are driving back to the Salt Lake airport the day before our flight leaves. I was told from Yellowstone it is a 6 hour drive. Is that correct? The next day our flight doesn't take off until 5:30. Is there anything fun and close to the airport to do for a couple of hours? Originally I looked into Salt Lake for a couple of days instead of Jackson, and nothing caught my eye, did I miss something?

9. Any suggestions for a hotel in Salt Lake City that is close to the airport? Is there a hotel right inside of the airport?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!!!!