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    Default How long is your ideal WDW vacation?

    How long is your ideal WDW vacation?

    What day of the week do you leave/return? Any particular reasons?

    We've always gone for a week or less. This time we are considering 8-10 days. Typically we leave on Friday and arrive on Saturday (we take a 14 -15 hours car ride). Then leave on a Saturday, returning home Sunday.
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    Our trips have ranged for 3-4 days up to 14 days. Typically, though, we go from 7-10 days.

    Our arrival and departure days vary. We have arrived on a weekend as well as mid-week. Arrival and departure days are more driven by airline costs and time off availibility than by any other reason.
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    Default Disney Trip

    We have stayed 7 nights and 8 nights. I would love to stay for 11. Maybe someday.

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    ....after seeing "what's to do" at WDW, a minimum stay of 7 days is required to get stuff done and make the trip worth it (in my opinion of course)

    ....our trips are for 9 days at WDW. We drive to WDW from Jersey ...so, it's a drive day on a Friday, stop for night in Ga. ...get to WDW on Saturday morning by 10am. We leave on a Monday ...and drive home in one day (Labor Day

    ....this way we get two weekends at WDW.
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    We have done lots of different stays, from as little as 2 nights to a much as 12 nights. I find our trips that are around 9 nights to be the perfect amount of time. It gives us enough time to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves at a slower pace, yet it's not too long.

    The one time we did 12 nights the last few days started to feel repetitive. And we really felt we had been away from home too long. We were so ready to go home by that point.

    On the other hand, even a full week(7 nights) sometimes just doesn't feel like enough time and we aren't ready to go home just yet. So for us 9 nights is perfect!

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    Our most recent trip was 8 nights, 9 days and honestly it was a bit long.

    We'll go back to six nights, 7 days after this at least as long as it remains just two adults.
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    Our first several trips were 4 days in the parks (with hopper usually), but in recent years we have increased it. Once we stayed for 8 days, but it seems that 7 days is about right for us. We leave the house on Friday night after work and go about 1/2 way, about 6 hours. Because we get up early for work (used to getting up early)we are out and on the road by 6am the next morning and make it to WDW Resort by noon. We normally leave on Friday or Saturday morning and drive straight through to get home.

    I can't wait until December!
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    We have found that 7 days is too short but 14 is slightly too long (especially if you are back to work the day after you fly home). We have settled on 10 days as the perfect length
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    Our typical stay is 7 to 9 days. We have discussed going for longer just hasn't happened yet

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    5-7 days is just about right for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragongirlx View Post
    We have found that 7 days is too short but 14 is slightly too long (especially if you are back to work the day after you fly home). We have settled on 10 days as the perfect length
    Ditto for us.

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    We generally arrive on a Sunday and leave on Saturday, or 6 nights. We would like to stay longer but for now it is not in the mix.

    We leave weekends so we do not run into heavy rush hour traffic in the big cities especially Atlanta. We do this since one trip we left WDW on Friday of Labor Day and hit Atlanta at 3 pm. It was not pretty...
    Itchy for another trip

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    Ideal? 7-8 days. Since we can go almost any time (assuming funds), we do not need to be there longer than that. If I only got to go every 3 years or more, 2 weeks.

    My dream vacation? Win Powerball and move somewhere close so I can blog from anywhere all day every day.
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    We've done many lengths of stay, and arrived during different days of the week. I can't say any have been better than others as far as arrival/departure days. Arriving is always happy and usually no problems, departure is always sad whether we've been there four days or fourteen.

    I like 10 days or more best, but my family is more on board for about a 8-9 day stay. Some of our best visits have been our short stays, though. More spontaneity, and the knowledge that we can do what we missed some other time-- so we tend to keep a leisurely pace (defying logic that would suggest you might try to do more with less time). Our satisfying short trips have actually inspired us to be less structured during longer trips.
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    I think we need at least 7 nights 8 days...but 8 nights and 9 days are even better

    We always leave/arrive on a Saturday usually because it usually is booked during school holidays

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    Our normal trips are usually around 9-11 days. We like driving on Saturday so we don't have to worry about weekday rush hours, and we drive straight through (about 15.5 hours). We just did a super quick trip to drop our DD20 off for the WDW College program, and that was rough. We left early on Saturday, arrived at 9pm that night. Hit the grocery stores on Sunday, MK on Monday, then flew home on Tuesday. For our upcoming trip in May, we're staying 14 nights and I couldn't be more excited! I've always dreamed of getting to stay that long, and our anniversary was the perfect excuse to splurge. My goal is to move to the Orlando area in the next 5 years or so and have the flexibility to go whenever the mood strikes.

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    The last couple of times, we have stayed 7 nights and felt that we could have used a couple more days. We've stayed 10 nights nights before and were able to do everything we wanted at a more relaxed pace. It seemed perfect ..... except for the extra $$$ that it cost us.

    We are hoping to stay 9 nights next year.
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    We are usually there for a week, from Saturday to Saturday. In 5 days we have always seen every single attraction in all the parks and done our favorites again and even went to Magic Kingdom a second day just to hit some highlights and that is during peak season in the summer. On our October and January trips several years ago, we did everything in 4 days and revisited numerous attractions. We also usually go visit another resort or two and in the summer the wife and kids go to one of the water parks for several hours one day (I hate the water parks so I skip that and go sight seeing). We usually go to the beach, Sea World, Busch Gardens or something else a day or two and go hit a good seafood restaurant offsite. I can't imagine what else we would do if we were there for more than a week......in 10 days we could throw Universal in and do all of it as well and still have time left. lol

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    My ideal vacation would be 365 days, but realistically we spend 7 to 10 days.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANG View Post
    How long is your ideal WDW vacation?
    Never... long... enough...
    Paging Mr. Morrow... Mr. Tom Morrow. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control tower to confirm your flight to the moon.

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