Quantcast Would enhanced fast pass benefits encourage you to purchase a Premium AP?
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    Default Would enhanced fast pass benefits encourage you to purchase a Premium AP?

    First off, this is just a casual discussion, not a rumor or survey...

    So I will possibly be moving to Florida in a month or 2, and of course I've been looking into purchasing an Annual Pass for one of the area theme parks. Certainly I was thinking about doing the Florida Resident AP at Disney World, but I looked at Universal, and if you purchase a premium AP one of your benefits is one time Express lane (Universal's Fast Pass) access at each attraction after 4pm every day you go. This benefit has not only gotten me thinking about Universal over Disney, but also purchasing their premium pass over a much cheaper resident pass, as I'd be comfortable going any day, be it Spring Break or a quiet January evening.
    I have to be honest, the access to the water parks and golf course are not worth the extra $120 to me, but some sort of an enhanced fast pass would be.
    So, for those of you that hold either Florida Resident Passes or Regular Annual Passes, if they did that would you consider the upgrade? I'm wondering if they will consider this with the new + system.
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    Universal closes early, unlike Disney...are you willing to pay premium to get to the head of the line AFTER 4pm? That's a late start even for someone living in the area. Disney will probably never go to a similar option, for fast passes. I wouldn't think for an AP or even PAP, but IF they did, they'd want an ADDITION fee, up and beyond, like for their park hopper or water park option.
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    I think it depends on where Disney is going with the FP+ program. As it stands right now FP is available to everyone so I can't see a fee attached to it. If they were to go to a system similar to Universal where you pay for FP unless staying onsite then I could see having it as benefit added to PAP.
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    I've be a FL resident pass holder for about 8 years. I have always had either the seasonal or the regular annual passes. I've never done the premium because my kids were too young for the water parks and it didn't make sense for us.

    I could see maybe upgrading to Universal even though it is only good for after 4. However you can only use it once per ride and it excludes the most popular rides (Harry Potter for example.) If you go at the quieter times of year, I'm not sure how necessary it is, but since Universal is really a ride park I can see the value.

    To me, WDW is really very different. It is as much (or more) about the atmosphere than just the rides. Since we've become pass holders and go a lot. we don't stress about the rides as much because there will always be a next time. There are days when we don't even use a Fast Pass.

    I think I would only be interested if the Fast Pass system changes in such a way that it is always necessary to have one to get on popular rides. Right now that really isn't the case.
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