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    Default 2015 Trip Report - Day 8 MK

    Well the end is here already, last day. Our flight is not until 7:00pm so we are headed back to the park that we started with on Day 1, the MK. After we finished packing we gave bell services a call and they had someone there in less than 10 minutes. Once at the Custom House we checked our bags at the resort airline check-in service. I love this service as now we didn't have to worry about luggage until we got back to the airport at home. We checked a few carry-ons for them to store until later and then hiked back to Aruba to get the bus to the MK.
    We started out in Fantasyland doing Mickeys Philharmagic and Little Mermaid before using our FP on 7DMT and then still had 45 minutes until our ADR at 11:00am for lunch at Be Our Guest. The stand by line for Enchanted Tales with Belle was 20 minutes so the 3 of us (Andrew wanted no part of this) got in line. We had seen it last year and thought it was cute, well there must have been a rush of FP people as the wait turned out to be 40 minutes and we didn't get out unti 11:10am. We couldn't leave the show early as Bryan was picked to be a knight in the show and had to wait to get his picture with Belle.
    The line for BOG was already long and it toook us 15 minutes to get to the ordering room. They sent us to a real person to take our order, I like the kiosk much better as it gives you more time and felxibility to change up your choices. There were not many empty tables but we were able to find one in the Grand Ballroom. The food was above average and this is another place you can get a sit down meal at a counter service price. Plus its nice that they have drink stations that you can get free refills.
    We had time to eat a leisurely lunch but we had to get to our next FP that expired at 12:20 and that was pictures with Anna & Elsa. The boys were not excited at all to do this but Mom wanted to have pictures and to see what it looked like inside since by next year they may be back in Norway at Epcot.
    After that we used our last FP for Buzz and then got another at the kiosk for POC. Wow its already 3:00pm and time to head to the bus stop to get back to CB for our 4:00pm pickup. Bryan needed to stop at the CB beach gift shop before we left so him and Andrew got off the bus there and then ran back to meet us at the custom house. there were not many people on the ME bus and it was a qucik trip back to the airport. SInce we had no bags to check we hit the food court and had Chick Fil A for dinner and then it was over to wait to get through the secutiy line.
    It was very long line and at some point we got seperated from each other. Something was going on as we could hear a TSA employee calling for the police and a dog but we never did see one until later. There were may people in line who didn't speak English so no mateer how loud the TSA agent yelled about shoes and belts and computers etc they would get up to the detector and not be ready to move through. She was not happy with me as I guess I gave her a look when first she told me to get in the metal dtector line, the made me move to the full scanner line and the fianlly back to the first line. She said I'm trying to do the best I can. 30 minutes later we were through and on the tram to the gates. We still had 45 minutes until we boarded. While we were waiting at the gates the police showed up there with 3 police dogs but again nothing happened. The plane was 2/3 full so we sat in the back with ony a few other people around us. The flight was unevenful and we landed by 9:15pm, picked up our luggage right away and was home by 11:00pm

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    It's always nice to get that last little bit of park time in before you need to depart!!

    Sounds like getting through security was a bit stressful but I always find Orlando to fell somewhat disorganized in that category!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    Quote Originally Posted by faline View Post

    Sounds like getting through security was a bit stressful but I always find Orlando to fell somewhat disorganized in that category!
    Orlando is the reason I decided to spring for the Global Entry card. Our last trip we were through security in under 10 minutes.

    Jans2kids, I enjoyed reading along. Thanks so much for your trip report
    - Lynn -
    INTERCOT Staff: Theme Parks, DVC

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    What a lovely trip - I especially loved how much time you spent at DHS. While I know it is missing a lot of love these days, I still enjoy the park and the memories we've made there over the years.

    Thanks for sharing so many details of your adventure!
    Carol (aka KylesMom)
    INTERCOT Staff: Mousellaneous & Trip Reports
    Last Trip: ICOT 15
    Happy A/P Holder 2002 - 2011

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