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Thread: Halloween Party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terra View Post
    As much as my boys loved it and I'm glad I finally took them. I can't see us doing it every year. I'd rather spend the money on a nice character meal or experience for them.
    I agree about not making it a yearly event. The only reason we have gone so often is because I always have a different nephew with us and it is brand new to them and they have always enjoyed it. Up until recently they have been too young for the Universal party.

    IMO take the kids once because they will get a kick out of the trick or treating and the parade and fireworks are good....but then save your money for something else.
    Rita (aka NJGIRL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melanie View Post
    Been there, don't that. It's way oversold and with nothing new worthwhile to draw me in personally, I'll gladly save that stack of bills. It's sad too, MNSSHP used to be my favorite hard ticket event, but not with the out of control crowds and ever rising ticket prices.
    Oh, I'll certainly agree with it being *way* overpriced from years past, especially with no real "additions" to justify the cost. We only went down this year because of the *LOW* airfare we found online. :P

    I do know in years past, ticket sales were limited to *about* 33-36,000, which is what a *good* summer-day crowd is at the park. I was certainly surprised this year to see so many people still in the park after the fireworks; usually, the second parade is a LOT less busy than the first one, but we had trouble finding a decent spot. We ended up behind people at the "corner" where the parade turns into the Hub from the Liberty Square bridge. Then, the last Hocus Pocus show was *right* at midnight, and the Hub was *packed* STILL. We took a friend of ours who had never been to the Party, but is a "veteran" WDW-goer, and even she remarked how crowded it seemed.
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    We attended on Friday, October 16. It was unpleasantly crowded. We did not make it over to get early spots for the parade and ended up in a bit of chaos. Cast members were almost hostile telling us to move out of a walkway even though we were surrounded on all sides with nowhere to go. I finally ended up in a spot where I put my 7 yo on my shoulders (not the easiest thing to do). He saw some of the parade, but the adults missed it completely. Then we were completely stuck in the crowd as it attempted to disperse, which it couldn't do. At one point, my son asked, "Are we going to die in Disney World?"

    The ride lines were OK. Made it on Peter Pan in about 20 minutes. However, the walkways were just too crowded all night to be enjoyable. I was afraid I would get separated from my son. We won't do the party again unless we are there on an oddball weeknight...but I don't know how that would happen. A friend was there last Monday and she said it wasn't crowded.

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