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    Default My "Empty" Epcot....

    Heading down in March and as I was looking into our day plans for Epcot I realized the serious lack of usage regarding the buildings on site. Just how much non-used attraction space is out there? It seems that everything is closed down or "seasonal" or just not known....real waste of real estate and my dinero. Can anyone give some specifics of what is and isn't going on in the buildings around the front half of the park?

    Oh where have you gone Captain Eo....
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    Limited use or not being used...

    - Wonders of Life
    - Whole upstairs of Imagination
    - Now using the Honey I Shrunk / Capn' EO theatre to show previews... not really an attraction.
    - Much of Communicore/Innoventions

    What's going in - IF ANYTHING - is anyone's guess.

    You could also add to that list old/tired/sad/lightly visited attractions...

    - Imagination as a whole
    - Timon/Pumba movie in the Land
    - Energy really needs a refurb - new movie open, middle, close.
    - Seas has lost a lot of it's cohisiveness

    And just a personal one here - Spaceship Earths ending shows lack of imagination. But that's just me - I know some like it.
    John - aka. The Master Control Program
    Owner, Chairman & Chief Imagination Officer - INTERCOT

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    We are supposed to go back in April this year. I am second guessing and may cancel. Property wide, there are so many closures with no replacements that I am not really able to justify the cost. The Flower and Garden festival is one of my favorite times of year but it is getting old with the same entertainment that is stale to say the least. They keep getting the same groups year after year. Thinking about just renting a car and driving the coast and plopping on a beach. Worse yet, I have seriously thought about doing Universal instead. That would be huge for me as I am a true Disney lover. The fact is they are just not moving quickly enough with new and fresh attractions to keep spending my hard earned money.

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    Awww sorry you all aren't liking it as much now.
    I'm glad to see some updating myself so I'm okay with closures.
    I live local though and that makes a difference. I've been going for 16 years now every month.
    EPCOT is our favorite and I still find everything fun. I just take it for what it is and enjoy the moment to escape reality!
    I love Living with the Land because going from month to month I can see the progression of growth so it's always interesting. And then interesting to see what new displays they plant.

    World Showcase is my go-to for stress relief. I often love to grab a drink of choice and sit in my favs, Japan or China and just people watch. The movies in the countries have not gotten old. I get lost every time in the scenery and music. Sometimes just stopping to really admire the small things in the architecture of each country also brings it back alive again.

    Maybe make a list of some unusual things you would like to do to help 'bring it back to life'.
    Also with 2 younger children, it's always interesting and fun to see things through their eyes each time. I almost always find something new when I'm with my sons
    Terra - Wife, mother, special needs teacher. Disney addict! o

    Advocate for my 2 sons. David: Auto-immune disorder. Praying for remission!ASD/SPD & Aaron: ADHD/Anxiety/ASD. Life makes us stronger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    - Now using the Honey I Shrunk / Capn' EO theatre to show previews... not really an attraction.
    While the the Pixar shorts were just so-so with the 3D, the Get a Horse short is worth it. If they set up the other shorts like that one, this would be a good attraction.
    Steve (aka brownie)
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