Question about Magic Bands.

I've been going to Disney World nearly every year for the past decade, so I have 3 bands on my account. I've been doing solo trips so I just have them for me.

I was supposed to be at Disney this week, but canceled because of Irma. I have my brand new Magic Band for this trip (plus 2 other old ones).

I rebooked my trip for October, and my dad has decided to join me for a few days. We are staying off-site cause there are no rooms on property.

The question is, can I reassign my newest band (never been used) to my dad? I can't figure out how on MDE. If that's not allowed, will this new band work automatically with the tickets I just bought? And for my dad, does he just pick up a standard ticket before we go in? (Side note: no way he'd spend $$ on a band if it wasn't given for free!).