Our last port was the island of Ibiza, a holiday location for people all over the U.K. and Europe. The day was partly cloudy and just comfortably warm with cool breezes. We took a shuttle to the city (learned our lesson finally) and walked a bit around the harbor before our 10:30 am Food Tour. We saw some pretty big yachts but the guide said later those were the little ones!

Our guide was Karen from Newcastle England, living just now with her husband in Ibiza. It's been quite an experience for them. Neither of them are working in their fields of training but they are enjoying it. She does about 3-4 tours a week. They have 3 just grown kids back in England.

There was a larger group that they divided between the three guides. So Karen had us, the couple we had Segwayed with, Bill and Vicki, and 4 others. We went to a total of eight different local places and tried pastries, sausages, jamon (special ham) and cheese, tapas (finger snacks - one tasted like sloppy joes on toast!) and different drinks each place. Coffee, tea, porter, beer, water and alcohols. One place was just a tea room run by a very gracious but quirky character. We were in and out of the places all over the greater port area for about 5 hours. It was very interesting and Karen was fun as our tour guide. I'd very highly recommend Food Tours Ibiza.

We took the shuttle back to the ship one last time and mom got onboard but Dad and I decided to walk down this long walkway adjacent to our ship to snap some pictures. Even though there we no signs saying we couldn't do this we got about 3/4 of the way down and security came at us from the other direction. They were gracious enough to let us snap a selfie before they escorted us all the way back to the ship (oops).

Final sail away is always bittersweet...Next up a final sea day!