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    Default Mind-Blowing Fact Related to Intercot

    When I first joined Intercot, it was in 2000-2001-ish? My daughter didn't exist yet. I was married to my ex-husband, and I was very young.

    Now, here we are in 2018. My daughter is 15 and learning to drive (Hardest thing I have had to experience as an adult, besides divorce). I am married to my forever (2nd) husband, have been a nurse for 18 years, and feel old.

    Yet, it all seems like the brand new to Intercot me was just a couple of years ago. Time is crazy that way!
    Call me Mary...

    Offsite-Mar '01
    ASMo, Dolphin-Sep.'03
    Poly, POR-Jan.'05
    Disney Magic-Oct.'07
    WL- Dec. '09
    CBR-Pirate- Dec. '10
    POP Oct. '11

    Up next a last minute trip to POR after a very LONG break from WDW! Feb. 2018!

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    Time sure flies when you are having fun!!!

    When I first joined (in 2004) my kids were just 2 and 4 years old! We had only been to Disney 3 times, twice before kids and once with them.

    Since then we have moved twice, been through two military deployments, a few job changes, have now been to Disney around 20 times, and the kids are now 18 and 16! Both driving now, one about to graduate high school! It sure doesn't feel like I've been here long enough for all of that! It really makes me realize what a young family I had when I first joined the Intercot family!

    Resorts we've stayed at in 20+ trips: ASMo, ASMu, ASSp, PC, CSR, CBR, POR, POFQ, WL, AKL Jambo, AKL Kidani, Poly, Contemporary, BC, YC, BWV, OKW, SSR, Swan, Shades of Green, Vero Beach, Disneyland Resort

    Next Trip: ???

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    Wild Wonderful WV
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    I joined in '07 & was married with three kids. I still have the three kids but I figured out I had a major problem and when I figured out what it was, I fixed it !! Our trips are now minus ONE !! Since then we've (kids) traveled to Disney over 20 times. My oldest is a seasonal CM, finishing up her masters, while the other two are still in college, one finishing up in a few months. Time does fly when you're having fun and we have experienced tons of fun at Disney and with the incredible advice from fellow Intercotees, it has made our fun even better. I am only old on the outside !!
    80 1st./04POR/05POR/06POR/07POR/08POR/09POR/10POR/
    14FQJun/14POPJul/14PORNov/15POPFeb/15FQJun/15AoADec/16ASPNov/17AoAJun/ 17POPSep/18CBJun/19PORApr/



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    Oh yay, a thread that wants to make me cry. I'll play.

    2003...I had lurked for about a year and decided to join the boards as we planned our 2003 trip. I had just finished my first trip as an adult and with my own family. Daughter was nine and I lived with a long-time girlfriend. I spent my time on Intercot on a big desktop computer, fixed in one place, in our den.

    Daughter is now about to start a Ph.D. program and lives 1000 miles away. I'm married (to the aforementioned girlfriend, funny enough) and now have a 7yo son, so I get to continue to enjoy Disney through the eyes of a child. My hair is thinner, waistline only a bit bigger, but our trips (thanks to career advancement) are much more elaborate! We've gone from staying at a Days Inn on I Drive to the Beach Club (but I still make us pack breakfast each day). My football team has won two Super Bowls. My golf game has gotten worse but I also took up disc golf.

    Our pictures from the first trip were printed. On film. Some are even on our fridge and I stop to look at them nearly every single day. We rented a car because there was no DME. I made it to the hot seat on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Play It. Yeah, that was a thing. We did an e-ticket night for something like $15 per person. We paid special attention in Pirates, since we were anticipating, with some skepticism, the movie based on the ride that was coming out shortly after our trip.

    And I've listened to I think every Intercot podcast!
    "You used all the glue on purpose!"

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    2005. My son was 14, my daughter 12. We were planning our second trip as a family, my fourth overall. We honeymooned at Disney, and we first took the kids when they were 8 and 10 and we won a trip on the radio (the only way we could afford vacation at the time). Because it was a prize trip (no complaints, wonderful time), we didn't get to do things our way entirely. By 2005, our circumstances were better and we could finally afford to splurge a bit. Grand Floridian, our Honeymoon resort, which the kids liked but thought the Polynesian would be even more fun. (leading to 2007, Poly trip). Of course, I researched like crazy, which led me to Intercot.

    In 2018, I'll celebrate my 28th anniversary (still keeping that first husband), my 50th birthday (at Aulani, we joined DVC in 2014), and those kids are going on 27 and 25, still enjoying occasional Disney trips as a family though I mostly go alone with my husband now due to work commitments and life going on for my grown kids. Now when we go as a family, we travel as five adults, because my daughter's boyfriend is part of the family now, too. Looking forward to my son meeting someone special and adding a 6th, and then maybe grandkids in the future. The DVC should serve us well.
    Next: Aulani Celebration 10/2018 (50th)
    Past Stays: Contemporary, GF, Poly, BC, POP, POR, Dolphin, AKL Kidani, BLT
    1990 August Honeymoon- GF
    Delighted Disney Return Guest since 1981, DVC (BLT) since 2014

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    I first joined Intercot in 2002, under a different user name (it was so long ago I don't even remember what it was). We were planning our first family trip with our boys, then ages 9 & 6. My wife had never been either, and they were all mesmerized. Our first night there we were riding Splash Mountain when the MK fireworks started going off, with a full moon overhead. It was the complete Disney magic experience and we were all hooked for good. My older son (now 25) is married and he and his bride took their honeymoon to Disney and are celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a Disney Cruise later this month, so the family Disney tradition is continuing into the next generation now. DW and I are now planning our 30th wedding anniversary trip in 2020 to Disneyland Paris! (not to mention the rest of the city)
    1971 (age 15) MK was new!
    1974 off-site (Senior Trip)
    1982 off-site
    1988 off-site
    May 2002 AS-Sports, with DW & kids
    May 2004 Pop Century
    Feb 2005 Wilderness Lodge
    Oct 2006 Pop Century
    Oct 2008 Camped at Fort Wilderness
    Feb 2010 Cruise on the Wonder
    Dec 2014 POFQ for Christmas!

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    Our stories aren't that dissimilar with the exception of spouses. I was fortunate enough to have married my forever wife first time around, but I joined in 1999 and my kids weren't born yet.

    My oldest now will be 16 in May and I have three others. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like another lifetime.

    But INTERCOT has been there for me the whole time and I'm so glad I found it!
    Ian O
    INTERCOT Senior Imagineer

    Veteran of over 60 trips to Disney theme parks and proud to have stayed in every Disney resort in the continental United States! 0

    Next trip:

    April 2018 - Saratoga Springs Treehouse

    Help support INTERCOT's sponsors!!!

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    Wow, I really like this thread, even though it makes us all feel old.

    It was 2007, I had been lurking for a few months, my boyfriend had introduced me to the site, he was and still is just a lurker for the most part lol.
    We had met at work, but only having been there two years. We were together not even a year yet, we already had our first Disney trip together and planning the second one and making arrangements to purchase DVC.

    We are still together, with 12+ trips together under our belts. Both of us still at the same job.

    Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

    1st = 1992
    ASMo = Jan. 6-12 '07
    POP = Jan 5-11 '08
    BWV = Jan 6-16 '09
    BCV = Jan 12-22 '10
    BWV = Jan. 21-29 '11
    BWV = Jan. 21-28 '12
    BWV = Dec. 8-15 '12
    BCV/BWV=Jan. 24-Feb. 1 '14
    BWV = Jan. 16-24 '15
    BWV = Jan. 29-Feb. 6 '16
    BWV = Jan. 20-28 '17
    BWV = Jan. 26-Feb. 3 '18

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    I joined in 2004. I was planning a big family reunion trip to Disney World. I was married to my ex at the time also. My DS 1 was 15, DS2 was 13 and DD was 10.

    Now DS1(28) is a student at Embry Riddle to become a helicopter pilot, married, divorced and married again to a Disney lover. . DS2 (26) is a software engineer and got married in December. DD(23) works fulltime for Goodwill, has a 2 year old, and is my co-conspirator in planning. All three significant others have been indoctrinated to Disney with trips to Disneyland. This year will be the SOs first trips to Disney World.

    Right before our trip in 2007, I went to the pound on a whim (my husky had died two years earlier, and I hadn't been able to bear the thought of another dog until 2007) and saw a black chow/retriever mix named Mydnyght. I fell in love with her but didn't think it would be fair to adopt her and then leave on a two week trip. I thought about her the whole trip and returned to the pound the day after we got back. She was still there waiting for me. Now she is there waiting for me every morning when I get home from work.

    I have survived a nasty divorce, a perforated ulcer, and cervical cancer since then. DS1 was deployed on the Enterprise and returned home safely. There were a lot of times in the hospital that reading Intercot was what put a smile on my face.

    I am excited to be going back to Disney World again with all of my kids.
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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