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    Default annual passholders

    I have a question for all the annual passholders. I just bought a house in Florida but only plan on being there part time until I retire.

    First I will have mortgage statements or utility bills to use as proof of residency but my daughters name will not be on the bill even though she will be a resident as well. Can I buy a ticket for her? We are not all changing our licenses over until we are there full time.

    Second, being that my husband and I are both teachers, I will be sun birding as opposed to being a snowbird. I will be there all the busiest times of the year; summer and all the school vacations. What is the best ticket to buy? Should I go for the top level? What benefits come with the AP? Thanks for the help
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    Here are the details on the Annual Pass proof of residency requirements.

    The mortgage statements and utility bills should be enough for you. As for your daughter, it says "Additional members of the same household must only provide proof of same residential address." but I'm not sure how that would work if she's going to keep her old drivers license where you currently live and she's not on any of the bills or utilities.

    As for what pass to buy, you would have to at least buy the 'Gold' or higher level to be able to go over the summer months as the passes below that are blocked out from around the start of June until mid or late August. Then at that point you have to decide if you'd also be visiting during holidays where you'd need to up it to Platinum level and / or whether you're going to go the waterparks.

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    Not sure how “by the book” this was. But this is what I did when I first moved here. I still had my GA vehicle tag and GA license. BUT I went to get a FL ID. I was renting an apartment at the time. And I was attending a FL college pre requirement course for pharmacy school. I just told them I wasn’t driving and just needed a FL ID at this time. They issued me one. And that’s what I used for proof as a FL resident. I eventually switched my car tag and license over to FL. And traded the ID in for a FL license.

    Also, when I first moved here, I got the cheapest annual pass. But I quickly realized that every time friends or family would come into town, I couldn’t go because I was blacked out. So I upgraded to the pass with no restrictions. I still hold the pass with no blackout days.

    Hope that helps. And congrats on being a FL home owner!!!

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    I have a vacation home in FL and am there part-time like you. I have the platinum AP, I like the flexibility of being able to go whenever I want since my trips are often at holiday times. Having an AP means you get free parking at the parks, an important feature since you'll be coming from your new home.

    Unfortunately, I can't answer your Q about FL resident requirements as I have DVC so I use that to get the Platinum pass discount (it's the same as the FL resident discount for that particular pass).

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    Boston, MA and Celebration, FL

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