Quantcast Another reason to abhor FP+ and MDE.
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    Default Another reason to abhor FP+ and MDE.

    My wife and I have APs. We are "linked."

    My wife and her neice's family are going in December. My neice linked my wife to her account. Now, my wife is unlinked from my account.

    AND I CANT LINK HER BACK. I don't want to be on hold for an hour talking to someone who could care less. I hate everything about this system.

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    I'm with you on FP+ and MDE. I hate the system too and that you now need to schedule every minute of you vacation. And most of the time you can't get good times, if any, during your time to make ressies for rides and meals. And who wants to spend your day checking to see if anything has become available. Still love Disney but we do mostly counter service meals and "wing it" for the rides.

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    I’m in the ‘I hate it” column.

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    I'm in the I love it column. I know that isn't a popular opinion for many, but it has made our trips so much smoother.

    Now, when the strange technical bugs happen, or when they make very complex usage requirements, it is a pain, and they do seem to lack the people to solve them (or ideally stop them from happening in the first place).
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    I am in the hate everything about it column as well. I have had nothing but problems and conflicts. I have yet to have a trip where we didn't have problems with the system. We have one coming up and have already scheduled the FP's and dining and now just found out we will have someone joining our party unexpectedly. She has to come on the trip because we can't leave her at home, she is a foreign exchange student that is coming to stay with us just before our trip. I have the distinct pleasure of having to call guest services and get her added to all of our FP+ and dining reservations and I expect them to tell me I am going to have to cancel what I have and make new ones which would mean I get nothing but useless junk for FP's which is going to really irritate me if that is the way they try to go with it. That just isn't going to cut it, it is their fault they made this inflexible system so they need to deal with it when plan changes come up unexpectedly. According to their promotional material though all of this pre-planning and pre-scheduling makes it so we can be more spontaneous on our vacations. lol What a joke.

    Our trips tend to revolve around special events and have multiple people in our party of guests so we aren't always your typical family just going on a simple vacation. We have friends of our children that go sometimes and some will cancel last minute and some will all of the sudden be able to go after we have already made FP and dining reservations. The system makes these changes extremely time consuming and aggravating to deal with. Before all the FP+ and MDE mess, we just made the hotel reservation and then showed up and started having fun. Not so much anymore. They are doing a fine job of making me dread planning a trip so we go far less often now.

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