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    Exclamation First Cast Member Review of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run & More Land Details

    The Orange County Register was recently able to interview one of the Cast Members participating in the Test & Adjust phase of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

    Spoiler free below, although there are a few details about the ride experience; don't read if you wish to be completely surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brady MacDonald | Orange County Register

    Disneyland ride operator Mark Diwas is one of the few people —both real and fictional — who can say they’ve flown the Millennium Falcon, the iconic starship from the “Star Wars” films that will be a marquee attraction in the Anaheim theme park’s new Galaxy’s Edge themed land.


    “It feels very real with all the show lighting on and all the sound effects and background music,” Diwas said. “This has been a dream of many Star Wars fans for over 40 years now. People have been wanting to fly the Millennium Falcon for that long. People are going to be so amazed and in love with what they are going to be able to do.”


    The cockpit’s 200 buttons, knobs and switches will be fully functional and their implementation will directly impact each mission.

    Each member of the six-person crew will be assigned a task. Pilots sitting in the front will navigate the ship through an intergalactic battle. Gunners in the center of the cockpit will fend off TIE fighter attacks. Engineers stationed in the rear must maintain the flight systems and repair any damage to the ship.

    The biggest thrill of the journey: The pilots will get to make the jump to hyperspace by pulling back on the Falcon’s throttle lever.

    “Wait until you do it for real,” Diwas said with a smile.

    Disneyland employees working in Galaxy’s Edge will wear costumes representing the good guy Resistance, bad guy First Order or Black Spire Outpost villagers. Employees will be able to select from 80 combinations of mix-and-match costumes for the villagers’ wardrobe. Employees working on the Millennium Falcon attraction will wear villagers costumes paired with a bright blue vest and hat.

    “Everybody is very excited that we can choose whatever we want, at least for the village,” Diwas said. “That’s really cool to be able to do.”

    Galaxy’s Edge employees will also build a persona and backstory for themselves depending on whether they are dressed as a First Order officer, Resistance soldier or a villager with an opinion about the opposing factions in Black Spire Outpost. Diwas hasn’t had time yet to develop a persona for his role as a villager working in Ohnaka Transport Solutions, the shady intergalactic shipping company where the Smugglers Run attraction is set.
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    This sounds like a "ride many many many" times to do all of the "jobs".
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    It's looking like I won't be able to ride this for at least a couple of years. The ride sounds awesome, and as word gets out about it there will be huge interest. I anticipate the wait times for this will make FoP wait times seem like nothing. Think 3-5 hours or more. I don't do that for ANY ride, no matter how great it is or how much I want to go. I'm a SW fan, but I won't waste a half day of my park time for a few minutes on a ride. I might wait an hour though...
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    Wait til you have to pay for the fast pass for this ride and it isn't included on the regular fast pass tiered list...
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    And see them drink the round SW cokes, that you too can purchase for 12 bucks.

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    I don't know. I hope it isn't as lame as the "jobs" you do on Mission Space.
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