My husband and I were able to secure reservations for the passholder preview of this new land. Our reservation included time at Oga's Cantina.

We arrived at the park about 1/2 hour prior to official opening time. While guests without preview passes were being held at the end of the road for official park opening, those of us with passes were directed to the left along Hollywood & Vine and straight back to the entrance by Muppet Vision. There were plenty of cast members to guide us along. We were quickly checked in and directed to another, very short line to be assigned a time for our visit to Oga's Cantina. Our assigned time was for 9:50 am

I wanted to go directly to Millennium Falcon knowing the line might take a while to get through. It was slow going to get there as my spouse kept stopping to take pictures along the way!! We arrived to find the standby line listed at 55 minute - that might make getting to Oga's Canina in time a little tight. So, we opted to go into the single rider line. We were both issued green cards which stated we were engineers and were told to wait in the general area (but not in line) until our color was called. We kept trying to pay attention to what was being called but it took as a little bit to determine that more than one cast member was calling for folks by color and position. When we thought we were in the right place, one cast members said we must have "missed our group" and said to "send them along" anyway. So, we went down this hallway until we reached a point where a door slid open just in front of our face. On the floor in this area were six spots with two of each labeled pilot, gunner, engineer. We watched a little film and then were shown into the ride - just the two of us. We were told to select any seat so we chose the pilot seats. It was a bit hard to keep up with what we were supposed to be doing but found it fun and entertaining nonetheless. So....I guess we messed up a bit and ended up with a private ride because of it!!!

When we exited, we still had about 1/2 hour before the time for our visit to Oga's Cantina so wandered around the rest of the area, taking pictures along the way. My impression is that it is quite well done. I was surprised to see that the area was not as crowded as I expected so it would appear that not an over-abundance of passes were given out for a single time frame as part of this review. I liked how wide the walkways were though I am sure that even these wide areas may become difficult to traverse when the area is truly busy. The scenery is great and the sound effects are fun - it really does sound like a spacecraft is speeding by over your head!!

At the given time, we got on line for Oga's Cantina and, after waiting just a few minutes, we were led to a standing table. Before entering, we were told that we were expected to stay where we were directed and not move to other areas where we had not been assigned. Our space was fine as were were just in front of the animated DJ and had the bar just behind us. We enjoyed the theming and chatted with several tablemates while there.

When we finished our drinks, we headed back to Millennium Flacom and stood in the standby line which was now listed as 45 minutes though I don't really think it took us that long to get through the area and there weren't any fastpass holders to slow down the movement of the standby line. We enjoyed the theming of the standby queue. This time, we were assigned the position of gunner and once we entered the holding room, we were more careful to be sure we noticed when our color and position were called for loading on the ride!!!

After this second ride, we wandered around a bit more and too some more pictures. Although our pass allowed us to stay in the area until 1 pm, we exited around 11:30 am.

Once it opens to the general public, I'm sure it may be some time before we get back into the area - especially if things go like they did for the openings of Toy Story Land and Avatar.