Knew this trip would be hot and steamy but I decided a solo August trip was to be my end of summer destination.

My travel was for the most very smooth and arrived around 3:45 yesterday. My room at Pop Century was ready so I grabbed a few breakfast items and headed to my room top floor in the 50ís section. The layout is a little different from the other value remodeled rooms. I am not sure if it is considered a handicapped room but it looks like it.

There is one large bathroom. I think the rooms I have stayed in divided up the bathroom with a separate shower area. The large bathroom has a sink that is a little high for me. I am short and really have to lean in to brush my teeth. The shower only has a hand held shower spray. The other rooms have had a hand held and an attached large shower head. I really like the larger one that is round with the various pressure choices. Once I got this small handheld one set it worked fine.

The bed is exactly the same as the trundle beds. A little lower and not as thick a mattress. It was comfortable but the higher beds were a little more luxurious.

My location is great- not a long walk to buses or food court.

The air is working great and looks like my week should be comfortable.

Last night I took a bus to Disney Springs. I had a reservation at The Homcoming for later in the week but tryed to get in as a walk in last night. I could have gotten in with a 30 minute wait. I decided to just go to bar and get the food to go.

It was very pleasant out last night with a slight breeze and not too humid. Found a seat outside and attacked my meal since I hadnít earen since 10 am and it was now 7 pm. The food was HORRIBLE. There was a puddle of grease in the container and both pieces of chicken had the skin missing and the bottoms were soggy from the grease. The chicken was tough and very salty. The only thing I can figure out it must have been the bottom of the pan sitting there way too long. They probably just kept piling on chicken and didnít reach the bottom of the serving pan for awhile. My biscuit definitely wasnít fresh but it was fine.The mashed potatoes were hot and fresh but again very salty. If I had been sitting in the restaurant I probably would have sent the chicken back but I didnít want to walk back and had no way to show them the sorry mess so I just ate what I could and threw the rest away. An expensive start to my dining choices and a big
disappointment. They didnít even give me plastic utensils or napkins which I asked for.
Sorry I tipped.

Walked around the Springs for awhile, stopped in Ghirardelli chocolate and got a sample - fudge caramel- very good.

Took bus to Poly, got a dole whip and sat on beach for water pageant and fireworks. Canít hear the soundtrack but the fireworks were beautiful. Could see lightening in distance past Grand Floridian but didnít rain.

Went back to Pop. It was very humid by the time I got to room. I was hoping the nice breezes would stay but supposed to be hot and steamy today.

Going to a late night event at MK tonight from 7-1am so having a lazy day this morning.