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    Default What coast am I on? Pre trip report

    Cast of Characters
    Me - Proclaimed Disney Guru by my family
    DR - Dear Roommate - Doesn't like getting left out of anything
    DS1- Grumbles about mom spending money, but then goes and has fun anyway
    DDIL1 - Tells DS1 to let me have fun and quit grousing at me. Foodie
    DD1 - Pregnant with DGS1. Has decided to try every food that Disney has to offer
    DSIL1 - Fell in love with Disney during our WDW trip last year. Is afraid DD1 will make him spend all his time eating instead of riding rides with DGD1.
    DGD1 - 4 years old - Only knows that she gets to dress up as a princess
    My dad (what abbreviation do we use for that?) - 80 years old - Is the reason I have this Disney obsession.
    Twinkie - My dad's dog. He won't go anywhere with out her.
    Older sister (I've seriously run out of abbrevations to use I think) - 8 years old than I am. It's her fault this trip is happening. :P
    Younger sister - 7 years younger than I am. Wants to take her two kids to Disney
    Dear Nephew (I thought DN would work until I got to my niece who would have been DN also) - 16 years old - Is into computers and will probably be playing on his phone the whole time
    Dear Niece - 12 years old - Acts like she is too cool to be into princesses but is excited to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

    DS1 and I had a trip planned to Disney World the first week of November. My older sister wanted me to drive my dad to California to see his newest great grandson. She said "We can spend a day at Disneyland". Since my dad is 80, I figured this may be the last chance everyone gets to spend with him as a group. There's a lot of drama in my family, so we don't get together for a whole lot. Plus, I had this growing suspicion that my dad was the reason for all the Disneyland trips we took while I was growing up. My sister confirmed this suspicion. Disney World plans got tossed out the window. (On a side note, I still have the annual pass and timeshare reservations in Orlando. I may fly out there myself for a couple of days at the beginning of the week.)

    Friday, November 8
    Meeting up with my dad and driving to California. Everyone else will drive in as they please. We are staying at the Anaheim Majestic Garden. They are a pet friendly hotel.

    DDIL1 went to Disneyland for Oogie Boogie Bash a month or so ago. While she was there, she saw a restaurant that she wanted to go to. It is called The White House. We have reservations for dinner there at 5 pm. The building looks very pretty. Hopefully it is good food. If not, I'm busting out of there and going to my normal arrival dinner spot at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen.

    Saturday, November 9
    0730 - Twinkie's going into the Disneyland kennel.

    Breakfast - Goofy's Kitchen at 8:30 am. This is my place at Disneyland like Crystal Palace is my place in Disney World

    1105 - Reservations at Oga's Cantina just to see it. I doubt if we stay in there for any real length of time

    1150 - Going to make droids

    1250 - Going to make lightsabers

    3:20 pm - Early dinner at Blue Bayou. Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride when I was little. I remember standing in line with my dad for two hours to ride it. I always wanted to eat at Blue Bayou, but we didn't have the money when I was young. Now I am excited to eat there with my dad.

    My dad doesn't have a lot of stamina, and we will have to go back to walk Twinkie every couple of hours. I would like to do the above reservations, get a ride on Pirates with my dad and get my roommate on Splash Mountain. (I can't believe in all these trips to Disney that my roommate has gone on, he still hasn't ridden Splash Mountain.) Other than that, I'll see how it goes with my dad. I suspect we will spend a lot of time resting in the hotel room.

    Sunday, November 10
    0830 - DGD1 and Dear Niece have reservations at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Twinkie's going to the kennel.

    1040 - Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure for brunch

    Spend the afternoon/evening in California Adventure. Dad wants to ride Soarin'. Other than that, we will see how he feels. If he is up to staying late, I would like to do the World of Color Dessert Party.

    Drive to San Diego after we are done at California Adventure

    Monday, November 11
    We will visit with the ones in my sister's family who couldn't make it - including baby Jack. He is my dad's 4th grandchild. Then we'll hopefully have dinner with my brother. My brother can't make it to Disneyland due to it being his anniversary week. Sister in law won't let him go.

    Tuesday, November 12
    Relax with family until mid afternoon. We will swing by Seaport Village before we head home. There's a cupcake place there that won one of those baking contests on TV. Their cupcakes are delicious, and I have tried to bring them home to the rest of the family several times. Something always happens though, like one time cupcakes fell on the floor with the box open. Another time, I was really tired when we arrived home and forgot to take them into the house. They melted in the Phoenix heat. Also, DGD1 and I have to ride the carousel together. It's a thing now. I started it when she was 6 months old and we rode the carousel at California Adventure. Then we had the couple of hour carousel session at Disney World last year. I only have myself to blame. :P
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    If you just need a quick break but donít want to go back to the hotel I suggest hanging out in the lobby of the grand Californian. They have a lot of comfy seats and usually have someone playing the piano. Thatís what I do when I need a break but donít want to go all the way back to the hotel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewDVCowner View Post
    If you just need a quick break but donít want to go back to the hotel I suggest hanging out in the lobby of the grand Californian. They have a lot of comfy seats and usually have someone playing the piano. Thatís what I do when I need a break but donít want to go all the way back to the hotel.
    That is a good tip to keep in mind. Thank you.
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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