A Roku is an option we discussed. We may even still have our old one somewhere. I don't think we're far enough away from being supremely irritated to look at other solutions yet, because we really haven't seriously discussed any. I'm sure down the road, maybe in a year or two, we'll re-consider trying to make it work. Even though we were all excited to check it out, so far, no one in the house is lamenting that we don't have access to it. Not to mention, re-signing up now would make the fact that we lost out on that pre-purchase price that we were refunded a little more in our face. I think it was an incredibly short sighted decision not to support the previous (I refuse to call it old, because it's not) Samsung TV OS. Which also makes me not ready to figure out how to jump back on board. And, that's it right there - WE have to figure it out! It doesn't just work with our TV like every other streaming service that exists. Ah well. Honestly, in the big scheme of things, this is a tiny problem. It was frustrating, but that's it. Our TV will probably croak within a year - even though it is not that old - and viola! Access to Disney+.