My younger sister was up bright and early to get my niece to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for our 10:40 Princess Breakfast Adventure. DS1, DDIL1 and I blissfully slept in until 9:30. Barksy and I got up and got ready. We were on the 10 am shuttle to go see the princesses.

The Grand Californian is a very pretty hotel. Napa Rose is the restaurant that the Princess Breakfast Adventure is held in. It was a very nice restaurant. My favorite part was the guy playing Disney songs on his guitar at the reception area of the restaurant.
They offered my sister and I a glass of champagne. It was a nice gesture, but they didn't offer my niece and nephew anything to drink - not even water.

We were called for our table about 20 minutes later. Barksy had some fun staging photos while we waited. He made a new friend also. A Porg had followed my niece home from Galaxy's Edge the night before.

Most of the meal was seated. The main course was served buffet style though. The Mickey Waffles were paired with chicken. I asked the waiter if I could have the waffles by themselves, and he graciously brought me a couple sans chicken. My nephew, on the other hand, ate 16 chicken and waffles. Teenage boys are an endless stomach pit.

The first princess to come around was Aurora. I should mention here that I was wearing my Maleficent ears. Aurora was very cautious around me. It also scared some of the kids. In fact, everyone moved out of my way when I went up to the buffet. It was kind've funny. I think it was because I actually put my hair up inside of my ears, when I normally wear my hair down.

My niece acted all adult at first. Aurora brought her inner kid out. Then Aurora conned my 16 year old nephew into standing up and giving her a hug. My nephew blushed so red. Aurora manages to get her way.

We also saw Tiana and Jasmine at our table. After eating, we saw Pocahontas outside and Mulan in another room. Pocahontas read a story to the kids.

Our waiter boxed up the food that we didn't eat - which was quite a lot- and I took it to DS1 to eat. 29 year old boys are endless stomach pits also. DS1 liked it all.

The breakfast was nice, but I enjoy the princess breakfast in the Norway pavilion at Epcot much better. I think the character interaction and the food are better there. Plus, it is half the price of this one. This one was $125 per person.

We spent the day at DCA. Our first ride was Grizzly River Rapids. Somewhere in the middle, we rode Toy Story Midway Mania. They rode Tower of Terror which is themed for Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredicoaster, Monsters Inc, and Grizzly River Rapids again. I found a nice quiet bench under some beautiful trees and laid down on it for about an hour. I felt like that guy in one of the old Disney planning DVDs that tried out all the park benches. Barksy and I also got some pictures with Pluto. Soarin' was our last ride. We were in the bottom row, but someone had peed or puked in the row ahead of us on the prior ride. The people who were supposed to be in that row had to wait. There was a big to do about cleaning up the mess. At least 5 people had to come in and look at it with a lot of discussion about using gloves before we were allowed to take off. I almost said "I'm a nurse, just let me clean it." I'm sure that wouldn't have been good enough for the big wigs who had to check it out though.

My sister was tired after waking up at 5:30 am. Since my dad had taken off with his car, she was the only way I had to get down to my brother and sister in San Diego. She was too tired to drive, so I bid farewell to DS1 and DDIL1 and drove sister and kids down to San Diego. We arrived and my brother's house and went to sleep.