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    Default 2nd day of short 2 day trip

    Walked out of my room around 7am to bright sunshine the next morning. After I got through security at MK took monorail to Contemporary and made several purchases that I had admired the day before. Got a mug with Mary Blair drawn designs- my youngest daughter is a huge fan. A Beauty and Beast mug for my oldest daughter. A book for me. And some holiday rice krispy treats. I realized after I left I forgot the chip and dale salt and pepper shakers I wanted to get also. Hopefully they will still have them when I go back in April.

    Took monorail to GF . I wanted to get some goodies from Gingerbread house but it wasnít open yet so took my purchases from that day and last night to mailing center to send them home. I only bring a small under the seat bag and try to send my treasures home by mail. Better for me not having to pay for over the head baggage plus I donít have to lug the stuff through the airport.

    Was about 15 minutes late for my Kona seating because monorail was very slow. But they got me in within 5 minutes. I got eggs, sausage, home fries and a single pancake. I asked the cast member to wait to put in the order for my pancake so it would be hot when I ate it. I get a side of the strawberry compote ( that is served with the Tonga toast) which makes the pancake extra yummy. Also, a pressed pot of coffee and a glass of the juice. I was completely stuffed when leaving,but it was a wonderful breakfast. I like to get the macadamia pancakes when I travel with my family ( and share) but if I go by myself I just get a single.

    Next on my agenda- the skyline!! Been looking forward to trying this new transportation since it opened! I enjoyed the old gondolas they had at MK years ago and have been on ski lifts in Colorado so looking forward to trying the new system out. I went on all the different legs of the system. Started out by taking bus to studios and getting on there. Got off at each stop and transferred when I had to. Easy transferring and short walks to each new section. The views were great. A little jerking when ride first starts going up. The inside of the vehicle was a good temperature. Very quiet ride for most part. Enjoyed the views. Took about an hour to ride the entire system.

    I think for the most part the skylines is great. When you get on the system does not stop- it is a little like getting on an escalator except it is going sideways instead of up. I question if families with children will be able to get on quickly enough. A lot of visitors canít handle getting on the buses with kids. 🤨 it wasnít very crowded when I rode late morning. At busier times it will be interesting to see how it runs. I was by myself in the vehicle most of the time.

    Got back off at studios and went to GF to admire the gingerbread house and get a few goodies. Lobby as beautiful always.

    Rode Epcot monorail. There was a horrible wreck on road into MK that you could see from monorail. Car went over a guardrail and completely burned, lots of emergency vehicles and traffic was backed up several hours going into MK parking and MK resorts.

    Epcot is certainly a mess. Wonder what the flower show will be like in April😒

    Took bus to Disney Springs and ate at the Polite Pig. It was really good👍I got the ribs and baked beans and slaw. Enjoyed every bite.

    Went to Poly and got a dole whip and sat on beach for awhile. Took boat to MK and went back to room. Wanted to stay to watch fireworks but it would have been almost midnight before would have gotten back to room and was too tired for that.
    We'll Go On....Off To Neverland


    It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow....Where Dreams Really Do Come True

    Never Forget It was All Started By A Mouse....TTFN

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    Sounds like a fun trip.

    What are your experiences with shipping purchases home from WDW? Expensive? Packed well? I have thought about doing this, but rarely make too many purchases in the parks/resorts.

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    Next up: ????

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    Glad you enjoyed the skyliner system - I haven't tried this yet but will get to it at some point.

    Sounds like it was a pretty relaxed day!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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