Well the cold front has moved in and it is quite chilly out today. At least, the rain has stopped.

We dress in jeans and long sleeve shirts today and top that with jackets and, for me, a scarf.

For breakfast, we decide to visit Olivia's. There is hardly anyone there when we arrive and we are immediately seated at a booth. After we satisfactory breakfast, we walk outside to see that a bus to Epcot has just begun boarding - exactly the bus we are looking for!!

We still have plenty of time before our first fastpass so we walk over to Guest Relations. Happily there is no line. Our Tables in Wonderland card is not yet expired but restaurants have had difficulty running it through their machines since it is so worn. We are quickly provided with a new card that is in much better shape than the original one.

On the way to guest relations, I noticed that Spaceship Earth was basically a walk-on so we decided to do that. Strangely, I had a thought that, even if that ride were to break down, we would still have plenty of time before our first fastpass - though why I had such an odd thought I did not know. The ride stopped when we were in the section that outlines Jesse Owens accomplishments in the 1936 Olympics. We were there for a bit but started going again. We had already viewed the film based on our selections for how we were going to live in the future and were only a minute or two from disembarking when we stopped again. After sitting for a bit while being cautioned to remain seated, it was announced that they were experiencing "technical difficulty" and a cast member would be with us "in a moment". I stated it looked like we would be getting walked off the ride. Shortly after this, the interior lights were turned on and shortly thereafter, two cast members went by us and stated they would soon return. As I figured they would, they started to evacuate those who were at the highest point in the ride and worked there way down from there. I think it took about five more minutes or so before the cast members returned with a long line of those who had been in the carts above us. We joined the line heading down the stairs to the exit. As we exited the building, they provided each of us with another fastpass to a second tier ride (which wasn't really of much use to us because I had only booked two fastpasses for the day any way).

By time we exited, it was time for our ride on Soarin' so we headed over there. Since we were so late into our Soarin' window, it was already time for our Living with the Land fastpass when we exited Soarin'. From there, we walked over to The Seas with Nemo & Friends and, since we had the fastpass from Spaceship Earth, we used it here. After riding, we wandered through the water tanks, looking at all the fish, the manatees, and the dolphins.

We went on Journey into Imagination and, surprisingly, needed to wait in line for about 20 minutes before we got on the ride. As we exited here, we decided we would visit the vacation club lounge - partially because it was so cold outside, it would be a good place to relax and stay warm.

Since it was so cold, we did not want to walk all the way around World Showcase but did make our way to United Kingdom for a beverage. After our drink, we decided to return to our room.

Construction is in full swing at Epcot. The fountain is gone and most of the building that housed Starbucks and the Coca Cola area is gone.

Once back in our room, we relaxed for a while and had a snack of cheese and crackers we had brought with us.

This evening, we have reservations at California Grill so we change and get a bus to the Magic Kingdom. Fortunately, the bus drops us off very close to the entryway so we don't have to walk as far to get to the monorail. We quickly make our way over to the Contemporary and check in for our dinner. We're a bit early but we are seated immediately, having been buzzed that our table is ready before we even got off the elevator onto the 15th floor. After an excellent meal, we decide to return to our room. I had thought about going over to Top of the World and staying there for the fireworks but knew I didn't want to be outside in tonight's chill so we skipped that.

Back in our room, we relaxed until it was time to settle ourselves in for another night.