Happy New Year, Campers!
It can be chilly at the evening campfire program at this time of year, so dress warmly and bring a blanket as you head out to enjoy some hot chocolate and marshmallows at the Fort Wilderness campfire. During the evening you can join in singing some Disney songs, laugh with our nutty friends, Chip & Dale, and watch a Disney movie under the stars. The campfire is lit at 6:30 nightly, followed by the Sing-a-long at 7:00, and the movie at 7:40. Here is your movie schedule for January:

Jan 1 The Little Mermaid
Jan 2 Peter Pan
Jan 3 Toy Story 2
Jan 4 Finding Dory (PG)
Jan 5 Tangled (PG)
Jan 6 Bambi
Jan 7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Jan 8 Big Hero 6 (PG)
Jan 9 Brother Bear
Jan 10 The Princess and the Frog
Jan 11 High School Musical
Jan 12 The Little Mermaid
Jan 13 The Aristicats
Jan 14 Dumbo (1941)
Jan 15 The Little Mermaid
Jan 16 Peter Pan
Jan 17 Toy Story 2
Jan 18 Finding Dory (PG)
Jan 19 Tangled (PG)
Jan 20 Bambi
Jan 21 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Jan 22 Big Hero 6 (PG)
Jan 23 Brother Bear
Jan 24 The Princess and the Frog
Jan 25 High School Musical
Jan 26 The Little Mermaid
Jan 27 The Aristocats
Jan 28 Dumbo (1941)
Jan 29 The Little Mermaid
Jan 30 Peter Pan
Jan 31 Toy Story 2