Quantcast Barksy's Barktacular Return Day 4
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    Default Barksy's Barktacular Return Day 4

    Magic Kingdom - FINALLY!

    We slept in - Yes that's a theme. I work nights. What can I say???

    I tried my first attempt at Disneybounding. I had ordered a red dress with white polka dots. They sent me a red dress with black panels that had polka dots. I decided to make the best of it though. I mostly mention it, because I had bought Teva sandals to go with it, as was suggested here on Intercot. It was with trepidation that I wore them to the parks. I stashed a change of clothes and shoes in the lockers at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. I gotta admit, they were more comfortable than I expected. I wouldn't wear them all day in the park again, but I would wear them out to a nice dinner. Aaron ate a banana while waiting for me to get ready.

    Our Lyft driver dropped us off at the TTC, and we decided to take the monorail around the loop. We had a whole seat to ourselves. Crowds had been pretty low each day.

    We got off the monorail, got through security (I have to mention here that I got pulled aside and had my bag searched almost every day we went into the park.), went through the entrance gates, and stopped to get pictures taken in front of the 50th sign. The whole trip was to celebrate my 50th birthday while Magic Kingdom celebrated theirs, so it was a must do. Then we walked onto Main Street, and it finally felt like I was really at Disney. I don't know why that moment makes it real to me, but I should just always start my trips there.

    We slowly wandered down Main St. and into Adventureland where we went on a magic carpet ride, saw the back side of water, and pillaged and plundered with really bad eggs.

    It was time to eat dinner with our founding fathers, so we headed to Liberty Tree Tavern. Aaron had never eaten here before, but he has heard the story of Kyle stuffing turkey into his empty water bottle to snack on during our last family trip. After Aaron had his first few bites of our delicious Thanksgiving dinner, he said "I can understand why Kyle was stuffing his water bottle." A little later into the meal, he said "I wish I hadn't eaten that banana. It's taking up valuable space in my stomach."
    Needless to say, Liberty Tree Tavern has become a must do on our Disney World trips.

    It was time to rectify an injustice. Aaron had been on 3 Disney trips and had never gone on Splash Mountain. I have no idea how that could have occurred (it was actually just weird circumstances cropping up), but I was determined to fix it on this trip before the original was replaced with The Princess and the Frog. As we were finishing up dinner, I hopped on the app to see what the wait time was for Splash Mountain, and the ride was down. O.O What??? How could this happen AGAIN???
    I went to the bathroom shaking my head. I had some trouble locking the bathroom door. When I got back to the table, Aaron went to the bathroom. He had some trouble with the door lock also, but thought he got it. Apparently he didn't, because someone walked in on him. Better him than me. :P

    We rolled our stuffed selves out of Liberty Tree Tavern, and Aaron heard someone say that Splash Mountain was back up. I checked the app, and it was up and running. We hurried over and got into the quickly moving line. I have to use the back entrance, so they diverted us at the appropriate time. While we were waiting for another cast member to come and let us through the railing (??? not sure what else to call it), I noticed that there was singing coming from somewhere. I found a little bird house that had conversation and singing coming from it. I had never noticed that before, but it was cute. The cast member asked where in the ride vehicle we wanted to sit. I told her that Aaron had never ridden it and needed the full effect. She put us up front. Man did we get wet. It was completely worth it though. Now when I randomly sing Zip A Dee Doo Dah my oh my what a wonderful day, he knows why. Just thinking about that song while I'm sitting here at work is brightening up this shift.

    I get cold easily, so we hurried back to the entrance of Magic Kingdom, so I could change clothes. Then we wandered through the shops on Main Street to scope out the things I wanted to buy. That's how I keep from buying everything I see. I look through the shops, and then if I still remember that item on the last day that I'll be at that particular park, I know I really wanted it. If I forget about a particular item, I'll never know I forgot about it.

    We scoped out a bench for the fireworks. I had never seen Happily Ever After before. Once Wishes left, I really had no desire to stay and watch the fireworks. It was my last shot at seeing it though, so we stayed for it. It was cute. It wasn't Wishes, but it wasn't horrible.
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    Another nice day!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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    That's how I keep from buying everything I see. I look through the shops, and then if I still remember that item on the last day that I'll be at that particular park, I know I really wanted it. If I forget about a particular item, I'll never know I forgot about it.
    Hilarious! I enjoyed your trip report, but I have to admit that's my fave!
    When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.

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    Sounds like another nice day. Reading about you singing “Zippity Doo Dah” at work actually put a tear in my eye. I remember how that ride (and all of the Magic Kingdom for that matter,) moved me. (Sadly, it doesn’t anymore. I hope I get that back.)

    I love your shopping philosophy. I may try that next time.

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