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    Default The Dark Side of Disney

    I'll tread carefully here, but Bob Chapek and company are literally driving Disney into the ground before our very eyes. This is not only through their exorbitant rates and continued layering of fees while diminishing the quality of their parks. Now compound it that in the course of the past week they've decided to get overtly political in a bad way. I'm a Libertarian so I believe live and let live, but this course to inject their political beliefs in their customers and employees (yes, we're no longer guests and cast members). These are very sad days indeed. Anyone interested in 262 DVC points? Hopefully our Mods recognize the importance of this topic and allow some polite discussion on the topic.
    Beth & David

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    As the parent of a cast member I am seeing and hearing the same things from her. Cast members are being overworked these days. In talking with several they feel the magic is slipping away. Makes me very sad

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    Companies need to stay out of politics no matter which way they lean. The government is for the people and by the people.
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    I can't believe Chapek hasn't been transfered to "it's a small world". Regardless of your thoughts on the substance of the issue, this guy's screw-up(s) will be taught in business schools for decades. Shareholders are ultimately all that matter so his replacement won't likely be any better for the parks, but he has to go FAST!!!
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    Yep, Chapek and Disney Corporate are getting schooled in staying out of politics. This agenda pushing by corporations needs to stop. They are pretty much trying to jam it down their employees throats as well. If you are an employee and you speak out against their agenda, get ready to be shown the door. It is bad for WDW but I am glad the State of Florida is taking them to the wood shed.

    The media has me scratching my head right now on the spin that the taxpayers are going to have to absorb the $1 billion in bond debt on the WDW property. That has to be propaganda being pushed by Disney through their media outlets because it is utter nonsense. Disney was paying that debt through taxes an profits made through the parks. The State, County, and City will be able to pass property taxes and increases on all of the WDW properties including DVC so get ready. Also, they can add and increase occupancy taxes on all those thousands of hotels. They can drop the road project and maintenance budgets for all the roads on property to bare minimum and use that money to pay the bonds. They can add a per park ticket/per day fee to all tickets sold for the parks. Heck they can even pass a city income tax for Reedy Creek and make Disney collect income tax from all the employees if Disney keeps on until they really tick the State guys off.

    Disney has really opened a can of worms they will forever wish they had never opened. If I was Desantis, I would have the attitude that if Disney can raise the price of tickets and hotel rooms and nickle and dime their customers more and more every year, well hey, the government can stick taxes and fees on all of it and keep raising them too until something gives. lol

    With all of that said, Chapek will go down for all of this. He was the catalyst behind it and he needs to be gone. The sooner the better so maybe, just maybe, they can get someone in his place that can start smoothing some of this out before it completely hits the fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderelley View Post
    Companies need to stay out of politics no matter which way they lean. The government is for the people and by the people.
    But...but...but...Didn't Mitt Romney say "Companies are people too, my friend" at one of his campaign dinners? LOL

    Seriously, Disney has been in politics for quite some time but are only now coming under fire? Why is that?

    I do not care for Chapek and his policies, but this whole situation seems more like political retribution for [Chapek] (finally) taking a stand with/for some of his (Disney's) 'employees.' He is trying to stride both sides of the fence and doing a poor job of it.

    The same 'group' that allowed for corporations to get more involved in politics [See 'Citizens United'] are now 'up in arms' because they are.

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