Quantcast "Daisy is a Duck!" -- Arrival Day
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    Default "Daisy is a Duck!" -- Arrival Day

    This was a different vacation, just me and my daughter, Sophia (19.) Both of us are huge Walt Disney World fans and as such we have a similar mindset. While some vacation by sleeping in late, departing parks early, lounging around the pool and dining out (sounds like a pretty good vacation to me,) she and I are park junkies, up early, open to close, what else can we fit in?

    With that in mind, I had a 5:15 AM non-stop flight booked, arriving at 7:30 AM. We stayed overnight at the Hamption Inn near the airport to save travel time. I woke at 2:30 AM, purchased my Genie+ for the two of us, but I really didn’t know why. We’d be in the air until 7:30 and I probably wouldn’t have internet access until closer to 8:00 AM, but I took a shot anyway. Showered, dressed, awakened the Kraken, and we headed to Globe Transit. We caught the next shuttle (Globe is right next door.) We arrived at the airport around 4:00 AM, self-checked, breezed through security, and had breakfast. She waited for McDonald's to open, but I found another place and had the “Big Fat Greek Omelet.” Delicious. That’s how you want to start a trip.

    She dilly-dallied and when we arrived at our gate, they were already loading the plane. Lucky for us, our number wasn’t called yet. Seats on the right, walking back, so we can see the sun. So beautiful on the flight to Orlando. That may have been the smoothest flight ever because I fell asleep soon and didn’t awaken until the wings were extending and the landing gear was coming down. If they came by with drinks, I missed it.

    When I got into the lobby, I opened the MyDisneyExperience App and was able to purchase Guardians for 6:35PM – 7:35PM. I then went to Remy and could get a FastPass for 6:15PM. Looks like our evening is planned.

    We found our luggage quickly, walked over the National Rental Car, perused the Emerald Aisle, and grabbed a Jeep Compass. (Sophia picked it, or course.) We didn’t have a room number yet, so I suggested we drive to Cocoa Beach and shop at Ron Jon’s. It’s an effortless 45-minute drive and Ron Jon’s is bigger than I remembered it. We picked out some souvenirs for family. She wanted to see the Kennedy Space Center so we drove there next. Then we took a drive back to the Disney Cruise Line Terminal, hoping to see a ship. I said, since’ we are here, we might as well eat at Rusty’s back at Cocoa Beach.
    Steamed oysters on the half shell, Ahi-Tuna and a beer. That’s vacation-mode. Sophia wanted to see the motel used in the movie “The Florida Project,” so we headed off for Kissimmee. Still no room number notification, but I was anxious to get on property so I said, “Let’s check our luggage and go to Epcot.”

    We wanted to stop and get pictures as we entered property, but there are signs posted, “NO STOPPING FOR PHOTOS.”

    When we arrived at Port Orleans Riverside and passed through our gate, we received notification our room was ready. We were in the Magnolia Bends. I’ve never been on that side before. We’ve always stayed in the Alligator Bayou. I had trepidations. I located our building and found a spot and unloaded. We paid for a Water View and it did not disappoint! Our view was spectacular. So worth the extra money. And I loved our location. Time to see if my last trip’s magic band still works. YEP! We’re in. I’m an unpacker. I take my clothes out and utilize the drawers. Others live out of the suitcase. Not me. It’s something I look forward to each trip.

    We freshen up, load up the backpack, and walk to the bus stop. The Epcot bus leaves just as we arrive, but the arriving bus is Hollywood Studios. I get an idea. “Let’s take this bus, then the Skyliner to the International Gateway. You’ve never ridden it.” That works perfectly.

    I fail security and have to have my bags checked. This would be the case EVERY DAY no matter how I tried to avoid it. Once inside, we walk around the World Showcase, noshing as the Food & Wine Festival has started, before using our Remy FastPass. When I get through the touchpoints, I begin looking for Frozen and snag one at 7:20 PM. We have dinner reservations at 8:15 for Tutto Italiano. We have a lot of walking to do. As soon as our ride vehicle departs, it stops. The lights come up, and we are ushered off the ride. We get a make-up FastPass if it returns.

    Time for Guardians. We get there in plenty of time, thoroughly enjoy the pre-show and comedic deliveries, and are on the ride quickly. Rocket backwards to “Disco Inferno!” This is the most enjoyable three-minute ride anywhere. Between the ride mechanism, the music, the camaraderie between the actors, and the sheer smoothness of the ride, this becomes my favorite roller coaster and that used to be Millenium Force in Cedar Point!

    After exiting, we head straight for Frozen. It will be our first time here, too. FastPass line moves quickly. The ride is very well done and enjoyable, and we shop in Norway for family. (That perfume smells so great. There has to be someone you can purchase this for!)

    Off to dinner. My Italian is a bit rusty, but there doesn’t seem to be as many native Italians working anyway. Our waitress was American. I think Covid may have stunted the exchange program or something. Our dinner was just ok. Olive Garden-esque quality. Nothing special. Probably not returning.

    Remy is back up and running and we have time to make it before they close down. It is such an adorable ride and it is my daughter’s favorite ride of the whole trip.

    We decide to save Harmonious for another night, so we grab a bus, get off at the main bus stop, shop in the general store, and head back to the room.

    Our arrival day was ending. If I had to script the perfect day, this would be it. Tomorrow, Magic Kingdom.

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    Glad your trip is off to such a nice start!! I've never gone on the new Guardians ride - most people I've talked to who have done it have said that it was a "once and done" ride for them which has left me with some hesitation about trying it.
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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    Wow! That was a long and filled up day!
    Thanks for posting

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    Is there anything better than Arrival Day at a Disney Vacation?!?!
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