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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > September 2003

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 September 2003 - Edition One

Brought to you by INTERCOT's network of sites:
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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

I'm sure you have noticed all of the changes taking place at INTERCOT over the past few weeks. If you have missed the goings-on, please stop over and take a peek. Our Webmaster, JohnY, has been busy redesigning the entire site. It looks marvelous thus far. Pardon our dust as we continue to make changes.

Speaking of the Boards ... have you looked in on the Meets forum lately? There's a celebration going on! We're winding down our 5th anniversary and want you to come join the fun with many members and INTERCOT staff at Walt Disney World in December. There are currently 3 days of meets, activities and events planned from December 5, 6 & 7. The more the merrier.

In this issue Ray solves the greatest mystery on the Internet. Just where did those missing threads go?? Casey fills us in on all of the latest Disney News, Carol communicores and Tracey gives us all the skinny on the Water Cooler antics. Now on with the show ....

<< Disney World Events with DisneyWizard >>

Welcome September! The off-season is here and unfortunately rides are closing for refurbishments rapidly. However there are a few new attractions opening, and some rumors about those that are even newer.

-Haunted Mansion movie sets in Disney-MGM Studios Opening in early October-
Many of the movie sets from Disney's new movie, The Haunted Mansion, will be available to view at Disney-MGM Studios. Guests will have the opportunity to look at the mansion's ballroom set, pipe organ, grand staircase, fireplace, and costumes.
"I heard about this and can't wait to see it!" --doombuggy
"Between Mission: Space, Mickey's Philharmagic, the Dreams fireworks show and now this, I am getting really psyched to go in October!" --Aurora
"Sounds like it will be great." --Joe, Sue and Joey

-Mickey's Philharmagic Opening soon-
Annual passholder dates for previews of Mickey's Philharmagic have been unofficially announced. They will take place on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st. The grand opening has been unofficially announced as September 30th. Until then, random guest previews have already begun, so if you are one of the lucky few to be in the right place at the right time, be sure to stop by INTERCOT and write a review.
"I like the sound of the grand opening date!" --Munch "Now I wish I had an AP." --DisneyKim22

-More Stitch rumors-
More rumors have surfaced pertaining to the closing of Alien Encounter for a makeover to add Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Currently the rumor states that the attraction will close on October 15th for a "short" rehab. All that has been said, however, is that the theme will change and not the actual show. "While I welcome the inclusion of Stitch into Tomorrowland, I am upset that Alien Encounter will be departing." -SmartOne
"It sounds good to me. I'll have another ride I can go to." --dutchess18
"Does anybody have any idea how much of a mess Tomorrowland is going to be in January with Alien Encounter AND Space Mountain closed?" --Admiral Ackbar

<< Carol's Communicore >>

Happy September!

As part of the new redesign you'll notice a lot of pages added, updated and changed throughout the site. We're working hard to do this as we go along. New pages to note in Info Central thus far detail Pal Mickey, 2004 Vacation Packages and Lunch with an Artist. In the distant future we'll be adding new resort pages and completing that much demanded menu section.

Park Hours and Events have been announced through November. The Liberty Belle Riverboat has been added to the current rehab list. It will be closed for minor refurbishment September 21-27, 2003. Also, many attraction rehab dates have been changed. Consult Info Central for the latest news.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party begins in a few weeks. Do you still need to purchase tickets? Check out the dates and book today! We'd love to hear your feedback if you're able to attend. Drop us a line at newsletter@intercot.com with your thoughts on the event.

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

Dude.... Where's my post?

What happened to that wonderful post about the latest Alien Encounter rumor that you submitted this morning? Well, if JPL is doing his job and taking care of the INTERCOT animals and dpamac has restocked the miniature monkeys' mini-banana supply, it's unlikely that the boards ate your post. Maybe you forgot where you posted it--it's possible. So...how do you find it? Near the top of the boards under "Intercot Boards" is a "Search" link. This will take you to the board search engine.

In the search box type in the title or what is was about. You can specify to search only in subject line or the entire message. Please note that this type of search will only search in individual boards, so if you don't find it in one board, you'll have to conduct another search in each board you want to search in.

In the event that a moderator had to move your thread, you would have been notified via your email that we have on file (the address used to sign up to INTERCOT) to where your thread had been moved. If your post or thread had to be deleted, you would have been notified either by email or private message by a moderator as to why the action was taken.

If you still can't find the post or thread, feel free to contact any moderator in the forum you think you posted it in. If the moderator you contact doesn't know, he/she will be able to find out for you.

<< Off Topic with Dizneyana >>

I can't believe that another month has passed us by!! I don't know about you guys, but I've been super busy!! I might be crazy, but I'm looking forward to fall and winter in hopes that things might slow down a bit.

Here's what has been happening around INTERCOT during all the madness..

In August we welcomed Frankie (pjbs35a) back to the moderating staff after some time off because his life got too busy (you too, Frankie??) Welcome back to him!! We all had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Red Planet this month. It's the closest that Mars and Earth have been in about 60,000 years, and won't be happening again until 2287. I know that I won't still be around then, so I'm glad that I got the chance now. A couple of nasty computer viruses hit this month.. I hope that those of you that were hit, had minimal trouble recovering. The Northeast was hit with a pretty severe blackout that plunged many states and parts of Canada into darkness. A few days of that, and when power is restored, you realize how much we rely on it for our day to day living. The Northwest has been plagued with little to no rain this summer fueling fires in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Hardest hit was the BC town of Kelowna, where our own Moderator, Patricia lives. After being evacuated from her home, she was able to return, and we are glad that it suffered no damage. Some of her friends however, were not so lucky, and we keep them in our thoughts. WDWacky started a thread in the Water Cooler if you'd like to help with the rebuilding effort in Kelowna.

Pepsi Vanilla was unveiled this month, but has not received as much press as when Coke released their Vanilla creation. goin2Disney must be starting to plan early for Halloween when they asked the question "What are you going to be for Halloween?" I think that it reminded a lot of people that time is short, and we should start planning. I know it did for me!!

We had some birthdays this month, but don't we always?? ;) Happy wishes went out to: ShelbyAD, disneydeb, ElenitaB, DisneyFreak2002, Brendansmom, Wishing Star, Disney-4-Me, angel8783, Dopeysfriend, Beach Club Babe, Jennib, ChesireLisa, Pongo, Hammer, twistedmickey, bywheel, Iago, mono, Lizzy, goudaman40, Piglet822, Tynkerbelle, Marker, DisneyDog, Cinderella7299, Fantasmic, cjdive, FROGO823, TiggerMania, mickeyd, Lindsey, Buzz Fanatic, Disney Addiction, Roland, and TiggerGuy. Hope you all celebrated in style!!

We have some posting milestones to celebrate this month as well, and our kudos go to: ChipDale -- 27K, PolyGirl40 -- 20K, Dizneyana -- 18K, TiggerRPh -- 16K, WDWacky -- 14K, Melanears -- 8K, pjbs35a -- 7K, Disney-4-Me -- 4K, C&H -- 2K, and GoofysCowgirl -- 1K. Keep up the good work!!

That about does it for me.. Let's hope that next month is a little less hectic for all of us!! Until then, I now return you to the real topic.

<< Conclusion >>

That wraps things up for this installment. We'll be coming to a mail box near you in a few more weeks. Jeanne is going to take us to Dolly Pardon's Dixie Stampede, Ron will enlighten us with more trivia and Rhonda will have more Beyond the Parks advice. In the meantime; go rake your leaves and Happy INTERCOTing! ;-)

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

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Magical Journeys is your Disney Vacation specialist. Start planning your Vacation Discount Dreams today!
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Right in the heart of action! Only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World is an oasis of ponds, beautiful landscaping, serene waterfalls and relaxing options hiding in every corner.
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All Star Vacation Homes
When you need a home away from home, look no further. From comfort to luxury, All Star Vacation Homes has it all in four series of homes to fit any taste and any budget just moments from the magic of Walt Disney World!
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The Official Ticket Center
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The INTERCOT Insider
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