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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > October 2003

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 October 2003 - Edition One

Brought to you by INTERCOT's network of sites:
INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out
INTERCOT West - Disneyland Inside & Out
INTERCOT's WebDisney - Guide to Disney on the Internet
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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

This is a jam-packed Insider issue for you! In this issue read about the latest Disney World Vacation Specials, Casey fills us in on all of the new attractions down in Walt Disney World, Carol communicores with details on the Candlelight Processional, Ray discusses the great INTERCOT meets coming up and how to set-up one of your own, and Tracey gives us an overview of what's been happening Off Topic. Turn up your Disney music and let's get started...

<< Vacation Specials >>

Magical Gatherings Program Kicks Off With Kids Free Offer:

Walt Disney World Resort has kicked off Magical Gatherings, with extended travel groups in mind. Along with the unique program comes an incredible offer only with Visa -- a "Kids Stay and Play Free" promotion to celebrate the launch of the Magical Gatherings. Visit the News forum for more details and discussion. http://www.intercot.com/boards/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=8&t=004334

Disney also has a Canadian AT PAR offer for Canadian VISA card holders: For Canadian Visa card holders ONLY: The Dream Maker packages are priced At-Par when you use your VISA card. Packages available most nights 1/04/04 to 5/31/04. This means that the price is not adjusted for the exchange rate - if the cost is $1000.00 in US Dollars, then you pay $1000.00 Canadian dollars. The Dream Maker Package Includes: Accommodations for 3 or more nights at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. And Disney Theme Parks Tickets for your length of stay and "more". Deposit must be made with a Visa card at time of booking and the final payment also must be made with the Visa card. MUST book by 1/26/04.

For more details on both specials contact INTERCOT's Official Travel Agency, Magical Journeys, via their web site or call them at 1-570-785-3283.

<< Disney World Events with DisneyWizard >>

A whole slew of news and rumors has hit the boards for October! Check out what's been going on in Walt Disney World and what you had to say about it.

-New attractions galore! Soarin' Over California, Stitch's Great Escape, and a Disney-MGM Studios Stunt Show officially announced-
Due out in 2005, Soarin' Over California will be added to the Land pavilion in Epcot. The free-flight experience immerses the audience through motion, scents, and a huge IMAX screen. Alien Encounter is now closed to make room for Stitch's Great Escape, which will open late next year. The show, which will feature high-tech Audio Animatronics, will include Stitch running rampant throughout the theatre and causing havoc. Lastly, Disney-MGM Studios will be doing more than just re-building the facades in the backlot area. A new stunt show, inspired by the Disneyland Paris Stunt Show Spectacular, is planned to open in 2005.
"I can't wait to see all the new changes!" -tinkerbellrere
"Let's hope this signals an upturn in attendance for WDW with the two new attraction on line and new ones officially announced!" -Toughbug
"Yeah to Disney for adding so many new things and putting money back into the parks!" -Disneydol
"This 'official' announcement has made my day." -EpcotChic23

-Two new hotels in the works-
Opening in December 2003, Disney's Pop Century resort will be the fourth value resort added to the Walt Disney World property. Adorned with popular toys, fads, dance crazes and catch phrases that defined the last century, this new hip hotel will have low rates starting at $77 a night. The second hotel, Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, will cater primarily to Disney Vacation Club members. Themed as a New York country retreat, Saratoga Springs is supposed to have its first phase opened in 2004.

-Mickey's Philharmagic, Wishes, and Mission: Space open-
You don't have to wait until 2004 for new attractions; Mission: Space opened officially recently, allowing all Epcot guests to experience the amazing thrill ride first hand. 'Wishes' has now begun its new fireworks performance at the Magic Kingdom, and finally Mickey's Philharmagic, the new 4D show starring Mickey Mouse himself, is showing to guests regularly.
"[Wishes is] definitely on par with Reflections of Earth and much more in keeping with Magic Kingdom's status as the flagship theme park." -WDWacky

<< Carol's Communicore >>

Happy October, Everyone!

There is a special pricing offer currently running for La Nouba from October 1 - December 6, 2003.

Category 3
Ages 10 & up 59.00 + 3.84(tax) = $62.84 Ages 3-9 39.00 + 2.54(tax) = $41.54

The tentative list of narrators for the Candlelight Processional  have been posted in Info Central.   2003

Candlelight Processional Narrators*:

November 28-30 -- Andy Garcia
December 1-3 -- Ben Vereen
December 4-6 -- Rita Moreno
December 7-9 -- Erica Dunlap (Miss America 2004)
December 10-12 -- David Ogden Stiers
December 13-15 -- Steven Curtis Chapman
December 16-18 -- Edward James Olmos
December 19-21 -- Sandi Patty
December 22-24 -- Robby Benson
December 25-30 -- Gary Sinise
*This is a tentative list and is subject to change without notice. Watch below for continued details.

Animal Kingdom guests may now enter the park 20 minutes early to explore the entry pathways and animal exhibits. At the Tree of Life they are greeted by Mickey and Minnie who arrive atop a safari truck. The characters interact with the guests and invite them to follow along as they "Let the Adventure Begin". If you catch the new show drop us a line and let us know what you thought. Email: newsletter@intercot.com or join in on the Theme Park discussion.

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

If you've been part of INTERCOT for any amount of time you've probably noticed that INTERCOTees come from all over the world. Have you ever wondered what some members are really like...in person? Well, how do you find out? The best way is to either join or organize a gathering...or what we like to call "Disney Meets". If you want to join or organize a meet the best place to look or advertise it is in INTERCOT's  "Disney Meets Forum". http://www.intercot.com/boards/ultimatebb.php?ubb=forum;f=7

Chances are that there probably are INTERCOTees that live reasonably close to you, so a local meet a possibility. On the boards recently we've had discussions about meets in Maryland, Long Island, and Philadelphia. It's also very possible that other members will be in Walt Disney World when you are vacationing and a meet could be organized then. There either have been discussions or are currently discussions of Walt Disney World meets in October, Super Soap Weekend, and November.

The big meets that everyone is looking forward to are in December. The biggest is the "Official INTERCOT 5th Anniversary Meet" being held December 5-7. The tentative events for the weekend include:

December 5th
- Gathering at the Cantina de San Angel for IllumiNations and Churros
- Late-night bash at Pleasure Island (location to be determined)

December 6th
- MouseFest Meet at the Copa Banana Room at the Dolphin Resort (1:00PM)
- Watching the Wishes Fireworks
- Dessert at the Kona Cafi

December 7th
- Mission: Space ride along (9:30AM)

For updated information on this meet go to: http://www.intercot.com/boards/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=000596

The second meet is being organized by Katzateer for the Terrace of Captain Cook's Snack Company at the Polynesian Resort (3:00PM). Where else can you go see Ed in his famous red short...and it's free! For updates on this meet: http://www.intercot.com/boards/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=000551

Right now, it looks like both of these meets will be well attended. I personally plan to be at both events and look forward to seeing everyone there.

<< Off Topic with Dizneyana >>

Well, fall is on the way!! I just love the crispness in the air and beginning to watch the leaves change. Unfortunately, it just means WAY more yard work for me for the next few months. I guess you have to take the good with the bad sometimes.

Let's get caught up with what's been going on around the boards...

Our own Jeanne (Piglet822) announced that she has been officially hired at Walt Disney World! Congratulations Jeanne!! We shouldn't be able to miss her now between her bus job and her park job. Keep an eye out for her!! September 11 marked the 2nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Thanks to JohnY for the beautiful remembrance opening page. I know that we all took some time to remember those who were lost on that day. Hurricane Isabel gave the Southeast a little scare this month, and we all watched and waited until she was gone. California was in the news with the recall of Governor Davis. The recall election was on again off again throughout the month, but finally was on. (I know I'm dipping into October news here, but Davis was indeed recalled, and Schwarzenegger is the new Governor of California.) Football season is finally upon us, and there are quite a few Fantasy Leagues going on with some of the INTERCOTees, and everyone seems to be having fun with that.

The Football Fun threads are alive and well in Games and Trivia, where we are picking winners and points for the real NFL games each week. We've had more players this year than any other year, and we welcome the rest of you to check it out. Only thing that you win, are bragging rights for the week, but hey, that's not a bad prize, right? ;) Hollywood continued to mourn the loss of more talent this month with the passing of Charles Bronson, Johnny Cash, Gordon Jump, Warren Zevon, John Ritter, Robert Palmer, Donald O'Connor, and director Elia Kazan. Our thoughts go out to their family, friends, and co-workers.

Let's jump to a happier subject and list all those September babies!! Mickey Bars for: Delarosa, MrIMAX, Grumpy's Daughter, serena, wdw538884, MusicalMike95, LittleLady, C & H (H), Mandy, TiJaMom, Mary Poppins, dizneynut, PHreaksbabe, MaryBelle, faberj, ghp918, DisneyCrazyET, SeptBride2002, Daisy Duck, pink967, mississaugamom, Tink19, goofball, Princhabella, WDWFRK, and New Yorker. Honestly, none of you look a day older!! :)

Since the birthday folks got Mickey Bars, let's give Dole Whips to all the posting milestones!! ChipDale - 28K, WDWacky - 14K, Melanears - 9K, Pongo - 4K, Lizzy - 3K, Roland - 3K, Disneywarrior - 2K, Gotta Love the TTA - 1K, Disney Freak 2002 - 1K, angleagirl - 1K, Fangorn - Sr. Cast Member, and WhiteRose1 - Sr. Cast Member. Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the good work!!

Don't forget about the big meets planned in December at Walt Disney World! The list just keeps getting bigger every day!! Hope to see you all there!! I now return you to the real topic.

<< Conclusion >>

That's all for this month, thanks to all of our contributors and subscribers! We'll see you in your mailbox in a few weeks for November's Insider edition when we will have more great articles straight from your favorite vacation planning website. Until then, have a safe Halloween and happy INTERCOTing!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

Magical Journeys
Magical Journeys is your Disney Vacation specialist. Start planning your Vacation Discount Dreams today!
Website: http://www.yourmagicaljourneys.com/

Radisson Resort Parkway
Right in the heart of action! Only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World is an oasis of ponds, beautiful landscaping, serene waterfalls and relaxing options hiding in every corner.
Website: http://orlando.guestselectresorts.com?pid=INTERCOTN

All Star Vacation Homes
When you need a home away from home, look no further. From comfort to luxury, All Star Vacation Homes has it all in four series of homes to fit any taste and any budget just moments from the magic of Walt Disney World!
Website: http://www.allstarvacationhomes.com?ovchn=OTHER&ovcpn=Listing+Sites&ovcrn=intercot&ovtac=AD

Happy Limo
Providing ground transportation to the entire state of Florida.
Website: http://www.quicksilver-tours.com

The Official Ticket Center
Walt Disney World’s, Universal Studios and Sea World’s #1 guest service provider for the last 3 years. The Official Ticket Center has been servicing vacationers for more than 7 years now and sells tickets only, at a discount price.

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