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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > February 2004

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 February 2004 - Edition One

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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

Well, well, well.  This has been an interesting few weeks, hasn't it?  Between the take over attempts, salvos being fired across the bows by Eisner, Jobs, Weinstein, Disney and Gold to the tragedy at the Magic Kingdom, it's been difficult to walk away from the computer lest something else happen.

These are certainly interesting times.  Many of us feel as though our beloved vacation destination is in a flux, or worse, under threat of collapse.  What's worse is that some of us feel as though our entire childhoods are under siege.  There are few of us on INTERCOT that did not grow up with Mickey Mouse and Uncle Walt as a significant piece of the tapestry of our lives.  To most of us, there has never been life without Disney.  Keep those lap belts fastened over the next few months because Disney's 'Big Corporate Raiding Mountain" may not come to a stop for quite some time.

In the meantime, it's business as usual down Orlando way.  We have new information on Port Orleans from Casey, ChipDale dishes all the dirt on INTERCOT members and TiggerRPh explains the Water Cooler (yeah, that's what we thought at first too, but he really does explain it . . . the people who frequent the Water Cooler are a different matter).

So, without further ado . . . On with the show!

<< Disney World Events with Casey >>

Another slow month has come and another will soon be gone! While there haven't been too many new events going on down in the Happiest Place on Earth, there are still a couple of updates for you to keep your eye on!

- Port Orleans opening late March -
Port Orleans French Quarter, which has been under extensive rehab for a long period of time, will reopen to guests beginning March 21, 2004. The renovation is rumored to have brought new furniture, refurbished bathrooms, and overhauls of carpet and more. Guests can begin making future reservations today through www.yourmagicaljourneys.com.

"I'm beside myself with happiness!" -MousePassion
"I have been waiting to hear this news!" --vic
"I stayed at Riverside in October on my first trip to Walt Disney World and I'm glad that Port Orleans [French Quarter] is going to be open soon!" -Medland

- Around the World at Epcot opens on Valentine's Day-
A new guest experience dubbed "Around the World at Epcot" will allow guests the chance to operate a Segway Human Transporter after a brief training period. The training will including teaching basic maneuvers, obstacle avoidance techniques, and more. Guests can then ride a Segway through several World Showcase countries before the area opens to the general public in the morning. The two-hour experience will be available to only ten people a day at a cost of $80 per person. (Park admission is also required.)

"That sounds like so much fun... but, wow, $80." --Red Randal
"I have waited so long for this to happen!" --alittle figment of your imagination
"I would love to take the Segway tour." --Donald Doug

<< Off Topic with ChipDale >>

As we rang in the New Year, pjbs35a got us all thinking about the reality of New Year's resolutions -- have you kept yours? Speaking of resolutions, Pongo kicked off another year of the Diet Club - good luck to all of you "losers"! For those of us not in the "losing" mode, goin2disney wondered what all of our favorite winter foods are. Looks like soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and chili won out. While we're on the subject of winter, our poor northeast members have been slammed by Mother Nature in the past month. How many snow days will there be this season? goofyfanatic even shared pictures with us, showing that the snow was too deep for his dog Goofy.

We all got a laugh from PolyGirl40's "you know you're getting old when..." topic, and drummerboy wanted to know which words or phrases we'd love to say goodbye to. Such words and phrases as "extreme", "dude", "da bomb", "24/7", "bling bling" and "what ever" would all get the boot if it were up to our members! Edzter86 wondered how many hours of sleep do we all get every night? INTERCOTees average about 6 hours per night! Do you think those who aren't getting enough zzz's are on the boards all night? Since January usually means football, we had lots of talk from the Sugar Bowl to speculation on who will win the Super Bowl. Speaking of sports, Melanears polled our members on where the 2012 Summer Olympics should be held. Looks like the good old USA won -- we voted New York as the #1 location!

Wrapping up the cooler talk, one of our members had something very revealing to confess: seems that lovewalt's Christmas tree was still up on January 27th! Did you take it down yet Holly? And on January 26, 2004, INTERCOT celebrated its 12,000 member! Congratulations and thank you to JohnY and all of those who make INTERCOT such a great place to hang out!

We celebrated January birthdays for darthmacho, SouthernmostGopher, WDWCP Spring99, DicksonGR, Animator Todd, Jasper, GrandFlo, NLODisney, devo995493, J.C.&ALI'SMOM, wishiwasthere, Puppy Mom, drummerboy, C & H (Carmen), ConorsMom, goofgal, Tiggerlovr9000, lebo, locodemickey, Chigger, Flower, drmduval, MaryburkS, sgdisney, Nikkipon, BRK1442, loadingband, Disney_nut, SteveL, JMcK, TinyTink, Jack Sparrow, Poohsnpigletspal, Bmwdsny (Melinda), goin2disney, Lucille, PlutoLVT, MauiMouse, and dizkneenut. Happy birthday to all of you!

We had many impressive posting milestones to celebrate in January. Congratulations to TiggerRPh on 19,000 posts; Melanears on 12,000 posts; roses, disneydeb and MauiMouse on 4,000 posts; DW88, Marker and ChipnDaleGal on 3,000 posts; GoofysCowgirl, lovewalt and rafgomez on 2,000 posts. New members of the Four-Digit Club (1,000 posts) included SeptBride2002, goofyfanatic, ShelbyAD and Barb_A. Reaching other posting milestones were Mufasa -- 600 posts; Meghan, Jeremy Wilcox and pink puppie -- Senior Cast Member; minnie-mouse and decowoman -- Cast Member; LuckyMum22 -- Cast Member Trainee. Good work everyone!

Well, that about wraps it up for January. Let's hope that we've seen the worst of the snow and cold as we move into February. See you next month!

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

What ever you do...don't drink the water!

No, we're not heading off to Mexico...we're going to talk about the INTERCOT Water Cooler forum. "What is the Water Cooler?" you may be asking. The Water Cooler is one of INTERCOT'S "community building" forums. Along with Games forum, the Water Cooler is one of the sites we use to get to know each other better.

The Water Cooler is a free-for-all area that we have for members to discuss all that is not Disney. Do you have something to celebrate? How about an anniversary, a birthday, a job promotion, or maybe it's just Friday? If you do want to celebrate your birthday, in order to prevent a bunch of individual threads for people running, we do ask that you sign up on Jane's "2004 Birthday List" and she'll post a birthday celebration thread when the big day arrives. When the weekend is near, don't forget to look for Jamie's (MickeysGirl) "Happy Friday" threads...grab a beach chair and Nigel or one of the cabana boys (and girls) should be along shortly.

Do you have a joke to share? The Water Cooler is the place to post it at INTERCOT. We only ask that the joke or story be G-rated in order conform with INTERCOT's Terms of Service.

Do you need advice on something? The Water Cooler is well known for helping out fellow members, so ask away.

Do you need to vent about something that happened? Did you just get speeding ticket? We'll listen to you in the Water Cooler and give advice...some of it might actually be helpful. Is a family member ill and you need some of the famous Water Cooler pixie dust? Our pixie dust has done wondrous work in the past. We like that you keep the requests to close friends and immediate family members. It's not that we have anything against your best friend's sister-in-law's third cousin's girl friend, but the pixie dust tends to be less powerful as it strays from our "immediate family".

What isn't the Water Cooler? The Water Cooler is not a Blog or Daily Diary of what's happening in your life everyday. We love to celebrate the special happenings in your life though. If you really need to talk about your life on a daily basis, we suggest that you find a Blog site for this.

The Water Cooler also isn't a place for raucous political discussions. While we don't prohibit discussions that are of a political nature, they tend to get heated and personal in nature, so therefore end up being closed down at some point. Since there are sites that exist for heated political discussions, we really encourage that you go there for this type of interaction.

Now, back to drinking the water. Heed my advice... the water in the Water Cooler has been known to be responsible for more than a few bookings on Edgar's Baby Delivery Express. So, drink the water at your own risk.

<< Conclusion >>

Everyone be honest here . . . did you think when Ray started talking about "Don't drink the water" he was going to try to explain the strange phenomena of "INTERCOT Babies"?   We here at the Insider like to think that our family-oriented community inspires people to expand their family.  Either that, or we're all just so darn cute that it's hard to resist us.

We'll see you later this month with more exciting information, developments and tidbits.  In the meantime, we're going to see if we can get into Epcot to ride our Segway.  It sounds like fun.  If you hear a guy riding a Segway yelling quotes from Logan's Run, well . . . that's probably me.

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

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Happy Limo
Providing ground transportation to the entire state of Florida.
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The Official Ticket Center
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The INTERCOT Insider
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