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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive >February 2004

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 February 2004 - Edition Two

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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

Hello fellow INTERCOTees!  Happy Leap Day!  Since this day only comes once every four years, we couldn't resist publishing the Insider on this date.  Also, happy birthday to any Leap Day-ers!  Plus, we'd like to give a special tip of the hat to the Official INTERCOT Johnny Depp for Oscar campaign.  We wish you luck tonight!

We have a great Insider for you this edition.  Ron takes us back to the days of 1973, Rhonda lets us in on what our members are saying about Pleasure Island, and Mikki gives us a peak into the VIP experience at the Kennedy Space Center.

On a side note: have you been to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival?  If so, we want your comments, suggestions, advice, and experiences!  Please write to us at newsletter@intercot.com so we can feature you and other INTERCOTees in an article specifically for what our members have to say.

Hunker down and enjoy!

<< Walt Disney World Trivia with WDWdriver >>

He: Honey, remember our first trip to Disney World where we watched the water ski show?
She: Hmm. No, Dear, I think that was at Cypress Gardens. They have had a famous water skiing show for many years.
He: No, I'm pretty sure it was at Disney World.
She: Nope. It was Cypress Gardens.
He: Disney World!
She: Cypress Gardens!

So who is right? Maybe they both are. Cypress Gardens, which closed last year, was known all over the world for its daily water shows featuring trick water skiers. But there was also a time when you could have seen a similar show at Disney World. In 1973 trick water skiers skimmed the waves of Seven Seas Lagoon on a daily basis. The show also featured Goofy and Pluto on skies. Guests could watch from the beach at the Polynesian Resort. The show ended the following year due to a lack of proper seating and interruptions from the daily summer thunderstorms.

<< Beyond the Parks with Beast_fanatic >>

Interested in some after-hours entertainment?  Want to dance the night away?  Or, maybe you're just up for a few laughs.  In any case, Pleasure Island will fill the bill.  Pleasure Island is primarily a collection of nightclubs and music venues located in Downtown Disney.  Entertainment ranges from improvisational comedy to live music to dancing.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Pleasure Island is, "Can I bring my kids?"  The answer is yes, but it's generally recommended that if you do, you get them out of PI by 10pm at the latest.  Beyond that, the atmosphere becomes much more adult.  And, admission to Mannequins Dance Palace and BET SoundStage Club are always restricted to adults 21 and over.

A favorite club in Pleasure Island among INTERCOTees is the Adventurer's Club.  INTERCOT member Pamelia Perkins (which happens to be the name of the President of the Adventurer's Club) describes it like this: "this club looks kind of like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie. You enter and you are surrounded by paraphernalia from the 'adventures' that the 'club members' have had around the world. The upstairs (where you enter) generally is just a place where you can look at all the stuff on the walls...all the entertainment happens downstairs. Downstairs, there is a large room with a statue in the center and a bar. There are three rooms off of this main room, two small rooms, and one large library. All of the cast members who work here are a part of the show, and the minute you enter, so are you. While the evening is very loosely scripted (shows occur at certain times) the evening takes its cues from the crowd and you'll never truly see the same thing twice."  Bear comments that, "Some of my best Disney memories happened there."  And, dizneegirl offers, "I will never miss it again. It is really a one of a kind experience for a club. It is so funny and witty. And the interaction is great."

Another favorite of INTERCOT members is the Comedy Warehouse.  disney323 describes it as, "all improv so it's great. The actors take pick people from the audience with an embarrassing moment, or funny job, etc. and make a skit about it. I can't express how funny this is."  And, dixiepixie states, "I always make sure I see a show here at least once every trip. It is hilarious!"  The earlier shows are typically tamer than the later ones, so if you're attending with youngsters, be sure to go to the first show...

Here are some comments about the Pleasure Island Jazz Company and Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club: HooksLeftHand says, "The Jazz Club is a nice, low-key atmosphere to sit and listen to music, and Rock and Roll Beach Club is fun--they have pool tables there, and it usually attracts a slightly older crowd."  And, Jeremy Wilcox shares, "Sets at the Jazz club are usually 8:15, 9:45. 10:50 and 12:15 or something like that - if you see that a woman named Joy Wright is playing go see her - She's AMAZING!"

If you're looking for a place to dance, Motions, 8-Trax, Mannequins and BET Soundstage Club are your best options.  pearlieq says, "Depending on what type of music you like, Motions might be worth checking out. They play popular R&B, and their upstairs has nice seating areas where you can relax with a drink and watch the music videos on their jumbo screen." And, Kriss adds, "If you are interested in dancing the name of the club is Motions. They play current and more popular music. Great for dancing."  'Guest' of the Master Control Program says about 8-Trax, "Thursday night has been 80's night since we've been going the past two years. We were at 8Trax other nights, but it was the usual 70's. Not bad, but we were too young in the 70's to really be into it and most of what we know came from reruns in the 80's anyhow." Regarding Mannequins, CAS says, "It's my favorite club!"  They have a rotating stage and wall of lights at the rear of the dance floor.  DrumTastik says, "The BET Soundstage is a great spot to catch some R&B and Jazz, not to mention enjoy a nice cigar."

The West End Stage features a band each night.  Frequently it's Frankie and the West End Boys (no, not INTERCOT's Frankie) or Stormbringer, but the bands vary.

And, every night at Pleasure Island is New Year's Eve!  Sound like fun?  Then, check out Info Central for more information on Pleasure Island.

<< Visiting the Kennedy Space Center with mikki.young >>

Inspired by Mission Space?  Want to try for something even closer to reality?  Well, now you can!  NASA at Kennedy Space Center offers Astronaut Training as well as a VIP tour for those who are interested.

Where else in the world could you have access to spacecraft and launch facilities like those at Kennedy Space Center?  ATX immerses you in the world of today's Astronauts: an exciting combination of hands-on training and preparation for the rigors of space flight. Veteran NASA Astronauts helped design the program, and you'll hear firsthand from them as you progress through an exciting day of mission simulation and exploration of the busiest launch facility on Earth.

>From the multi-axis trainer to the 1/6-gravity chair, ATX guarantees to move you in ways you've never felt before. Your training schedule provides a range of interac,tive activities. And when your ATX crew isn't simu,lating a Space Shuttle mission, you're getting a space program briefing from an actual Astronaut.

It is not a cheap day at $225 but these includes training, a meal, some gear (we have heard a polo and cap) and the tour.  We are booked on it in May so look out for details in our next trip report!

<< Conclusion >>

Thank you to all of our members and contributors for this edition.  Remember to send us in your International Flower and Garden Festival experiences!

See you at the boards and remember, don't drink the water in the Water Cooler!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

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