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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > June 2004

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 June 2004 - Edition One

Brought to you by INTERCOT's network of sites:
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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

Happy June Everyone! Before we get underway with the latest news and tidbits I'd like to take a moment and welcome our newest INTERCOT staff members. Last month you may have noticed some new Imagineer stars twinkling bright.  MickeysGirl, ChipnDaleGal, goofyfanatic, Jeff, MauiMouse and Bmwdsny have joined the Moderating ranks.  Welcome &Thanks!

Now onto the Insider ....

<< WDW Events with DisneyWizard >>

Pleasure Island Goes Un-Gated

From May 23 - August 14, 2004, Pleasure Island will test operating as an un-gated area, allowing Guests to free-flow through the island during the evening operations. Guests wishing to enter the clubs will still need to purchase an admission ticket prior to entering the clubs. Guests with admission media that includes Pleasure Island will be able to redeem their ticket at the entrance of any nightclub.

- "Personally, I like the idea. It will bring more people into the mix and potentially more club business. I tend to feed off the energy of others in places such as PI so I say the more the merrier!" - CAS
- "I knew this was coming.. it's basically a way to "liven up" Pleasure Island during non-peak hours. Plus, it helps connect Westside and Marketplace without using that utility bridge." - WedWay Peoplemover
- "I have to say I don't like this new format at all and hope it is eliminated as soon as the test run expires. I went to PI this past weekend and it was so crowded and difficult to move around that after the first club we just decided to leave." - carolinamouse
>> Discussion Here

Opening Day Surprise

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, the latest Disney Vacation Club property, opened last month with resort membership sales so high that officials announced plans to expand the property by another 276 units. The resort opened with its first phase already three-quarters sold out. The third phase units will be available in 2007.  The resort opened with 184 units in its first phase and previously announced a second phase of 368 units in 2005. When complete the resort room count will total 828 accommodations.
>> Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Info

<< Carol's Communicore >>

ABC Super Soap Weekend 2004 dates have been released. The event will take place November 13 & 14, 2004. ABC Super Soap Weekend is the largest soap fan event held anywhere in the country. Throughout the event, fans will have the opportunity to meet favorite stars from "All My Children," "One Life To Live" and "General Hospital." Other festivities include a celebrity motorcade, autograph sessions, star conversations, talk shows, a special soap opera edition of the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-Play It!" game show attraction and the chance to purchase memorabilia from each of the shows.

New Procedure: WDWdriver (Ron) recently informed us that beginning June 14, 2004 there is a new procedure for guests dining at the Contemporary's California Grill.  Guests much now check in at a podium on the second floor and wait to be escorted to the dining room. This will prevent the restaurant and fireworks viewing area from becoming overcrowded with guests not dining at the California Grill.
>> Discussion Here

2005 Prices: Pricing for the 2005 vacation season has been announced for the Walt Disney World Resort. To view the prices and dates visit the resort section at INTERCOT.
>> Resort Pricing Page

Park Hours, E-Ride Nights and Events are posted through August. Timekeeper is now open daily from June 13 - August 14, 2004 from 10:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. Check the rehab page for further details.
>> Info Central

Happy Planning! See you all next month!

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

"I have a spelling checker
It came with my PC;
It plainly marks four my revue
Mistakes I cannot sea.
I've run this poem threw it,
I'm sure your pleased too no,
Its letter perfect in it's weigh,
My checker tolled me sew."

- Janet Minor

Spelling correctly can be a challenge for a number of us. The English language with all its nuances can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to spell words correctly. This can be especially true for members where English isn’t their first language. For some of us, even though English is our first language, we’re just not good spellers.

The staff of INTERCOT has two suggestions to help make sure that posts are spelled correctly. One popular method is to compose your thread in Word, use the Spell Check, then cut and paste it into a thread. Another method that INTERCOT supports is the use of ieSpell. ieSpell (http://www.iespell.com/) is a free Internet Explorer extension that spell checks the text you enter on INTERCOT and other WebPages. All you have to do is download it and install it.

Even if these methods are used, words can still be misspelled due to homonyms, words that are pronounced the same but with different spellings. Our suggestion here…tries to review your post before the “Add Reply” tab.

Follow these suggestions, and you’ll be an ace speller in no time at all.

<< Off Topic with ChipDale >>

May’s a great month – we’ve got Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, proms, and a long Memorial Day weekend to kick off the beginning of summer. Did you spend time with your mom, have a margarita and say thank you to a veteran last month? If you didn’t, then that might mean that you missed out on Jamie’s Friday parties in May! Party themes were Mama Mia (in honor of Mother’s Day), Chocolate Chip Day, National Wine Day, and Minty Memorial Day Barbeque. If you haven’t been to one of MickeysGirl’s parties, then you haven’t lived! Drop in this Friday – there’s always something to celebrate!

Need something good to read this summer? Munch asked for recommendations for her beach vacation and received some great suggestions. Titles that ranged from Michael Crichton’s “Prey” to “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens to James Michener’s “Hawaii”. We hope you enjoyed your reading vacation Christina!

We all know the beloved (or hated) song “It’s a Small World”, right? Well Lucille had something very strange happen to her! It really is a small world when you go to a thrift shop and find a dress that you had made for a friend 11 years ago! Yep, we asked her and she bought it back! I think that may be one of the strangest incidents ever reported in the Cooler! Niki, did you ever let the friend know?

Having trouble finding that certain someone? Well, DisneyJunkie’s topic on “You Couldn’t (or Wouldn’t) Date Someone If…” may explain why. Answers to the question included body piercings, tatoos, non-Disney lovers, smoking, no sense of humor and the list went on and on! It’s funny, but a lot of the members who responded are already married – good luck to those who aren’t yet – the list of non-acceptable traits is pretty long!

“You Look Wonderful Tonight” – Edzter86’s prom theme seemed to be a common theme among many of our members. Glad that you had a great time and it was good to see you on the boards Eddy!

Congratulations to mommyof2 who is now a mommyof3! Breann Alexis was born on May 5, 2004 and is doing fine with her two older brothers! Congratulations also go out to darthmacho who welcomed Isabella Rose on May 14, 2004 who is at home with her big sister! Another member who didn’t heed the warnings not to drink the water from the Water Cooler is TikiGoddess who is expecting her newest Tiki Baby in November – best of luck to you for another healthy INTERCOT baby!

May birthday parties were held for Jillpie, KingdomHearts, tiggerific, disguy, scrappinqueen, RainbowBrite5486, KristenNatalya, STADIS, Brer Mickey, Joey, moochpuppy, Beast_fanatic, Dronator, DSNY FN, Vito, DarkRider, TracyL, DONALD RULES, DisneyHog, lesliemomma, SimbaandNalasMama, ll MaJik ll, Sinewiz, mouseketeer85, LarryBoy, JimmyC, mickclub1955, Claytonia, CJDDS, pjbs35a, goudaman40 (Randy), and Dreamer7080. I hope all of you had a great birthday!

INTERCOT added several new moderators last month! MickeysGirl (Jamie) in the Nightlife and the Games & Trivia forums, ChipnDaleGal (Donna) in the Trip Reports and the Characters forums, goofyfanatic (Seth) in the Disneyland and the Characters forums, Jeff (Jeff) in the Mousellaneous forum, MauiMouse (Mary) in the Movies and the Dining forums, Bmwdsny (Melinda) in the Disney Cruise Line and DVC forums. Please join me in congratulating all of our new staff members and wish them luck on their new assignments!

We had several milestones celebrations in May, starting with INTERCOT registering it’s 13,000th member! Individual milestones were: PolyGirl – 25,000 posts, TiggerRPh – 23,000 posts, Melanears – 15,000 posts, Jeff – 7,000 posts, LottaLubes – 3,000 posts, Marlyn – 2,000 posts, and with 1,000 posts: positivelykmc, Jeremy, scrappinqueen, and Timbo. MaryBelle & ChewyStriker achieved Senior Cast Member status. Congratulations to all of you and keep up the good work!

Well, that’s about it for May – we can now look forward to a long hot summer! See you next month around the barbeque!

<< Conclusion >>

Thanks to all that contributed. We'll be back in 2 weeks with Mikki & Andrew's Astronaut Hall of Fame details, History & Trivia with WDWdriver, wendy*darling takes us to the Disney Vacation Club Member Homecoming, Emily offers up resort saving tips and much more.

Until then; Happy INTERCOTing!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

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All Star Vacation Homes
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Happy Limo
Providing ground transportation to the entire state of Florida.
Website: http://www.quicksilver-tours.com

The Official Ticket Center
Walt Disney World’s, Universal Studios and Sea World’s #1 guest service provider for the last 3 years. The Official Ticket Center has been servicing vacationers for more than 7 years now and sells tickets only, at a discount price.

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The INTERCOT Insider
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