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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > November 2004

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 November 2004 - Edition One

Brought to you by INTERCOT's network of sites:
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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

<< Introduction >>

Believe it or not, winter is quickly approaching, and the temperatures are surely getting cooler. Grab yourself a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, get comfortable, and enjoy this latest issue of the INTERCOT Insider. Casey and Carol will catch us up on all the latest from Walt Disney World, and before you know it, you’ll be thinking you are in warm, sunny Florida. Ray and Jane will get us up to speed on INTERCOT happenings as well. Are you ready?

<< Disney World Events with DisneyWizard >>

Winter is upon us and Walt Disney World is preparing for the holidays. For the month of November, though, not too many events are exciting guests in Orlando. Check out the small list taking place this month.

INTERCOT's IAAPA Coverage Begins Tomorrow!
The amusement industry’s largest convention will be taking place this November, and INTERCOT will be there to cover it. Featuring over one million square feet of new exhibits and attractions, the IAAPA is certainly an exciting and groundbreaking event. Look for updates and photos at INTERCOT beginning November 17th. Click below for previous coverage and photos.
IAAPA Coverage

Turtle Talk and Opportunity City to arrive at Epcot
An interactive Crush the turtle, of Finding Nemo, is coming to the Living Seas. Crush will be able to carry on a conversation with guests at this new unofficial interactive attraction. Also in Epcot, Opportunity City will debut in Innoventions East. This new exhibit will be based around Disney’s online Hotshot Business.

Remember to check out the News and Rumors forum for more updates, rumors, and events taking place. Be sure to post your $.02 so we can include your comments in future issues of the Insider.
News & Rumor Discussions

<< Carol's Communicore >>

Happy November, Everyone.

What's New?

Recipes Menus & Photos – Oh my! We have added over a hundred new Recipes and Menus to Info Central – making it easier for you to plan your meals OR to make some of your favorite items right in your very own kitchen. Enjoy! We’d like to ask for your help in continuing to update our menu and recipe information. If you dine at Walt Disney World and obtain a new recipe or menu consider sharing it with your fellow INTERCOTees. You can mail them to me at: polygirl40@intercot.com. Thank you for your support and a special thanks goes out to Ron and Jeanne for their participation in our menu crusade.

You will also notice that more photos are slowly being added to our Beyond Disney section of Info Central and our Disney Resort pages. We could also use your help here. If you have recent resort photos (particularly room shots) and you’d like to share them with us you can email them to me via the address I posted above. Also - if you have visited one of the surrounding theme parks "beyond Disney" we'd love some of those photos too. Thanks for making our community the best! We could not do it without all of you.

Speaking of Info Central; we have added a few new pages. Florida Beaches, Holiday Dining and the Happiest Celebration on Earth. Check them out when you get a chance and broaden your INTERCOT horizons. There is so much more beyond the message boards. I promise you will not get lost if you go into a different area. The various tabs are very user friendly and easy to navigate. You can make it back to the forums with one little click. ;)

The Country Bear Jamboree and the Land Pavilion have been added to the current rehab list. The bears will be on “vacation” from November 15 - 20, 2004, while the Disney staff converts their “home” for the Christmas version of their show. The Land Pavilion will be closed from January 2 through March 31, 2005 as Disney prepares the pavilion for the completion of Soarin'.
Closing & Refurbishment Schedule

Park Hours and Events are currently posted through January. Visit Info Central to fine-tune your vacation plans.
Park Hours & Events

Happy Planning! See you all next month!

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

Are you a follower of “The Apprentice” and have to share your comments on who The Donald fired this week? Or are you a devoted fan of “Survivor” and have to celebrate or vent about who got voted off? Then INTERCOT has a forum where you and other fans of these and other shows can share your opinions, it’s the “Movies, TV, Music and Musicals” forum. Some of the other shows that have a following are “Desperate Housewives”, “The Amazing Race”, and “Lost”. The only thing we ask in these threads is to keep all discussion on a particular show in one thread rather than starting a new thread with each weekly episode.

This forum is also the place to check out Melanears’ weekly thread “Disney Related TV” where you can check to see when and where Disney movies are on TV; or maybe you’re wondering whether Samantha Brown will be visiting any of the Disney resorts on The Travel Channel. If you’re wonder at all if there is a show anywhere on TV to get your Disney fix, this thread is a must to check out…it sure beats digging through the TV Guide.

Are you excited about an upcoming concert or movie? This forum is the place for you. This is also the forum to post information about upcoming DVD/Video releases. Basically, if it has anything to do with entertainment, whether it’s Disney related or not, this is the forum to post it. You don’t just have to be posting information. If you have an entertainment related question, this forum is the place to get an answer from our knowledgeable members.

<< Off Topic with ChipDale >>

BOO! October means Halloween and we had many discussions about it in the Water Cooler, from what are you or your kids going as to how you decorated your house. I hope that all of our INTERCOTees had a safe and fun holiday!

Speaking of Halloween, if you think that Peeps are only for Easter, think again! Always a popular topic among INTERCOTees, alittle figment of your imagination introduced us to the new Halloween Peeps filled with chocolate. Thanks Max! Yum!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their World Series championship! We had numerous topics in the Water Cooler throughout the month and from the perspective of a non-sports fan it was interesting to see how it all turned out!

We were lucky in October because it meant that we got to attend five of Jamie’s Friday parties! They included Oktoberfest, Thank Goodness for Friends Festival, Fall Festival and the Baseball Ball and the INTERCOT Halloween Party. Stop on by next Friday and see what Jamie has cooked up for you!

Need a laugh? We can thank RAIDER for posting Church Bulletin Typing Errors. For example: “Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.”, “Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir. They need all the help they can get.” “Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.” “Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.” And my personal favorite: “The Associate Minister unveiled the church's new tithing campaign slogan last Sunday: "I Upped My Pledge – Up Yours."” Thanks RAIDER for sharing those with us!

Remember last month we were hit with the sad news that harlowandthemermaid’s little Sam was diagnosed with leukemia. Well, we received some excellent news this month from Mel: Sam is technically in remission and will still have to undergo two years of treatments, but we are thrilled with this new turn of events! We will continue to keep little Sam in our thoughts and prayers and send loads more pixie dust his way for a full recovery!

October birthday celebrations were held for: Fangorn, BrerGnat, GeorgeOfTheJungle, Katmegali, candleshoe, Rosanne, vizsla, DinseyDEW, tinkx2, mommyof2, pink puppie, Erlesgirl, positivelykmc, dodukes, indymom, MNNHFL, Kris1074, INTERCOT, Auntie, aprilisis, DisneyAggies, lovewalt, princess jasmine's sis, Womble, weswerx, leesa, medic9016, jefmblrd, WESTEN, harlowandthemermaid, winky, DW88, Edzter86, Imagination Host, Meghan, Mickey for President, Wayne, and wendy*darling. Happy Birthday to all of you!

October posting milestones were reached by Melanears – 18,000 posts, pjbs35a – 12,000 posts, beth – 9,000 posts, JimmyC – 9,000 posts, ChipnDaleGal – 8,000 posts, vizsla –5,000 posts, Disneywarrior – 3,000 posts, positivelykmc – 2,000 posts, Flower – 2,000 posts, Gotta Love the TTA – 2,000 posts, izy – 1,000 posts, mickclub1955 –1,000 posts, Marilyn Michetti – 500 posts, Movieguy – Senior Cast Member, Disney Doodle – Senior Cast Member, TinkWDW – Senior Cast Member, and TinyTink – Senior Cast Member. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments!

Well, that’s about it for October. Get ready for next month’s Turkey Day and all the holiday talk!

<< Conclusion >>

Hope you have enjoyed reading about the latest happenings at Walt Disney World and in the INTERCOT world. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with some Disney trivia, a Wilderness Lodge review, and ways to tackle the holiday crowds at Walt Disney World.

In this month of giving thanks, the staff at INTERCOT is thankful for all of you…..the members. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

Magical Journeys
Magical Journeys is your Disney Vacation specialist. Start planning your Vacation Discount Dreams today!
Website: http://www.yourmagicaljourneys.com/

Radisson Resort Parkway
Right in the heart of action! Only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World is an oasis of ponds, beautiful landscaping, serene waterfalls and relaxing options hiding in every corner.
Website: http://orlando.guestselectresorts.com?pid=INTERCOTN

All Star Vacation Homes
When you need a home away from home, look no further. From comfort to luxury, All Star Vacation Homes has it all in four series of homes to fit any taste and any budget just moments from the magic of Walt Disney World!
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Happy Limo
Providing ground transportation to the entire state of Florida.
Website: http://www.quicksilver-tours.com

The Official Ticket Center
Walt Disney World’s, Universal Studios and Sea World’s #1 guest service provider for the last 3 years. The Official Ticket Center has been servicing vacationers for more than 7 years now and sells tickets only, at a discount price.

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The INTERCOT Insider
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