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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > November 2012: Edition One


November 2012
Edition One

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Gobble, Gobble - with Turkey day past, we're looking forward to the holidays ahead. In this edition we take an in-depth look at dining in and around the Magic Kingdom park and uncover some more trivia gems about the park itself. Hang on to them hats and glasses, cause this here's the most informative ride on the internet!

<<Dining at Victoria & Albert's with faline>>

This restaurant is tucked away on the second floor of the Grand Floridian. One can’t see into the restaurant from the outside. The check-in desk for Citrico’s sits outside the doors so, if one is focused on that area, one could be easily overlook the entrance to Victoria and Albert’s. There is another check-in desk inside these doors but one still does not get a good glimpse of the dining room until one gets past this desk and round the corner to the main dining area.
We had dined here once before so had some idea what the experience would be like. My spouse was in his suit which included white shirt and tie. (He had even considered buying a bow tie for the experience but decided that would mean purchasing a shirt with fancy buttons to wear with it.) I’m in black with chiffon like pants that are so loose they more resemble a long skirt, than pants. This is topped with a sleeveless top with sequined front covered with a black shrug. Black sandals complete the ensemble.

I had vacillated over making reservations for this dinner. It is quite an expensive night out especially when one adds the wine pairings which we did. Still, my spouse encouraged me to make the reservation so I did. When I called, I was told that a 5:15 seating time was available. I had hoped for a later dining time but assumed that the later dining times were already taken. In reality, based on what I observed, I suspect the reservations are front loaded – that folks are steered to the earlier times first and only if those are fully booked, do they continue booking into the later dining times.

But now, our special evening had arrived. We were dressed and looked quite spiffy, if I do so say myself. We did not want to rely on busses and monorails to get to the Grand Floridian from the Beach Club where we were staying so had a cab hailed for us. Our driver deposited us at the front entrance to the Grand Floridian. We entered and made our made up the grand staircase. As we walked down the hallway, more than one person commented on how nice we looked. Those kind words certainly made us feel even more special!

The first time we dined here, we had checked in at the Citroco’s desk and were escorted into Victoria and Albert’s. This time, we were instructed to go right through the large doors hiding this restaurant from all external eyes. We were immediately greeted and led to our table in a good sized room decorated in the Victorian style. Tables are not crowded together in this establishment. Unless your neighbors are talking quite loudly, you do not become part of the conversation at other tables. As we were seated, a hook was produced that would allow my evening bag to hang off the side of the table without being flung over the back of a chair or sitting on the floor.

The last time we dined here, each waiter was known as Albert and each waitress as Victoria. They no longer follow this practice. (I suspect it may have been a bit confusing for both staff and patrons alike.) Still, our serving team consists of a man and a woman.
Once seated, we are each presented with our personalized menu for the evening. Even though this is, mostly, a fixed price dining experience, there are options on the menu. The last time we dined here, all choices were part of the fixed price. This time, there are several options that are part of the fixed price but other options are available for additional cost. For example, on our menu, we could have selected an Australian Kobe-Style Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Garlic-Potato Puree or our entrée for an additional $35.00 per person.

The menu is explained to us and we are left for a bit to peruse the offerings and make our choices. Once you decide what you want, you place your entire order up front – right from the first course through your dessert course. We spent a bit of time discussing the menu and what we would each like to eat. Because we had chosen the wine pairings, we were presented with a glass of champagne to start us off. Also, a complimentary dish with four sample items was delivered to our table (We found all the deluxe dining restaurants were doing this during this most recent Disney World trip.) I don’t remember what all the items were except for the caviar as that is the only thing I did not like and did not finish. Guess I have just not developed a taste for caviar!

The restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived. For the first 45 minutes or so, it appeared 1-2 parties were seated every 15 minutes or so. When one couple arrived, a footstool was brought to the table so that the lady could place her purse atop it. When a server noticed a woman at another table who was wearing a strapless dress appeared to be cold, she immediately appeared with a black shawl to drape over the woman’s shoulders. A harpist began to play about 10 minutes after we arrived. He played on and off throughout the meal.

Once we made our dining decisions, we relayed them to our serving team and the dining began. For our first course, we both chose the Roasted Long Island Duck with Pomegranate, Pistachios and Hearts of Palm. (Be forewarned, when the courses are delivered to your table, it appears you are being served very miserly portions. Do not fear. You will be very full by time your meal is finished.) For our next course, my spouse selected the Diver Scallop and Langoustine Cioppino with Maine Mussel and Fennel Nage while my choice was Alaskan Halibut with Arugula Pudding. The next course consisted of Roasted Quail with Asian Pears and Serrano Ham Jus for my spouse and Herb-crusted Ocala Rabbit and Sausage with Carrots for me. After each course, you are allowed some time to converse and rest before the next course is delivered to your table. Finally, it was time for our entrees. Here, we both selected the same dish – Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin and Belly with Verjus-Bacon Vinaigrette. We were now getting closer to the end of our meal but we were not yet finished. My spouse selected Colston Bassett Stilton, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gouda Reyenaer XO and Fiscalini Cheddar for his next course while I had the While Chocolate Gelato with Tableside Shavings. Each of these courses was accompanied by an appropriate wine to match the selection. Now, it was time for dessert and coffee. Coffee is made at the table using a special pot which, using a flame heats the water in the bottom of the pot and forces it up through the coffee located in the top of the pot. Along with the coffee, my spouse had Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Purse with Blackberry-Violet Sherbet and I had Tanzanine Chocolate Pyramid with a Champagne-Chambord Truffle.

At the end of the meal, I was presented with a red, long-stem rose. It was encased in a plastic box with a water source over the bottom of the stem. The meal took over two hours to complete.

When we exited Victoria and Albert’s we were not ready for this special evening to end. We made the short walk to Mizner’s, ordered after dinner drinks and immersed ourselves in the sounds of the Grand Floridian Band.

It was an absolutely gorgeous night out that evening so we decided to use Disney transportation for our trip home. Downstairs, we stopped into the shop and had a lovely conversation with the staff members there who were very excited to see our menus. We slowly walked from the building to the boat dock where we took a lovely ride across to the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, the last leg of our journey back to our resort was via a very ordinary Disney bus – exactly where did Cinderella park that carriage??!

<<A Taste of the World with Mickey'sGirl>>

--Magic Kingdom Area --

The Cast: Dear Husband Brian - Turning 45 on this trip; Dear Son Harry (14) - Celebrating graduating from Grade 8;
Dear Son Euan (8.5) - Celebrating his Half-Birthday because we can’t go down in January, Me – Just happy to be making the trip with my guys!

Tony’s Town Square – Magic Kingdom

Atmosphere: You can’t beat the cool comfortable beauty of Tony’s. Tables are well spaced, and the Lady and the Tramp artwork is displayed throughout the restaurant. 5/5

Food: The boys shared Calamari to start. It was lightly coated and not greasy, so very nice. Neither cared for the marinara it was served with. For our mains, Harry had Seafood Diavolo - Linguini pasta with Clams, Mussels, Calamari, Shrimp, and fresh fish of the day in a spicy Tomato sauce . He enjoyed this food immensely, especially the Mussels. Brian had Lasagna, which he said was all right (that was my impression of it when I had it a couple of years ago too … just all right). Euan and I both had Spaghetti and Meatballs. I honestly never expect much when I order Spaghetti and Meatballs when we’re out. I make my own sauce and balls o’ meat at home every week, and I am usually disappointed when I order this out. Well, Tony’s has made a believer out of me! The linguine was hot and al dente, and the meatballs were FABULOUS. Honestly, Tony’s really knows how to make a good meatball, all flavourful and moist. This was a great surprise! Euan ordered an ice cream sundae for dessert, Brian had cheesecake, and Harry and I opted for some Cappuccino’s , served with biscotti, which our server remembered to leave off of my saucer due to my noted tree-nut allergy. 4/5

Service: We had been served by our waiter in the past, and remembered him to be efficient and friendly. For this visit, again he was both. The simple act of thinking to NOT include the biscotti demonstrates the quality of his service. We noticed and commented to the Hostess that we saw everyone in the restaurant helping each other out. Servers were picking up dishes at other tables when they passed, or offered refills of drinks. Real quality service. 5/5

We had fabulous service and other than the mediocre lasagna, terrific mains then some good coffee to finish up. This was a terrific first night’s meal at Disney! Overall rating - 4/5

Chef Mickey’s - Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Atmosphere: Chef Mickey’s is always hustling and bustling and in the midst of celebrating. It is bright and colourful. We had no wait when checking in at Chef Mickey’s for our youngest son’s Half-Birthday celebration brunch. We had a decent table not too far from the buffet, and far enough from the kitchen. All of the characters spent a good amount of time for pictures and a visit, part I am sure due to his “birthday” button. Goofy was (as always) fabulous, and really took the time to interact with our son. 4/5

Food: The offerings were primarily “breakfast” at 11 am, and we all ate our fill of oatmeal, eggs, sausage, Mickey waffles and fruit. 3/5

Service: The hostess who led us to our table was about 900 years old, and from New York City. I told her that she comes from my other favourite place in the US, and she gave me a great big hug telling me she was so glad to see us there that day. She was lovely. Our server was there when we needed her, and brought coffee and juice as needed, and cleared our plates quickly. Service was exactly what I would expect at a buffet. 3/5

We all enjoyed our food, and Euan loved the interaction with “the Guys”. Although it is just “all right”, we will continue to come here as long as Euan has the desire … though maybe it will be for dinner. Overall rating - 3/5

Grand Floridian Café – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Atmosphere: While this restaurant is clean and bright, it is nothing spectacular. It reminds me of many fine hotel “cafés” that I have eaten at over the years. Tables are not crowded together, and the large pane windows are lovely to look out from. 3/5

Food: Euan had a shrimp cocktail to start. The shrimp were large and cold and moist. He really enjoyed it and asked me to order another. I denied his request at $13 a pop. He just had fries as his main. Harry started with a crabcake , which he let me taste. It was light and full of crabmeat, and served with a slaw. Brian started with French Onion Soup. He LOVES French Onion soup, and said this one was very good. I had a fabulous salad of mixed greens red and gold beets, heirloom apples, bleu cheese (incredible bleu cheese) in raspberry vinaigrette. There were to have been candied walnuts as well, but the chef made me a special salad due to my tree nut allergies. It was a very very good salad (have I said how awesome the bleu cheese was?). For the main course, Brian had the Grand Sandwich - Open-faced hot Turkey, Ham, Bacon and Tomato, with a rich Boursin Cheese Sauce and Fried Onion Straws … almost a Panini. He said it was a really great sandwich. Harry and I FINALLY had our Grand Floridian Burgers - Angus Chuck Burger, Butter-poached Lobster with red onion marmalade, crispy prosciutto and arugula on a brioche bun with chips. Can I tell you? It was every bit as wonderful as I hoped. Euan shared the lobster and chips with me. Afterwards I asked Harry if a burger was STILL just a burger, and he told me “Not always.” 5/5

Service: Service was very good, but I am sure the waitress had to walk over to the Poly to retrieve our cold drinks! Our waitress brought both the boys cupcakes for Brian’s birthday, and when I had to go back to find her for the receipt (I forgot to take it with me to present to the valet for Tables in Wonderland parking perks), she got it for me right away. 4/5

We really enjoyed our lunch at the Grand Floridian Café. The food is stellar, and it is a nice place to go if you are planning on wandering about the hotel a bit. We will surely return (especially for the burger!) Overall rating - 4.5/5

<<Vegging Out at Disney with ElenitaB and NJGIRL>>

--The Magic Kingdom --

During our time as members on INTERCOT we have seen a lot people ask about vegetarian, and more recently, vegan dining at Walt Disney World. A vegetarian's diet is plant-based and does not include red meats, poultry or seafood. A vegan's diet is also plant-based and excludes dairy and egg products in additional to other animal products. In the first of a series of articles, Rita and Ellen (AKA NJGIRL and ElenitaB) are going to explore dining in the Magic Kingdom for vegetarians and vegans.


Rita: As a vegetarian, I have found dining at Disney World to be fairly easy. Counter service restaurants always have salads. Although Disney seems to like to put chicken in every salad, you can always ask for them to leave it out. Pecos Bill’s offers a Vegetable Burger with French fries. I have to be honest: Disney does not do veggie burgers very well and I avoid them at all costs. They just don't know how to cook them properly and they always seem soft and mushy. Instead, I go for their Taco Salad without the beef. They have a fixings bar and you can add fried onions to the salad. It's a good option for a lighter meal.

Cosmic Ray's also has the same Vegetable Burger and a toppings bar that includes lettuce, tomato, pickles, relish, mushrooms, and cheese. Other vegetarian choices are a Greek Salad, a Cucumber Salad and a Vegetable Sandwich.

The Columbia Harbour House is my favorite counter service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. They offer Vegetarian Chili and a Broccoli Peppercorn Salad. The salad has mixed greens, vegetables, broccoli, and parmesan cheese with peppercorn dressing. It also has chicken, so you have to ask for it without the chicken. My favorite by far is the Lighthouse Sandwich, which is hummus, tomato, and broccoli slaw on toasted multigrain bread. It is filling and tasty.

Ellen: Dining Quick Service at the Magic Kingdom as a vegan is not quite as easy as dining as a vegetarian but it can be done. If you’re lucky enough to be at Disney when the illusive Tortuga Tavern is open, you can get their Vegetarian Burrito (filled with cilantro rice and black beans). While I have not personally done it, I have heard that you can get the Taco Salad with black beans subbing for the beef. As Rita noted above, Pecos Bill’s is also a year-round option with its veggie burger (I also would pass on these burgers); you can opt for the Taco Salad without the beef. Not terribly exciting but it’s an option.

At the opposite end of the park, there is Cosmic Ray’s, the Vegetable Sandwich and the Veggie Burger are vegan options. However, it’s a good idea to ask to speak to the manager as the roll ingredients change from time to time. You can also ask to have your fries baked. It will take longer but it’s worth it.

My favorite option in the MK, however, is the same as Rita’s: Columbia Harbour House. The vegetarian chili is vegan as is the famed Lighthouse Sandwich without the broccoli slaw which is prepared with dairy. The Garden Harvest Salad also works … without the chicken and with a vegan dressing (like a vinaigrette) on the side. A recent addition to the menu is steamed broccoli and couscous (do ask a manager how the couscous is prepared before ordering though). Dessert pickings at all the QS locations are limited to grapes or applesauce from the kid’s meals; some locations may offer packages of vegan cookies (alas, at last report, Divvies are no longer available and there is a new supplier).


Rita: Tony's Town Square offers a large selection with Caesar Salad (request no chicken); Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce (minus the meatballs); Tomato and Mozzarella Salad; Zucchini Fries with creamy sun-dried tomato dressing; Toasted Cheese and Garlic Bread topped with fresh tomatoes; Tony's Flatbread with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese (request that the sausage and pepperoni be left off). The Eggplant Catasta has layers of eggplant, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese with marinara sauce over penne pasta. The Multigrain Pasta Primavera has tossed vegetables in garlic and olive oil with a balsamic glaze. To be honest, I don't care for Tony's marinara sauce so I would stick to the Pasta Primavera and either the Tomato and Mozzarella Salad or Garlic Bread.

One of my favorite table service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom is the Liberty Tree Tavern. Their Tavern Fried Cheese with marinara sauce is a great way to start a meal. The Declaration Salad has field greens and vegetables with your choice of strawberry vinaigrette (which is delicious) or roasted garlic buttermilk dressing. The Freedom Pasta (request without chicken) has tomatoes and mushrooms in a cream sauce. The Vegetarian Burger here is different from the burgers offered at the counter service restaurants. It is a housemade potato vegan patty topped with vegan tofu tzatziki sauce and served with sweet potatoe fries. Without a doubt my favorite choice here is the Colony Salad. Do I have to say it again? You need to request it without chicken. The salad has Washington apples, sweet pecans, Applewood-smoked cheddar, dried craisins, and field greens in a honey shallot vinigarette dressing. We never leave the Liberty Tree without sharing a dessert. The Martha Washington Cake is chocolate heaven and the Apple Crisp is mouth-watering. My favorite is the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake: toffee, ice cream and caramel. How can you go wrong?

In my opinion, a hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom is The Plaza Restaurant. Sandwiches are served with your choice of broccoli slaw, homemade chips, or French fries. They have a tossed salad if you want to eat light and soup is an option if you are lucky that day. My choice is the Vegetarian Sandwich that has fresh mozzarella, hummus, basil pesto, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce on foccaccia. It is really tasty! Ice Cream Floats, Brownie Sundaes and NY Cheesecake are a hit with my family.

At Cinderella's Royal Table the atmosphere is definitely the draw, but I was pleasantly surprise how good the Pasta Al Pomodoro was. It's penne pasta with julienne vegetables, garlic, basil and tomatoes. The price of your meal includes appetizers, many of which are meat free, a dessert and most beverages. Dining with Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Aurora is the icing on the cake.

We have been to the Crystal Palace for breakfast many times and have always enjoyed it. Mickey waffles, home fries, Danish, French toast, cereal, donuts, fresh fruit, and banana bread pudding are some of the choices you may have. As a vegetarian you will never leave hungry after the buffet breakfast at Crystal Palace.

Ellen: I have three go-to TS options in the Magic Kingdom that haven’t really changed since I’ve started eating a plant-based diet. They are Crystal Palace, Liberty Tree Tavern (for lunch) and The Plaza Restaurant.

First my “non-options”: Cinderella’s Royal Table offers a “healthy choice” breakfast option that is vegetarian, and consists of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola that in the past was bruléed and very yummy, but not an option for vegans. The pasta dish that Rita describes above is no longer available but you can opt for a “catchless” “Catch of the Day” (leaving you with pomodoro sauce over vegetables and angel hair pasta). The Vegetarian “Cassoulet” (in quotes because it doesn’t contain the traditional sausage) consists of cannellini and garbanzo beans, topped with mushrooms, zucchini, shallots, tomatoes, and herbs. The raspberry sorbet is a vegan option for dessert.

Tony’s charm is its location but not necessarily its food. You can get a mixed green salad here (without the feta that it is normally served with). Available vegan entrees include the Spaghetti (without its meat toppings or cheese) or the Multigrain Pasta Primavera, again without the cheese. Dessert here would also be sorbet.

Now onto Liberty Tree Tavern, always a favorite lunch choice. Like Rita, the Colony Salad would be among my first choices with a few amendments (no cheddar, no pecans, no chicken and the strawberry vinaigrette dressing from the Declaration Salad). The potato-quinoa veggie burger here is also a winner, and comes with fresh fruit or sweet potato fries. Dessert… yes, sorbet would be it.

Crystal Palace is a perennial winner and offers options for people with all kinds of dining preferences. Vegans will certainly find plenty to eat here, and dessert goes beyond the ubiquitous sorbet, and includes fresh fruit and Tofutti.

Like Rita, I also believe that The Plaza is an unsung gem. Last time we dined here, I did have a veggie burger, and it was tasty and well prepared. While the Vegetarian Sandwich seemed like a decent option, it would have involved leaving off far too many of the ingredients that made it special (like the mozzarella, the pesto and possibly the focaccia). And dessert here is a special treat as you can get a float, shake or sundae made with Tofutti or Rice Dream.


Rita: Snacking at the Magic Kingdom is something my family enjoys. Popcorn, churros, frozen Cokes, sweet cream cheese pretzels and chocolate covered bananas are popular with us. At the Main Street Bakery you can get a Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Sandwich for a quick snack along with all of the wonderful cookie, brownies, cakes, muffins and, of course, caramel apples.

Ellen: Snacking at Disney never seems to be a problem. The popcorn, while it smells of butter, is actually vegan. The frozen strawberry or pineapple bars are a wonderful and light option from the frozen treat carts. Candy apples (the red ones or the ones with dark chocolate) are always a great choice. And while I’m pretty sure that Dole Whip is not vegan (sigh), you can always get a huge pineapple spear. Fresh fruit, trail mix, and baked potatoes are available at the Liberty Square Market.

<< Fun Facts with Imalismom>>

-- Magic Kingdom: Part Two --

- Each time you pass form one land to another, the landscaping, ambient sound, and architecture change subtly.

- Did you know it’s NOT called Cinderella’s Castle? It is actually Cinderella Castle.

- Standing guard over the front and back entrances to Cinderella Castle is the Disney Coat of arms.

- The first person of the day to enter Tinker Bell’s treasure is allowed to “awaken Tinker Bell” by releasing her from the wooden box on a shelf behind the cashiers till, near the back of the shop.

- On the carousel, the second horse in, with a golden ribbon around the bottom of its tail is Cinderella’s horse.

- Many of the Fantasyland attractions fronts were not finished when Disneyland opened in California in 1955. So, banners and decorative tents were used to cover the unfinished parts on opening day – that is how the medieval fair theme came about in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

<< Dear INTERCOTees ... >>

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>> CharityWatch List

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the storm.


<< Conclusion >>

This edition has drawn to a close, but big Holiday fun is about ready to begin at the Walt Disney World resort. We'll be back in a few weeks with more reviews, news, and tips. See ya real soon!

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