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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post
    I don't know if those wishing for the death of the store have kids or not, but I'll tell you I hope mine never closes. A trip to our mall would not be complete for DD without a stop in TDS.

    Personally, I think a large portion of their merchandise is greatly improved over just a few years ago. Yes, the toys are still junk and there's still too much plush and not enough unique stuff, but the clothing lines are vastly improved over where they were.

    We buy my DD and DS quite a bit of clothing from TDS. It used to be we'd walk in the store out of habit, with no intention of buying anything. Now there are many times we have to hold ourselves back from spending too much.
    I very much agree with you on this! They had some really cute infant-sized Peter Pan stuff not too long ago, and I was upset that they never had anything like that when DD was a baby (and they were still owned by Disney then!). A trip to the mall isn't complete without a stop at TDS.

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    havent bought anything in them in a long time. no kids. few things otherwise to appeal to me
    even the DD store didnt get any $$ from me this trip.
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    i also worked at TDS, both waaaay back when it was amazing and more recently, both when it was still owned by disney and when it switched over to TCP. i really miss the original concept. it was like a little taste of disney when we couldn't afford to go to WDW for a vacation.

    the new remodels are yucky. they look like a kmart with a mcdonald's playland in the back to me. i much preferred the old set-up with carpet and character figures. i wonder if the remodling they are talking about is a second remodel or if some stores just haven't been "updated" (i use that term lightly) from the disney design to the TCP design. it doesn't seem like they would re-do them so quickly, as some have just been changed in the last year or two.

    at any rate, i still go in TDS, but only because i hope against hope that there is something cool in there. i liked the peter pan stuff that was mentioned. but i haven't seen anything else that wasn't junk in a long time (except the kids' clothes). i feel like the toys and smaller gifts got noticeably junkier once TCP came in.

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    I was told that even though some stores have been renovated to the new CP motif that they are still going to be changed a bit here and there. For example our Fairiview store is really nice painted ceiling with lights and sorceror mickey and the back as the 100 acre wood with pooh and tigger. The fitting room is a castle and hazs the 3 good fairies from Sleeping Beauty inside. Whereas Yorkdale has the plain boring Capt Hook and Crocidile fitting room and no Pooh and Tigger no painted ceilings either. They are all supposed to get the new touches. Our store (Eaton Centre) is still the old Disney Style with all the characters. It's nice but too dark and run down.
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    When I was a little girl, I loved watching the Wonderful World of Disney on TV and wished I could see Tinkerbell and the Castle and the Fireworks one day. I did for the first time last year and became a huge WDW fan. However, I have never seen the connection between the warmth and magic of Disney with the gaudy stores in the mall. I have peeped in a few times since my life changing visit to the world and even bought my kids some pajamas and tshirt. The tshirts were fine, but my DS3 refuses to wear the disney jammy's for some reason. I think they are itchy or uncomfortable. They are not high quality. I never visited the stores in their earlier years. I wish they would make them more special and unique. I must add that I think the shops in the parks are a bit much too. There are way, way too many and the merchandise is not unique. Also, the quality is not exceptional in many cases. It was important to Walt in the early days to only be associated with quality. I hope this will be the wave of the future for Disney.
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    Well, what ever they decide, I hope the quality improves. It has steadily gone down hill for the last 6 or 7 years and I haven't seen any improvement since Children's Place took over.
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    I don't know much about the ownership/merchandise thing, but I do know that anywhere I can go and get character shirts for less than $5 and get great deals on sale jammies, towels, etc is all right by me.

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    I really had no idea any stores still existed. The only ones I ever knew were the old ones that were totally cool....Now we got nothin' around here. It sounds like we're not really missing anything.
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    I agree that going to the DS used to be like a little piece of Disney right in the mall. I used to go all the time and loved it. Now the cm have no knowledge of the Disney parks at all. In fact I heard one cm giving a customer some really wrong info. They have become very pushy about sales. I used to love to go in and talk Disney with the cm while I shopped and now they can't talk disney because they don't know much about it. I have a jean jacket with a big Tinkerbell on the back so they know me in the store and a few times when I went in cm would not be able to answer questions about the park and they would actually have to ask me. They went through a period after the sale to TCP were they stopped carrying adult clothes and I am glad to see that they have started carrying these again but I wish they had some more plus sizes for us Pooh shaped people.
    I agree that there are too many junky type toys of poor quality.
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    They closed our DS several years ago. Now it's an all day trip to get to one. That's just not easy to do. Not that there's much there. What happened to the great jackets, watches, collectibles? I hate the "new" slick shiny stores. The ones with the characters are much more better. But any DS is better than nothing. All Wal-mart has is junk.
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