There have been some questions to where the links are for the Test Server executable are. If you played during beta 1 or 2 which was March-Oct 30, 2007, the executable that's on your machine points to the current version. Your login from beta will not work. You have to start your pirate over. If you want to play a free version on test and still know your login from beta here is the information provided by Disney:

7) What is the Test Server? How do I get access to it?
The Test Server is a separate, invite only, version of the game where we test new game content, features, game updates, bug fixes, and upcoming changes to the game before they are incorporated into the live game.

Those players who participated in the Pirates Online Beta Test (phase 1 or 2) automatically have access to the Test Server and can log in by clicking on the Pirates Online Test Launcher icon located on their desktop. If you have access, but still need to download the Test Launcher, please do so by using the appropriate link below.
For PC, please click here.
For Mac, please click here.