Join the gang from the Intercot Insider Podcast & Friends as we run during Wine & Dine Weekend 2019! We will be enjoying the races and the parks this coming weekend and can always use some more Intercotees to cheer us on!

- Friday November 1st is the 5K race morning, and we'll be gathering by the Epcot Bus Stops to hoot & holler for the runners!
- Saturday November 2nd is the 10K race morning, and we'll be back at the Epcot Bus Stops as the runners close in on the 4 mile marker!
- Sunday November 3rd is the Half Marathon morning and we'll be back in our usual spot on the Boardwalk in front of Big River Grille causing a ruckus!

As always, these locations are subject to change if Disney decides to change where we can & can't cheer. If any of these locations change we'll let you know on the Intercot social media feeds.