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Disney World -
A Single Traveler’s Perspective


No matter where you are traveling from, a flight or a car ride by yourself may seem a little scary for the first time. However, you have many more options and amenities traveling by yourself. Tickets for one on a flight are much easier to get than for groups of two or more. You will find tickets available for flights that were “sold out” if you aren’t flying with your friends or family. Moving or upgrading to the seat you want is much easier as well. Since most plane setups are three seats by two/three seats, and most travelers are in pairs, getting the seat you want on the plane is a breeze. And of course, you don’t have to wait for anyone else’s luggage at baggage claim.


Shopping is extremely easy as a single traveler. The number one reason – you only look for things that you yourself want to look for. No shopping for other people’s kids, no being dragged into the children’s area to play with toys, no listening to your significant other complaining that you spend too much time and money on Disney. It’s just you, your shopping basket, and your wallet.


Dining as a single traveler does have its letdowns, but you still can make the most of the situation. The negative side to dinging alone is the obvious – no dinner conversation. Yes, many people do ask to be paired with another (willing) single traveler, but many may find this uncomfortable. Dining with friends or family is supposed to be intimate, after all. While you may feel lonesome at first, you will find that you get even more attention from the server. There is only one person to satisfy and that is much easier than two or three. Accommodating a single traveler with special requests is much easier than a group. In the end, you do not have to discuss what a fair tip is – it is all up to you.


Easily the biggest perk of visiting Walt Disney World alone is touring the parks. There are multiple reasons that being a single traveler is a benefit and not a punishment. The first, and biggest reason: you only see the attractions YOU want to see. Not the attractions you liked the first time but not the three hundred times afterward. Not even the attractions that you kinda-sorta-maybe enjoyed. You only have to visit the attractions that you loved.

You select how long you are willing to wait in line. Maybe your children do not mind waiting in line for 2 ½ hours just to ride Dumbo, but this is your trip and you wait for however long you want. Perhaps your best friend loves Animal Kingdom but you would rather spend each day in the Magic Kingdom – on this trip you get to decide where to go. You can even repeat your favorites as many times as you would like. No one is going to complain.

Take your leisure time visiting the smaller attractions and picking out details that no one else is interested in. Disney World has so much attention to detail there are plenty of smaller “attractions” that may interest you. Or, if that does not fit your tastes, sprint past the gardens and fountains straight to the most thrilling attractions you can find. It is all up to you. There are no compromises and no deals with anyone but yourself. Who’s going to give you a health lecture if you have two Mickey bars in a row?

Another Perk

Some attractions have the infamous Single Rider’s line. And this time you don’t have to feel guilty about using it. You are the single rider. These lines help fill in the empty seats that families are afraid to fill in. Although you cannot usually choose where to sit, you can still get on the attraction much faster than Fast Pass or standby. More and more attractions are getting the single rider’s line for a good reason.

A General Overview


  • The plane ride may seem a little boring by your lonesome.
  • Dining for some single-travelers can be uncomfortable.
  • You may be sitting next to complete strangers on rides.


  • Pick a flight time you are comfortable with.
  • More options of seats on the plane.
  • No one complaining if you sleep the entire flight.
  • Listen to your own music in the car-ride.
  • Shopping is easier and more enjoyable.
  • Special attention from your server at dining venues.
  • You get to pick your own pace in the parks.
  • Staying on schedule is easier when alone.
  • You can choose the option not to have a schedule if you wish.
  • Choosing what attractions to visit next.
  • Repeating favorite attractions as many times as you would like.
  • Single rider’s lines make it easier to wait in line.


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