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INTERCOT > Info Central > What to Pack 

Wondering what to pack for your trip?

Here are some of our staff's suggestions on items you might want to make room for in your suitcase.

Address labels - fill out the address labels at home, so you just have to stick them on a postcard and add a stamp.

Aloe Vera Gel - too much sun is hard on the skin, Aloe-Vera gel can soothe your skin before bedtime

Antacids (Pepcid, Rolaids, Maalox)

Aspirin and any other medications you would normally take.

Autograph book if you plan on getting character autographs. Look for them in Hallmark stores or at your resort.

Backpack/fanny pack - good idea for each member of your party to have their own backpack or fanny pack.

Band-Aids & Instant Ice pack - Bring several sizes of band-aids.

Bathing suit - bring a couple - that way you never have to put on a wet suit.

Batteries - for your camera, and your misty fans

Bottled Water - water is $2.50 a bottle at the World

Chargers for Electronic Items (Cell Phones, Hand-held Games etc.)

Confirmation Numbers - Bring a list of all confirmation numbers, for your flight, hotel, any priority reservations, the rental car, etc. - also don't forget your proof of Auto Insurance - that way you wont have to get that extra insurance if you are renting a car.

Contact lenses - bring an extra set, and all your cleaning supplies!

Double the amount of socks - you'll find that your go through many more than what you'd think

Film - bring more than you think you will need! It is quite expensive there!

Flashlight - and backup batteries

Glasses - if you wear glasses, make sure to bring an extra pair, in case one gets broken

Gum - Disney does not sell GUM!

Hats - You will need hats - keep your head cool and out of the sun

Kleenex - small individual packets of Kleenex are great to have for in your backpack or fanny pack.

Laundry Detergent - pack individual zip lock baggies with pre-measured detergent inside - and also bring dryer sheets.

Lip Balm - out in the air all day is hard on tender lips

Misty Fans - the small water bottles with battery operated fans on top. During the summer these will be lifesavers! That cool mist really helps take the edge off the heat!

Moleskin and band-aids for blisters

Night Lights - We just buy some cheapo night lights for in the hotel room - great for finding you way around the room at 2am!

Paper Towels

Rain Poncho - buy the $1 ponchos at Target / Walmart / K-Mart.

Sensible shoes -- Comfy, well-broken in shoes are best.

Stamps - for the postcards!

Suitcase - Fill an extra suitcase with snacks! Then after you eat them all you can use the suitcase to bring home souvenirs.

Sunscreen - Sunny in Florida almost all year - protect your skin - not just during the summer months

Sunglasses - We would buy some cheap ones that you wont mind trashing

Tickets - Don't forget any tickets that you have gotten ahead of time

Umbrella(s) (for non-poncho people)

Water shoes/Sandals. The ground gets very hot by the pools in the summer.

Wipes - even if you don't have a baby, these wipes come in handy. Also a small bottle of germ remover.


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