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INTERCOT > Info Central > Disney's Disabled Access Service Card

Disney's Disabled Access Service Card (DAS)

Every year, guests of all ages visit Walt Disney World and have a wonderful time enjoying everything Disney has to offer. However, Disney World can be a challenging place to visit for many of those guests due to a number of disabling physical, mental, or emotional conditions. However, those guests needing special assistance need not worry! Disney has long been known as a company committed to providing all of their guests an equal ability to enjoy their theme parks. For many years, Disney used a system called the Guest Assistance Card (GAC for short). However, due to abuse, the GAC was discontinued and replaced with a new program. In 2013, Disney Parks (stateside) established a new system called the Disabled Access System. The DAS allows those guests who, due to a disability, cannot wait in Disney's traditional queues the opportunity to wait elsewhere and return to a ride at a designated later time. The DAS is NOT a "front of the line pass" nor should users expect "immediate boaring" when using a DAS. The DAS is simply a tool to assist guests with the process of waiting for attractions.

What is the DAS Card and Who Can Use It?

The Disability Access Service (DAS) Card is a tool provided at the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort Theme Parks to enhance the service we provide to our Guests with disabilities. A Guest whose disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need a DAS Card. Depending on the attraction, Guests utilizing a wheelchair or scooter will either wait in the standard queue or receive a return time at the attraction comparable to the current wait time.

The Disability Access Service, “DAS” Card, is intended for Guests whose disability prevents them from waiting in a conventional queue environment. This service allows Guests to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current queue wait for the given attraction. Once a return time is issued, Guests are free to enjoy other theme park offerings such as meeting a character, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying entertainment or even visiting another attraction until their listed return time.

Return times are valid until redeemed prior to park closing. Guests may only have one active return time. As soon as an outstanding attraction return time is redeemed, Guests may receive a return time for the same or a different attraction. This service can be used in addition to Disney FASTPASS® Service and Disney FastPass+ service.

Special Accommodations for Specific Circumstances

The DAS card, with its virtual wait, will accommodate many of our Guests with disabilities. We recognize, however, that our Guests with disabilities have varying needs, and we will continue to work individually with our Guests to provide assistance. In unique situations, our Guest Relations staff will discuss special accommodations for persons who are concerned the DAS Card doesn't meet their needs (e.g., for those whose disability limits the duration of their visit to the park or limits their choice of attractions). All accommodations will be made in person, on site at Guest Relations. We are unable to provide accommodations in advance of a Guest visit.

How Does it Work?

Upon arriving at a theme park, head directly to Guest Relations. Guest Relations may be located both inside and outside the park; either location can issue a DAS. Once at Guest Relations, let the Cast Member know that a member of your party needs a DAS Card. The individual requiring the DAS must be present. The Cast Member will ask what type of assistance is needed. This part can sometimes throw people off. Many people will simply state the individual's condition (i.e. "My child has Autism and can't wait in lines." or "My father has severe anxiety and claustrophobia due to PTSD"). This type of information is not useful to the Cast Member, since they are not trained medical professionals. What they are looking for here is what type of assistance is needed and why. For example: "My child has Autism and due to his sensory issues, he cannot stand in a close proximity of strangers without touching them," or "My father's PTSD makes him anxious in enclosed queues so we would prefer to wait elsewhere." Once the Cast Member determines that the individual is eligible to receive a DAS, the registration process will begin.

The DAS will be issued for the length of your vacation. Annual Passholders can receive a DAS that is good for 60 consecutive days. The individual will be photographed so that the DAS cannot be used by anyone else. If a child is not cooperative with photo taking, or the parents do not wish their child photographed, a legal guardian can be photographed in lieu of the child. A DAS will be issued for use by an individual and up to five (5) accompanying family members/friends. It is important to note that the DAS may ONLY be used when the individual named on the card is riding with his/her party.

Once the DAS has been created, head off to your first attraction! Approach the cast member at the ride queue entrance. For rides that do not have a queue attendant (such as the Teacups), try to get the attention of the ride operator. If the attraction has a Stand By wait time of 20 minutes or under, the DAS will provide near immediate access via the Fast Pass line or the ride exit. If the Stand By Line is longer than 20 minutes, the Cast Member will either stamp or hand write the time at which you may return to ride, which will be equal to the current stand by time MINUS 10-15 minutes. So, if the Standby Line is 45 minutes, you will be given a return time of approximately 30 minutes later. Once you have received your time stamp, you are free to spend the time doing what you wish. You may ride another ride, grab a bite to eat, use the restroom, or simply find a quiet bench in the shade to pass the time. When your time is up, head back to the ride and the Cast Member will direct you where to go. Often, this will be the Fast Pass line. On rides that do not feature Fast Pass, you will be directed through the ride exit area and will board the ride within a couple of minutes.

The DAS, once issued, is good at all the major theme parks. The DAS is not for use at the water parks or for Character Meet & Greet locations.

The DAS can be used in conjunction with Fast Pass. Since the DAS often places guests into the Fast Pass return line, using Fast Pass is a similar experience. Guests are encouraged to use both the DAS and Fast Pass+ in order to maximize the attractions that can be visited each day. The major benefit to the DAS, particularly for children on the Austism spectrum who have a strong need to "repeat ride", is the ability to receive multiple return times for the same ride in one day, which is often difficult or impossible to do using Fast Pass.


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