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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Countdown Timer

INTERCOT Countdown Timer -
by Phantim3

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is PhanTim3 spyware?
Definitely not. 

How much RAM does PhanTim3 take up?
About 1 MB of RAM per clock running. So not very much! It runs in the background very nicely, using few resources.

I have two clocks running at once... why don't the seconds change at the same time?
It all depends on how they were initialized by Windows. Clocks that run at startup will usually move in unison, but clocks started by the user may be slightly off. This won't affect the function of the clocks.

Why do the clocks move a few pixels whenever I run certain programs/games?
We don't know exactly. This is the fault of those programs and Windows though, and how they utilize the screen.

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Program Features & Functionality

How do I make the clock come up when Windows starts?
Right click somewhere in the clock and select "Run This Clock at Startup".

How do I use more than one clock at the same time?
Run the program and set up your first clock. Then while the first program is still running, start another copy by double-clicking on the program again. Note that the new clock will probably appear on top of the old one. Right click somewhere in it and choose "Select Clock", then "Clock 2". Then set up everything in your second clock (which probably includes moving it to a new position). This can be repeated to have as many as 5 clocks. Note that all of the clock settings are independent of one another; make sure that you check "Run This Clock at Startup" on BOTH clocks if you want them both to come up when you reboot your computer.

How do I choose the skins I want in the random rotation and set them to change at different intervals of time?
When you select "Choose Skin" from the menu bar, a window will pop up with a list of all of the skins you currently have installed. You can choose which skins to include in the Random skin rotation by right or left clicking on the question mark icon beside each of the skins. If you would like to toggle the whole folder on or off, click on the icon beside the folder and then the skins in that folder will be included in the rotation. You can still deselect certain skins in that folder if you don't want to use them. Finally, select the "* RANDOM *" option at the top and click OK. The skins you selected will now rotate. To set the time interval, use the "Random Skin Change Time" option and choose from one of the listed times.

Can the program count up instead of down?
Not in the current version. This is planned for future versions.

How many clocks can I have running at once?
The current version is limited to five clocks.

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How do I install skins I downloaded (when the become available)?
If you downloaded an EXE file from this site, you just need to find the location you downloaded it to (often your desktop) and double-click on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the skins. Note that if you have PhanTim3 clocks running when you install, you may need to either close and restart them or press the "Refresh" button on the Skin Chooser in order for you new skins to show up.

How do I delete skins?
Just delete the folder they're in.


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