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    Quote Originally Posted by RunDMV View Post
    Some people defend Disney at all costs. Even if the defense is silly.

    A cool siggy so I can be different from everyone on the net

    And some people are continually negative and never have one good thing to say at all costs, even when it's silly. Works both ways.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheVBs View Post
    Well, like others have pointed out, no one can tell you whether you're getting value for your money or not. We have never been disappointed with a WDW vacation or felt like our money wasn't well spent there. For us, it's been a guaranteed good time and we always walk away with great memories.

    The people I really feel for are the first timers. They don't know if it will be worth the money until they try it. We run into the same dilemma with Universal. We would love to just try it for a day, but when I look at one day prices, I balk. I end up asking myself, am I sure we're going to have a good time? No one wants to part with that money and have a ****** day. It's a gamble. So there have got to be people looking the same way at a day in the MK.

    I think the comparisons to ski resorts and golfing are valid if you really are taking those vacations. We all vacation differently and we have to weigh the costs of one trip over another. There isn't really an apples to apples comparison to Disney.
    Yes this. And lets be honest, whether we agree or like it or not, there are always going to be people and/or times where they can't afford vacations period.
    I just started staying home again one month ago because of my oldest son and everything that is going on medically. Made more sense money wise then taking lots of days off, being in danger of losing my job all the time, etc.
    Can we afford for me to be home? Yes! Does that mean we can continue to the live the same lifestyle? No.
    We've made sacrifies which I am fine with because my son comes first.
    One of those is Disney. I let my boys AP passes expire and did not renew them. I've still got mine but not sure I'll renew at expiration time.
    So the reality is that currently we can't afford Disney, or I should say. It is not a prudent choice and would be a waste of resources right now. Many are in my shoes. Many people never get to do things like that.
    I've never been able to afford to go overseas and visit my mother and step father. It's not in our budget. It's just life. There will always be things that people can't afford and that's OK. I mean sure I wish it wasn't that way, but it's the way of the world, the way of business.
    Eventually if they see crowds are getting really low years from now, maybe they will lower prices. But truly, it IS price and demand.

    That said, when we were going often, like once or twice a month [and I mean for the last 15 years], I have always gotten my money's worth. Just a personal view of value to dollar.
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    Advocate for my 2 sons. David: Auto-immune disorder. Praying for remission!ASD/SPD & Aaron: ADHD/Anxiety/ASD. Life makes us stronger!

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    I hope disney follows these threads. As a frequent visitor they are pricing me right towards another vacation. Universal is getting very competitive and they are getting better with the attractions. We all know disney is better in most areas but is it worth the price gouging very year. Busch garden offers packages with universal and they have not raised the prices on them as far as I know, instead they made it more attractive to skip disney. I have also visited there Williamsburg location and can say that they are less than half the price and my kids enjoyed it. Again no themes like disney but lately the only theme they seem to care about is how to open our wallets more and spin it off as beneficial to their patrons. Spread out the visitation, yeah right so when that happens they will raise the prices in the off season as well. They will tell it is because it is getting to crowded for our patrons again and off season will be priced out. Follow the bouncing ball of corporate head spinning. Sorry just how i feel and i am sure many others do as well.

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