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    Default WDW Hurricane information

    As everyone knows, hurricane season has begun. While Chris Perry is gone, I know he would want the Intercot community to have the information regarding hurricanes. I went through his weather posts and compiled posts he made from past Orlando weather events to create a hurricane info post. Hopefully this will ease any anxiety you may feel should the possibility of tropical weather affect your vacation. Of course, please post any questions you have here and we will do our best to provide you with answers.

    When Chris was going to be out of town, he said best place to check local Orlando weather was here and for tropical conditions to go to the National Hurricane Center here.

    For a tropical storm, all outdoor or partially outdoor attractions will be closed (Dumbo, Test Track, 7 Dwarves coaster, Safari, etc). Adjust your fast passes accordingly. Outdoor play areas will also be closed. A tropical storm generally doesn't shut down anything else unless it's extremely strong. A hurricane is a different animal and is taken on a case by case basis as to when they shut down and when they reopen. The good news is WDW is well prepared for this. They know how to treat their guests and generally the impact doesn't last more than a day or two.

    Disney’s phased approach towards hurricanes-
    If a storm is heading towards Orlando it’s a monstrous operation to shut WDW down. Here’s the process:
    Phase 5 (Monitoring Storm Possible) - Review current plan, checklists and business recovery plans. Review personnel and resource availability for the ride-out crew. Verify contact numbers and emergency data. Prepare WDW Emergency Operations Center for activation.
    Phase 4 (Storm likely within 24–36 hrs) - General readiness imposed. Brief personnel. Review checklists. Consider possible shut down of long lead operations and not starting extended operations. Limited activation and staffing of WDW Emergency Operations Center.
    Phase 3 (Storm probable within 12–24 hrs) - Intensify clean up and tie down. Prepare for phase 2 activity. Selected ride-out crew personnel given the opportunity to secure their personal property. Turn in excess radios and vehicles. WDW Emergency Operations Center opens and is fully staffed. Note: Generally this is when the WDW Emergency Operations Center, command centers, and command posts will be fully activated. However, this is an Executive Policy Team decision.
    Phase 2 (Storm impending) - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney close. Guest campground trailers removed and secured by the guests. Scheduled hotel and campground guests notified of conditions. Complete all clean up and tie down short of shutdown. Authorized ride-out families move to pre-designated shelters. Ride-out crew fully staffed at start of phase 1 or as directed by the WDW Emergency Operations Center. Personnel not in ride-out crew released as soon as possible.
    Phase 1 (Storm imminent, take shelter) - Shutdown all activities and immediately take shelter. Fulfill ride-out requirement plans.
    Post Storm Phase - Command Centers submit situation reports to WDW Emergency Operations Center. Establish business resumption / recovery schedule. Notify employees through media and cast Member emergency lines of call back as directed by WDW Emergency Operations Center.

    Here is a link to WDW Hurricane FAQ as well-

    Click here
    Christine ºoº

    Intercot Staff-Accommodations, Dining, Guests with Special Needs

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    Just bumping this up with MCO closing Saturday evening due to Irma. It's a good idea to review the information in this post. If I hear any info on WDW changes due to the hurricane, I will post it in this forum.

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    so far Night of Joy Saturday has been cancelled, Sunday's Halloween party has been cancelled, Fort Wilderness & the Treehouses evacuated Saturday, & Blizzard Beach closed starting Friday

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