We got up fairly early again and got another 3 breakfast trays (too much food!). I felt bad as a lot of it went to waste. We packed up our bags and left them with the man who ran our B&B and we headed to the Pantheon. What an impressive structure. We had another pre-downloaded audio tour and just spent time taking in the massive structure. I'm in the construction business so it was very interesting to me. We left there and walked around just a bit more to the Colona Marco Auriello and some government buildings and then we stopped at the Disney Store. I was disappointed there wasn't really any adult clothing (I wanted a Rome Disney shirt.).

We walked back to grab our bags and catch our pre arranged transfer to the ship at 11:30. It only took about an hour and we were on the Celebrity Reflection in no time (maybe 15 mins?). This was a Reunion cruise which meant it had been selected by Celebrity to have some special perks for frequent cruisers. We started with a sit down lunch in the main dining room and then found our room and unpacked our bags. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting settled (and resting a bit from Rome) and we sailed at 4pm. Monday night included some Casino time, some bar time and then dinner at 8:30 in the main dining room. All in all a great start to the trip in general but I was ready for the service, food, beverages on the ship. We love Celebrity and cruise with them frequently which they recognize and reward us accordingly.

Next up-The Cinque Terre!