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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > January 2003

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 January 2003 - Edition Two

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<< Introduction >>

Welcome to the second edition of the January 2003 INTERCOT Insider.  We apologize for the delay in publication.  Co-Editor Gary has been nursing a sick baby and has not been able to get this edition out.  He apologizes and offers himself up for all appropriate punishment to be doled out by all members of INTERCOT.

This edition is about Love and History at Walt Disney World.  Valentine's day is coming up and we want to help our fellow WDW travelers to plan the most romantic getaway possible.  Whether you enjoy an afternoon of pampering or a nice, quiet dinner, we have some wonderful ideas for you.

Can't get to WDW for your romantic getaway?  Order the freshest flowers available anywhere thru INTERCOT's partner Proflowers.  Right now in time for Valentines, they have special selections starting at just $29.99.  Our staff has ordered from Proflowers in the past and has had nothing but glowing praise for them. 

And, for you trivia buffs, our very own WDWDriver (who is now really a WDWNatureGuide) takes a look at a variety of interesting tidbits of Walt Disney World History and minutiae.  Enjoy.

<< A Disney Valentine with Valerie >>

One of America's most timeless couples is Mickey and Minnie Mouse, not to mention Cinderella and Prince Charming. Walt Disney World is a place full of romance. Couples flock to Walt Disney World, making it America's most popular honeymoon destination. Since many couples marry around Valentine's Day, INTERCOT would like to spotlight activities around the resort that would make sweethearts fall even more in love.  

The Grand Floridian Resort offers a specialized way of spending Valentine's Day: being pampered together! Inside the Grand Floridian Spa and Health club, massages and facials abound, especially in the candlelit "couple's room", where each person receives a custom aromatherapy massage. There are also 3-hour massage instruction sessions available. Call the spa at (407) 824-2332 to get information about spa treatments for two.

For ultimate romantic moments, a private dinner for two is in order. If you are at the Grand Floridian, you can have dinner on the beach gazing at Cinderella's Castle. Simply call private dining from any phone on the resort.

For the ultimate in Walt Disney World dining, be sure to check out Victoria and Albert's, honored with a five-diamond award from AAA. Only 18 tables are served on Royal Doulton China and Sambonet silver while perusing personalized menus. There is even a Chef's table with special service by Chef Scott Hunnel. Call (407) WDW-DINE to set up this special meal of a lifetime.

If a night of watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks while floating on a yacht sounds romantic, you might want to try booking the Grand 1, the 45 footer located at the Grand Floridian. You could even bring along 10 friends and make it a sweetheart party of 12. How about a private butler dishing out a gourmet meal? All this can be yours starting at $350 per hour, including captain and private deck hand. Call (407) 824-2439.

For something not quite so pricey, try the Yacht and Beach Club Resort Marina, where you can find "Breathless", a 1930 Mahogany runabout. For up to 7 people, 10 minute excursions are $23.58, 30 minutes are $80.18. The real treat for $179.20 would be an Illuminations Cruise traveling across Crescent Lake to Epcot for the spectacular sound, lasers, and fireworks. Call (407) 939-7529 to book in advance or for more information.

For the folks with the smaller budgets, be sure to check out the special Valentine's Day merchandise located at the World of Disney and the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom. The Disney merchandisers have pulled a few things out of their hats just for Happy Hearts' Day. Also, be sure to check out special Valentine souvenir mugs at selected Magic Kingdom's counter service locations and popcorn stands.

Romantic cards can be purchased at most WDW resorts, and a Valentine in front of the castle can be extra special. If you are more creative, writing special notes for your loved one can have greater meaning in a garden of roses around Fantasyland.

Speaking of roses, the Walt Disney Florist can deliver just for you!  Special packages include Mickey's Romantic Moments: Asti Spumanti with exclusive wine flutes, aromatherapy bath sets with beads, a Mickey towel and candle all within a unique Mickey signature basket. Special vases and arrangements will be available for Valentine's Day and can be ordered beginning the last week in January by calling (407) 827-3505.

For getting back to nature with your loved one, the Fort Wilderness Resort offers 45-minute horseback tours through the pines. Private carriage rides are also available. Tours occur only a few times per day, so be sure to call (407) 939-7529 to reserve your horse. Detailed information can also be found at Intercot's info central.

How about renewing those vows without the pain of planning the ceremony? Try the "Rehitching Ceremony" at the Garden Grill restaurant at the Land pavilion in Epcot. Here's the information straight from Intercot's Info Central:

Have you ever considered renewing your wedding vows while vacationing at Walt Disney World? Are you celebrating an Anniversary or just want to surprise your spouse? With a little advance planning it can be done.

The Rehitching Ceremony takes place at the Garden Grill restaurant, in the Land Pavilion, at Epcot. Your server acts as the clergy person. They read some fun vows for you to repeat. You have to kiss in front of the whole restaurant, often to the count of 100. You'll receive a special certificate to commemorate the event and a cake. Mickey, Chip and Dale have been known to attend the festivities.

You must request the ceremony when you make your priority seating arrangements at the restaurant. Tell the cast member when you phone that you want to get 'rehitched'. Also when you arrive at the restaurant remind the Staff at the podium. Arrangements can be made by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

<< Romance on Disney Cruises with Mikki or is that Mickey? >>

Sure, going on a cruise is romantic!  You eat, drink, watch water go by, eat, drink, visit islands, eat drink etc etc.  Well, it is a little better than that, at least on Disney cruises!  I experienced the 3-night cruise for Halloween with my husband and we found plenty of fun things to do. 

Now we don't have kids, but we can vouch for the fact that whether you do or not, you hardly see them on the voyage.  Disney will look after and entertain them for the majority of the day and night.  Yes, they give you pagers so you can have peace of mind as well as a peaceful day!  And what will you do with yourself on your romantic break?  Here are a few thoughts...

A Surial Bath: I had read about this and was fascinated! LOL!  It is also a very cheap treatment option (only $69).  So what is it?  Well, it is for two or three people.  We had trouble imagining three people doing it, even if they were very good friends, but for a couple it was relaxing, fun and good for you!  The only thing missing was a clock so you could make sure you did everything you wanted - exfoliate, shower, face mask, mud, steam, shower (again), massage oil / moisturize!  More by luck than judgment we got the timing right.  The fun part was you were locked in this room and slathered mud et al on each other and did whatever else you wanted while in there - all in your birthday suits!  There were so many options you could have done with more time ;-)

Wine tasting from stem to stern at $12 a head is another hour well spent - informative, humorous and tasty!  We were impressed by the skill that breaks open a Champagne bottle by rubbing a sword on the join but can't understand why anyone should want to do it!  The wines were all ones you could buy with meals on the ship and it was a fun way to try some.

Talking of meals, a very romantic end to the day (or cruise) is to have a meal at Palo's, the adult only venue which you have to specially book once you get on board the ship.  And yes, if you have children Disney will take care of them while you enjoy this little piece of heaven!  We found it the highlight of our trip.  The food & service was exquisite - hot shrimp cocktail as a starter & rack of lamb for me, Portobello mushroom then fillet for Andrew.  We both had the chocolate soufflé for dessert, which was divine. All in all a lovely way to end the cruise.

There is something romantic about any cruise but the way Disney can turn a family outing into a joy for everyone has to be seen to be believed.

For more information or why not visit INTERCOT's Cruise forum?

<< Romantic Dining at Bistro de Paris >>

If you want a romantic spot in WDW you can do a lot worse than a meal at Bistro de Paris.  This restaurant is above Chef de France and over the years has been open and shut at whim.  If it is open it can be a wonderful place for a quiet, sophisticated, exquisite meal out.  If you are very lucky you may have a window seat and get to see Illuminations from your table!

The food and service cannot be faulted.  The food is cooked perfectly and delicious.  The service is suitably obsequious and attentive without being over the top.  Presentation of the food was impressive.  On our last visit the Crepe suzette was prepared and flambéed at the table efficiently and spectacularly.  It tasted every bit as good as it looked!  The menu is unusual and varied but all delicious.

One word of caution.  You need to be careful on alcohol.  The wine cost rises from the normal extortionate to the genuinely outrageous:  $52 for "Vin de pays D'oc"!  I found the same bottle of wine for sale in our local supermarket at $9.  Without wine the meal is worth every penny.  The atmosphere is peaceful and the surroundings comfortable.  I can't wait to go again!

- The Odd Romantic idea
Did you know there were lots of opportunities to have your picture taken with character 'couples' in the parks?  Mickey and Minnie of course, but there are also Aladdin and Jasmine (Morocco), Beauty and the Beast (France).  Which couple do you model yourself on?

Looking for a quiet spot with your partner?  There are lots of little nooks in all the parks but if you venture to the resorts then pay a visit to Martha's Vineyard at the Beach Club one evening and you will find a delightful wine bar with comfy seats and very little company.  Perfect for couples!

<< Disney History & Trivia with WDWdriver>>

Just weeks before his death in 1966, Walt Disney walked into a planning meeting with his final vision of the first phase of the "Florida Project". It was a sketch drawn in Walt's own hand on a breakfast napkin. The sketch eventually became the 7th Preliminary Master Plot Plan, which depicted the northern portion of the newly acquired Florida property much as it is seen today. The Magic Kingdom was to be to the northeast of Bay Lake, and the Contemporary Hotel was to be built between the lake and the Magic Kingdom.

But there was more. Walt didn't want the huge parking lot to be adjacent to the park.

Instead he wanted an additional lake to the south, which would ease the transition from highways, and parking lots to Disney magic. Arriving guests would take a ferry across the lake or a monorail around it. The new lake was to be called the Seven Seas Lagoon, and it would eventually be connected to Bay Lake by a unique water bridge over World Drive.

There was much work to be done. Bay Lake's waters were a greenish tea color. The

Lake bottom was a tangle of muck, roots and vegetation. Dredging was begun to clear away the muck, and a pleasant surprise were revealed. The lake bottom was covered with white sand, which was soon used to create the beautiful beaches still seen today around the lake.

To create the Seven Seas Lagoon, more than eight million cubic yards of sandy soil was dug from the site. It was put to use just a short distance away as fill around the Utilidor (contraction of utility and corridor) level of the Magic Kingdom. This "basement" level was actually build on the surface of the ground, and then nearly covered with the fill from the lagoon. The Magic Kingdom was then constructed atop the Utilidor level, twelve feet higher than the original land surface. The subterranean Utilidor is referred to today by Cast Members as "the Tunnel". More about the Tunnel, and what's down there, in a future Insider issue.

<< Conclusion >>

That's it for us this month.  Look for us again on the 15th with more exciting WDW and INTERCOT news and information.

As we write this, we know what a sad day this is for all Americans and space buffs.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the crew of STS-107.  The seven members of the crew were true pioneers and are worthy examples of the boundless curiosity of the human spirit to continually explore and expand the edges of our knowledge of the universe that we inhabit.  We wish to honor these heroes with our heartfelt condolences and express our pride in all of NASA's past and future accomplishments.

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

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